Kissinger's opinion: why the West is confident in the victory of Ukraine over Russia


The main intrigue of the first half of 2023 is when exactly the long-announced counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will begin and whether it will begin at all. It seems that Moscow and Minsk are trying to assure themselves that nothing terrible will happen again, and are preparing to continue to sit on the strategic defensive, hoping that, perhaps, it will “dissolve itself”. What, all of a sudden? However, Kiev, London and Washington have a different opinion on this matter.

Do not wait

The main newsmaker on the eve was President Lukashenko, who decided to make himself known after mysterious disappearance from public space May 9, 2023. The Belarusian leader appeared on May 15, arriving at the central command post of the Air Force and the Air Defense Forces of the Republic of Belarus, where he asked the military to do without “great reports”. Nosy journalists noted that the head of state spoke in a hoarse voice, his hand was bandaged. In general, "Old Man" is still in its place, and that's okay.

We are interested in how Minsk sees the future prospects of the NWO in Ukraine. Regarding the expected counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, President Lukashenko spoke as follows:

The biggest misinformation is this “counterattack”. From my point of view, there is no "counterattack" and there cannot be. It's just crazy. One to five at the front to fight on technology and manpower - it's just madness! No, it is necessary to escalate, it is necessary to wind up the Ukrainians in order to continue and drown us in this confrontation. This is the essence of today at the front.

It should be noted that at the same time, Russian aircraft were relocated from the Baranovichi airfield, located in the Brest region not far from Ukraine, to the Machulishchi airfield near Minsk. Apparently, this was done in order to avoid a repetition of the air ambush of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as in the Bryansk region on May 13. Also, on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border, the construction of fortifications necessary to protect against outside attacks began.

View from behind the hillock

Meanwhile, in the camp of our enemies, they see further prospects somewhat differently. In particular, the ex-president of Ukraine Poroshenko, in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, said that the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine would begin in the coming days:

We're going to attack at different points.

We discussed in detail earlier how this counteroffensive could occur and what it would lead to. It seems very likely that the West is really confident in the ability of the Ukrainian army to knock out the Russian army at least from the Sea of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbAzov, taking aim long-range artillery and missile systems Crimea. Probably, after that, Moscow will be asked to sit down at the negotiating table in order to fix a new line of demarcation.

According to the American publication Politico, citing its high-ranking sources, Washington is considering various options for stopping hostilities:

A Korean-style stop has certainly been discussed by pundits and analysts in and out of government… We are planning for the long term, whether [the conflict] looks frozen or thawed.

Of course, all this can be attributed to the category of journalistic fantasies and information stuffing. However, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the main theses program interview Henry Kissinger, given to the influential British publication The Economist. Most of it is devoted, of course, to China and Taiwan, as well as US relations with Europe, India and the countries of the Middle East. Russia and its new place in the world are given a few paragraphs.

Regarding what brought our country to the present situation, the "old Fox" said the following:

Of course, this was Putin's disastrous mistake in the end. I wrote an article that you've probably seen where I essentially predicted evolution. I thought that the decision to leave Ukraine's NATO membership open was very wrong. It was unwise because, if you look at it from the Russian point of view, in 1989 they controlled Europe as far as the Elbe River. Then they left there under the compulsion of their inner system, but still they left it. And every square inch of what they came out of became part of NATO. The only territory that remained was the country that they always considered their little brother, the closest organically and historically to them. And now he is going to NATO - too much. So [it] was a big turning point, it was the last turning point.

That is, the heavyweight of the American policy directly confirms that Russia was nevertheless provoked to start a NMD in Ukraine by the threat of its entry into the North Atlantic Alliance. And then Kissinger says something that is quite unpleasant to read:

First, Russia is no longer the usual threat it used to be. So Russia's challenges should be viewed in a different context. And secondly, we have now armed Ukraine to such an extent that it will become the most armed country and the least strategically experienced leadership in Europe. If the war ends the way it is likely to end, with Russia losing many of its gains but keeping Sevastopol, we can have a disgruntled Russia, but also a dissatisfied Ukraine - in other words, a balance of dissatisfaction. So for the security of Europe, it is better to have Ukraine in NATO, where it cannot make national decisions on territorial claims.

In other words, the West assumes with a high degree of probability that the Kremlin will still lose its “new territories” in the Azov region and, possibly, in the Donbass as a result of the Ukrainian counteroffensive. In fact, now in Washington and London they are already thinking about what to do with Ukraine, which won the war, which has turned into a Nazi state with the strongest land army in the Old World:

Now we have proved that we can protect Ukraine. What the Europeans are saying now, in my opinion, is insanely dangerous. Because the Europeans say: “We don't want them in NATO because they are too risky. Therefore, we will arm them to hell and give them the most modern weapons. And how can it even work? We must not end it wrong. Assuming that the outcome is a likely outcome, it will be somewhere on the status quo ante line that existed [before February 24, 2022]. The result should be one in which Ukraine remains under the protection of Europe and does not turn into a lonely state that cares only about itself.

I want to avoid it. Before, I wanted Ukraine to be a neutral state. But with Finland and Sweden in NATO, it doesn't make sense. I want Russia to give up most of what it won in 2014, and it's not my job to negotiate a peace deal. I can tell you about the principles of a strengthened, independent Ukraine, closely linked to Europe and either closely linked under NATO guarantees or part of NATO. This is not an ideal result. It would be my opinion on what is likely to happen.

Well, if you continue to fight "somehow", without decisive goals, then no options at all can be ruled out. It is also interesting what Mr. Kissinger thinks about the Russian “pivot to the East” and the post-war future of our country:

I have never met a Russian leader who has anything good to say about China. And I have not met a single Chinese leader who would say something good about Russia, they are treated with disdain. And, even when Putin is in China, he is not given the kindnesses that were given to Macron, who came to a special place associated with the history of the Chinese leader, and they do not do this for the Russians. Symbolism is very important in China, so it's not a natural union... Russia's return to Europe [important].

This is how the American and British elites see the prospects for the development of the NMD and the subsequent "settlement" of the armed conflict with the return of Russia back to Europe. Out of curiosity, compare this with our own predictions of what can happenif, instead of an uncompromising war until the Victory over Ukrainian Nazism and its accomplices, we continue to conduct a special operation in the same style.
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  1. +4
    19 May 2023 11: 23
    The old policy of G. Kissinger continues - to withdraw the Russian Federation from the alliance with the PRC, at the same time to weaken the Russian Federation to the maximum, continuing the confrontation between Ukraine and the Russian Federation already in the NATO layout, which will protect Ukraine from defeat. The entire policy of G. Kissinger is built on the continuation of the dominance of the "groin of the American" in the world (as the main tool of the world Jewish clan forces) and playing off all opponents with third countries. (This is why the PRC developed as an enemy of the USSR). Constant pressure and statements in this vein, but only times are changing, and the "groin of the American" is collapsing before our eyes, H. Kissinger will wait for such, it is unlikely, but the children definitely do ..
    1. GIS
      19 May 2023 11: 47
      children may not see it either, and children of children. simply because this will not happen, but

      "groin americana" is crumbling before our eyes

      maybe the "reformer" himself will see)))
    2. 0
      19 May 2023 12: 19
      Quote: Vladimir Tuzakov
      The old policy of G. Kissinger continues,

      The main meaning of all his words is that NATO troops will act on the side of Ukraine, under the guise of a la kraina. The idea behind this whole scam is

      The winner writes the story

      Therefore, the beginning of the operation will be marked by a massive F-16 raid with "storms" from abroad. The other option is unlikely.
      1. +9
        19 May 2023 13: 11
        Then tactical nuclear weapons should be used with the annihilation of the Eastern European countries of NATO. Well, so that the war stopped instantly due to the lack of common ground.
        1. +1
          20 May 2023 07: 24
          In this case, we get a guaranteed response with strategic nuclear weapons.
          1. +2
            20 May 2023 15: 57
            A Russian strike on the Ukrainian F-16 bases in Poland will lead to the activation of Art. 5 of the NATO Charter, which, however, does not at all mean NATO's automatic entry into the war with Russia, since Art. 5 provides for the provision of assistance to the country under attack, "by immediately taking such ... action as he considers necessary, including the use of armed force." Given the risk of exchanging catastrophic strikes with nuclear weapons, this could be assistance with weapons, intelligence, finance, etc. There are no suicides in NATO either, especially since they themselves will provoke a Russian strike.
          2. +4
            20 May 2023 18: 27
            How is it?! Who will go to death for the sake of someone who is not clear?! Even when hitting NATO countries, this is not at all obvious. I’m generally silent about Durcain.
            Yes, after a TNW strike on Durkain, our Defense Ministry will spoil the country. But it has already spoiled it so many times, sitting in a puddle even where it is extremely difficult to do so.
            Plundering its own army, the top leadership of the Moscow Region, consisting of extremely narrow-minded and poorly educated, but very thieving and dishonest people, as it turned out, managed to do the almost impossible - to start losing ground to another army of the same type, recruited from the Nazi rabble, the same thieves and scoundrels as they are and having potential capabilities at least an order of magnitude, or even two lower ...
      2. RUR
        19 May 2023 19: 32
        marked by a massive F-16 raid with "storms"

        Many F-16s will not be given - probably somewhere around 40-50 units, but there are
        With 400, I think that this is a very good technique. not bad, just for such purposes, although there are now a lot of critics of Russian air defense ... if about NATO, then these are probably only European members, since the United States is preparing for a conflict with China ... END OF NWO - a section according to the Korean version, very likely if the air defense of the Russian Federation shows its abilities ... Although, of course, in general, the initial plans for Ukraine - here the embarrassment came out ...
      3. +2
        20 May 2023 11: 59
        From abroad? Yes, they say every day that the West will not fight for Ukraine. And this is not a joke. It's one thing to arm slaves, it's another thing to send your citizens to their deaths. And every politician holds on to his place. You also need to be imaginative. )
        1. RUR
          20 May 2023 16: 16
          Provocations are a world practice: Powell test tubes, the Gulf of Tonkin, a radio station in Gleiwitz (Gliwice), etc.
  2. +8
    19 May 2023 11: 31
    an old fart in the sun in an armchair to sit, drink tea or coffee looking at the sunset, no, everything rustles out of bile
    physiology, age takes its toll, no matter how a person resists
    so it is with this Jew, repeated from time to time. does not understand that his time is gone and the world to which he is accustomed and stretches out
  3. +4
    19 May 2023 11: 56
    I will only say one thing. Ossification and senile insanity is inherent not only to Biden. Kissinger lives in the past. Look at all the old people around you. How do they perceive the new? With bayonets. Kissinger is no exception. That's the way things are. And in addition, using his image, he tries to impose his senile, dusty thoughts on everyone else. But Comrade Xi has already said that events are taking place that are changing history. And Kissinger was already late with his ideas, by 30 years. And the author needs to soberly assess the situation. The United States is already before our eyes turning into a dog wagging its many tails. The very course of the NWO has already shown that the United States cannot correctly assess the events taking place.
    1. +4
      19 May 2023 12: 36
      Quote: Griffit
      Look at all the old people around you. How do they perceive the new? With bayonets. Kissinger is no exception. That's the order of things

      Point of view of unintelligent ignoramuses. Or rather, silly kids (raked attackers), regardless of age. The main difference between an intelligent person and the opposite is the ability to assimilate information, process, apply and draw appropriate conclusions.
      If you are lucky to live up to his age, then God grant you the same clarity of mind.
      He is on the other side of the "barricades" and thinks in Western terms. And in their understanding of "strength" - Russia should not win.
      And so every time, in our history.
      1. +1
        19 May 2023 14: 51
        Ukrainians themselves are not sure what Kissinger says. And even if they suddenly break through the defense, what's next? Let's imagine that Ukraine broke through the defense. But you still need to get stronger. And to consolidate, it is necessary to expand the breakthrough so that the strike group does not end up in a bag. To do this, it is necessary to introduce a second echelon of troops into the place of the breakthrough. And for this it is necessary to bring in NATO troops, since to hold and expand the place of a breakthrough, 2-3 times more troops are needed than for a breakthrough. Let's calculate. According to bloggers, up to 60-80 thousand troops are concentrated in the Azov direction. Accordingly, to hold, secure and expand the neck of the breakthrough, another 120 ... 160 thousand are needed. At the same time, it is necessary to increase the pressure in other areas. Russians in the NWO under 400 thousand and another 100 thousand. in reserve. That is, the Ukrainians should at least concentrate on the front under 600 thousand soldiers. And they have only 400-500 thousand available. So NATO troops must be sent in. On the territory that became part of Russia. So, what is next? This is possible if NATO declares war on Russia. And this is a nuclear war. And without NATO troops, even if there is a breakthrough, it will end in a bag for the troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and further complete defeat. That is why the offensive is being delayed. And that is why all of Kissinger's thoughts are at least six months behind the times. It was then when they first started talking about the counteroffensive. And it was from those semi-annual data that they proceeded in the supply of weapons to Ukraine. And a lot has changed since then. Analyze the information you receive.
        1. -1
          19 May 2023 15: 07
          Quote: Griffit
          even if they suddenly break through the defense, what's next?

          Exactly the same reasoning applies to all the mythology around

          Ukraine has been specially prepared for an attack on Russia for 30 years.

          But right now - I'm absolutely not sure about the stamina of the troops.
          Defend to the last drop of blood Melitopol, where go and every second waits for the Armed Forces of Ukraine as liberators?
          So the Kharkov option is not excluded.
          1. +2
            19 May 2023 15: 18
            Excluded. Since in the Kharkov direction, firstly, there was a multiple advantage in the Ukrainian troops. Secondly, the logistics of the Russian troops was significantly stretched. Thirdly, fortification work was not carried out. Fourth, the difference in the distribution of troops of the warring parties. If near Kharkov the protruding pieces of the Russian army were cut off by wedge attacks, forcing it to retreat, then here, when the attack is directed towards Melitopol, Russian troops will hang on the sides. And this is potentially a blow to the flanks for the attackers. That is why the second and even the third echelon of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is needed to hold and expand the neck during the offensive.
            1. 0
              19 May 2023 15: 21
              Quote: Griffit
              Excluded. ...Firstly

              Well, very good if so.
          2. The comment was deleted.
        2. -4
          19 May 2023 21: 36
          Stop relying on nuclear weapons, there are too few of them to make sense to use.
    2. RUR
      19 May 2023 19: 45
      The very course of the NWO has already shown that the United States cannot correctly assess the events taking place.

      Of course, this is especially noticeable against the background of the fact that the course of the SVO itself has already shown that the Russian Federation can correctly assess the events taking place.
      1. -2
        19 May 2023 23: 42
        In Russia, they just reacted adequately, but through the Ministry of Defense with a delay of half a year. Smart people know this. Firstly. 12 sanctions have been imposed against Russia. Did you feel them strongly? But Europe and the US are already in recession. Went acceleration inflation. Already officially announced loss on TV channels and newspapers in the West under 4 trillion. dollars. Secondly. The very fact of the Istanbul talks. For fools, this is a complete crap on the part of Russia. And smart people realized that the Ze team was incapable of negotiating and completely puppet. Read adequate Ukrainian telegram channels. There are a lot of questions there, whether the abandonment of Istanbul and Minsk cost 300 thousand killed Ukrainian guys. Third. The renunciation of the territories of Ukraine was, though forced, but useful. When Russia did not take Ukraine in 72 hours, as the Americans wanted, it showed all the satanic mug of the so-called. Western elite and allowed to rally society. Smart people have already guessed what would happen if Russia succeeded in what was planned at the beginning of the NWO. But now there are 4 new regions within Russia. And the liberoid creatures in Russia shut their mouths. Sometimes this is necessary. You need to poke a person's muzzle into the shit and then he will open his eyes to what is happening. There are, of course, some who will take it, eat it and rejoice. And these need to be singled out and thrown to the margins of society. I think that's exactly what they're doing. This is only just a small part of what is happening.
  4. 0
    19 May 2023 12: 14
    It seems that Moscow and Minsk are trying to assure themselves that nothing terrible will happen again, and are preparing to continue to sit on the strategic defensive, hoping that, perhaps, it will “dissolve itself”. What, all of a sudden? However, Kiev, London and Washington have a different opinion on this matter.

    Well, in the following article:

    The Biden administration is considering freezing the conflict in Ukraine in order to reduce the cost of supporting Kyiv. In fact, the White House may try to play the "Korean scenario" with the division of Ukraine into two parts.
  5. -3
    19 May 2023 13: 19
    Lukashenka is right, only a tactical counteroffensive is possible.
    The relocation of Russian aircraft inland is a completely logical step and even necessary, as is the construction of fortifications necessary to protect against attack from outside
    The first army of the world defeated the strongest army of the Arab world in Iraq in much less time, and the second army of the world has been fighting the Ukrainian for the second year without any hope of demilitarization, denazification, and therefore victory, as evidenced by the persistent desire to conclude a separate agreement in Belarus, Turkey, and now the waters support the initiative of the PRC., and Ukraine still refuses a separate truce
    1. +4
      19 May 2023 15: 51
      Do not compare sweet with green. Firstly, in Iraq, the defeat was due to the superiority in US troops + Allied troops and in equipment. Secondly, the entire top of the Iraqi Armed Forces was bought by the Americans. Grassroots officers resisted the American troops. At the same time, the Americans are now constantly shelled there. That is, the defeat is somehow fake. The Americans fought, and Iraq went to the Iranians. The Americans were bred like stupid suckers. At the same time, the Pentagon did not report where hundreds of billions of dollars went. In Ukraine, the entire top of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was bought by the Americans. Ukrainians are driven to war like cattle. Using detachments of ideological nationalists and tens of thousands of mercenaries from around the world. Ukraine is supplied with weapons by 50 countries of the world. The number of the second army of the world in the NWO is 450 thousand + volunteers. This is only 1/3 of the Russian army without the help of other countries and has annexed 4 new territories. So we don't need to tell fairy tales.
      1. -1
        19 May 2023 19: 57
        Well, that's right, what else remains to be written, except for the same jingoistic manuals. Before the Desert Storm, the Iraqi army was considered one of the strongest in the world, and then it suddenly turned out that it was weak, untrained, bought ... And in general, NATO fought dishonestly - creating a numerical superiority and bombing from the air. Whether it's us, we would have these NATO members in no time ... Enemies cannot be praised. They are always weaklings and cowards, we will shower them with hats.

        Well, Ukrainians are completely drug addicts or go into battle at gunpoint, yes. True, for some reason, they do not surrender en masse and fight desperately, although morale should be at zero with such treatment.
        Almost half of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are already mercenaries, there is a continuous English speech on the air, but at the same time, for some reason, these mercenaries are almost never taken - neither alive nor dead (although it would be a very effective propaganda move). Some kind of mystic.

        Deliveries of the West to Ukraine and it is ridiculous to compare with the supplies of the Cold War - to Vietnam, the USSR, for example. What is this second army of the world, which has a wild headache from just a couple of dozen chimars?
        1. -1
          20 May 2023 00: 12
          More than 10 mercenaries killed. Read obituaries before you speak. In captivity of Ukrainians under 20 thousand people, i.e. out of every thousand warriors of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 200 ... 300 were killed and 25 ... 30 people. is in captivity. Study information. The Highmarses are no longer a headache, you live with information from a year ago. You would still remember the primitive wars. There were hundreds of thousands of weapons there. In your opinion, the modern USA with tens of thousands of weapons sucks compared to primitive savages
          1. +1
            20 May 2023 01: 34
            And where is the list of 10+ thousand obituaries - Konashenkov?

            That is, 10 times less surrenders to captivity than dies. This means that this is a very motivated enemy, otherwise there would be much more prisoners.

            And why don’t you like the example, here are the t-54 and t-55 going to the front, and this is the armament of the beginning of the Cold War. In fact, almost all weapons used in Ukraine during the Cold War, while the tactics of the campaign in general during the First World War. So it’s a very appropriate example, and justify the lack of progress with essentially very small supplies second army of the world pretty funny. And chimars still have a headache, they regularly strike.
            1. -3
              20 May 2023 05: 41
              In the 90s the communists, or rather part of their administrative apparatus, handed over the USSR for plunder. Effective managers came to power. We still cannot deviate from the results of their management. As I think, our government wanted to intimidate the West, and then come to an agreement. But as they say, there is no evil without good. When the SVO did not go as it should and the West showed rabid Russophobia and, in addition, its Satanism and Nazism, this forced the leadership to change plans. Thank God they were. Otherwise, there really would be a dollar for 200 rubles and the collapse of the economy. In the end, Biden did not say this out of the blue, American experts write papers to him. But the army and production, unfortunately, in fact had to be launched with a kick. But there is no point in worrying. There are enough effective managers in the West as well. They also need to restart the military-industrial complex. Why would suddenly in the US for the year under 50 man-made accidents? That's why as well. Wishlist has grown and the infrastructure is breathing its last. And in Germany, their hyped technology has a piece production. And as you know, piece and mass, these are two big differences. That is why in the West they shout that they need a year or two to establish production. And a lot of money that they scrape all over the bottom of the barrel. This can be seen against the backdrop of an increase in strikes, raising utility bills, raising the retirement age and cutting wages. And after the G7 meeting, it will be even more fun to live in the West. Now we need to quickly rebuild and get rid of the dollar. And judging by the information from the field, this is happening at least with a creak. NWO in Ukraine is an important but small part of this process.
  6. +1
    19 May 2023 13: 41
    Speaking of the former power of Russia, Kissinger forgets to mention the power of America. The United States is also not what it used to be. And this is despite the fact that during Yeltsin's time the United States got a lot of technology from us. All of them did not take root in a foreign land. Only we understand our inventions. And they only work for us. There will be and will not be an offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it does not play any role now. They will only kill people.
  7. +6
    19 May 2023 14: 13
    The main thing he said:

    Russia is no longer a conventional threat.

    What is translated into Russian:

    Russia, without nuclear weapons - nothing. Her entire army is not a threat and you can do anything with her - there is nothing to be afraid of.

    What the West is doing with success, using a proxy army of Ukrainians ...
    However, they are not afraid of nuclear weapons either - the collapse of the USSR proved this.
    You just need to use the internal proxy forces of the "5th column", which have long been sitting at all levels of the ruling structures - "sleeping" ...
    1. RUR
      19 May 2023 20: 05
      The main thing he said was: "Russia is no longer a conventional threat."

      the leadership of the Russian Federation, of course, did not expect what happened ... they were not ready for such a turn of affairs, and this does not yet indicate weakness, then, of course, this is not the entire army of the Russian Federation, even martial law has not been introduced in the camp .. so Kissinger is not very objective, I actually rate Brzezinski as a strategist higher ... and Kissinger is a lost Vietnam war, Kissinger's friendship with China has now come out sideways to the United States, a very dubious Nobel Prize (one or even several members of the committee refused to consider him candidacy), etc. - his, typev, "fame and successes" are more inflated by the Jewish media ...
      1. 0
        1 August 2023 16: 03
        this, of course, is not the whole army of the Russian Federation

        And what is "the whole army"?
        In modern conditions, "bayonets" are not an army ...
        The army is a pro...
        According to Shoigu, in the fall of 2021, just before the SVO, there were 400 thousand contract soldiers ...
        Of these, about 300 thousand in the ground forces.
        Up to 200 thousand were immediately brought to the outskirts (according to various estimates) ...
        That is, there are 100 thousand pros left for the rest of the country, those who are called up are not the army.
        Of these 200 thousand, a lot was knocked out, which indicates the level of training of contract soldiers ...
        That is why they were forced to announce a partial mobilization ...
        "Mobiki" is also not an army, they need to be retrained, trained, trained, etc.
        It takes months, that's when they become an army...
    2. 1_2
      20 May 2023 01: 17
      well, the United States is nobody without nuclear weapons, and the West is nobody without nuclear weapons, if the Russians put under arms up to 20-30 million people. Hitler recruited up to 7 million from all over Europe for the war with the USSR, and only the Germans knew how to fight, and then it turned out that only against the Poles and the French. now, of course, there is no Stalin and Socialism, but there is the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and their parallel government, if Govorun with edros is not an authority for the people, then the Communist Party of the Russian Federation will raise the people to the Holy War anyway. despite all the proxies in power. but the presence of nuclear weapons makes the US Zionists not think about a war with the Russian Federation, they can only talk about Russia's "powerlessness" and its guaranteed defeat in Ukraine
      1. +2
        20 May 2023 12: 07
        No need for communists. They passed the USSR for "to live well."
      2. RUR
        20 May 2023 15: 35
        Against the Poles - this is together with the USSR, and the Hungarians, for example, often continued to fight even when the Germans capitulated, and if you imagine the USSR without Lend-Lease and the British bombing of Germany, which made it impossible to work in the industry of the Reich in 3 shifts - in Germany all the war worked in 1 shift, by 1945 Germany was solid ruins, to COUNTER British aviation, the Germans kept 50% of their aviation in Germany and in the west, the remaining 25% in the south - Africa, Italy, and only 25% on the eastern front, etc., it is preferable not fantasize, it’s better to really imagine with whom the Russian Federation will have to deal, if, of course, it comes to this
      3. 0
        21 May 2023 00: 52
        On the whole, you are right, but here the pseudo-communists were mentioned in vain, no one is already listening to the boisterous Zyuganov, the quirky cowardly Kalashnikov, and others who only call themselves communists. You also say that the people will follow the sternum).
      4. 0
        1 August 2023 16: 11
        if the Russians put up to 20-30 million people under arms

        The army is a trained soldier / specialist, not the number of people.
        Partial mobilization - the complete unsuitability of everything and everyone ...
        Because the entire Soviet system of mobilization was destroyed, even Serdyukov ...
        300 thousand people hardly dressed and shod...
        And then, half of them bought everything themselves ... The people spent the night in the fields ...
        20 million - there is simply nothing to provide them with ...
        There is no ready-made, no junior commissar, no officer ...
        Not to mention ammunition, weapons, etc.
        Why did Shoigu go to Eun? Negotiate deliveries...
  8. +3
    19 May 2023 14: 29
    Hour from hour is not easier.

    Kissinger could have limited himself to the phrase:

    Russia is no longer the usual threat it used to be.

    The bottom line is that the Russian Federation does not have the resources for an "uncompromising war until Victory" - as the respected Author calls for in almost all of his publications!
    Moreover, it is already obvious that "sleepy" V. Putin (not Joe!) as a statesman has exhausted himself, and there is no healthy alternative to him!
    It won't lead to anything good...
  9. +2
    19 May 2023 14: 44
    Well, what could Kissinger say?! After all, even his words must be taken as a weapon and a dangerous weapon. And the most important thing is to work so that his words turn out to be just words.
  10. -3
    19 May 2023 16: 06
    Can Russia change anything in the present situation? Objectively, the scenario that categorically does not suit the author is the most likely. Mr. Marzhetsky understands this, therefore, over and over again, he writes how, in his opinion, it should be. Of course, LBS will not return by the 14th year, but it will not move much westward either. Indeed, it is time to think about the post-war geopolitical alignment in the region and about Ukraine's place in it. Of course, as a result, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be the most combat-ready army in Europe armed with Western weapons. Kyiv's dependence on the West also suggests that in the coming decades Kyiv will abandon the military solution of the issue (under pressure from the West) and reorient itself towards full integration with the EU, where it will undoubtedly be accepted. But NATO does not shine for Ukraine, instead there will be military alliances, for example, with Britain and Poland, allowing Kyiv to be guaranteed security. The future of Russia is still very vague, the country will have to endlessly survive and maneuver between the West and the so-called global south, which is mentally alien to Russia.
    1. +3
      19 May 2023 16: 46
      It is doubtful that:

      in the coming decades, Kyiv will refuse a military solution to the issue (under pressure from the West)

      Just at the G7 summit in Hiroshima, a decision was made to continue supplying arms to Ukraine ... after the end of the conflict!
      Will it be the end of the conflict or a break for additional weapons of your vassal?
      To this, NATO troops are being pulled up to the Russian border ...
      Obviously the intention to destroy Russian statehood!
      1. +3
        19 May 2023 18: 14
        Has there been at least one invasion of a country with nuclear weapons in history? They may be sitting in Ukraine, but not complete suicides. It's one thing to shoot artillery or send in drones, it's another to physically threaten the existence of Russia.
        Ukraine will now be armed forever. In the same way as before they armed West Germany, Japan, etc. Not to attack, but to create such a threat to keep the Russians on their toes forever and force them to spend huge resources on the military-industrial complex.
        1. +1
          19 May 2023 19: 57
          An invasion is not an invasion, but nuclear India and Pakistan ... they fought hard!
          1. +1
            19 May 2023 20: 06
            With sticks for a tiny patch of border land, so that God forbid not to provoke a big war?
            1. +3
              19 May 2023 20: 20
              However, this is a precedent!
              At the "last moment": will the hand not tremble to press the nuclear button?
              1. +1
                19 May 2023 20: 29
                Who wants to check if it falters? In all the governments of the world sit, all of a sudden, officials and politicians. And officials and politicians want to live, all without exception.

                Not a precedent, because the invasion is clearly not drawn. Yes, and that patch of emnip has always been a disputed territory.
    2. +1
      20 May 2023 00: 17
      Can Russia change the situation? Weird question. Obviously, it can. If necessary, general mobilization will be announced, and not 300, but millions of people will be sent to the front. This will be called the Third World War.
      So, we will stomp our feet to the English Channel, someone will probably come.
      And as for those who are overseas, we will wet the whole world, judging by the preparations that are taking place in the world. True, you will have to look for those who need to be wetted among the smoking radioactive ruins, so it's time to stock up on iodine.
  11. -1
    19 May 2023 16: 12
    Ukraine did not come to the publicized hurray-media offensive (once in 3-4, Word), now everyone writes articles explaining 101 reasons for this ..
    1. +1
      19 May 2023 16: 58
      Maybe that was the purpose of the PR. Kyiv does not have the advantage of guaranteeing success, again, time works for Kyiv, rearmament and preparation of reserves do not stop. Even if Kyiv freezes the conflict in the current LBS and switches to the economy, this can be called a success rather than a defeat.
  12. -2
    19 May 2023 19: 24
    From the numerous articles of the author it is clear that he did not fall into the hands of Svechin's classic work "Strategy". It's a pity. The book explains that the most effective way to defeat the economics of a stronger opponent is to bet on strategic defense. The fact that NATO, led by the United States, is economically many times stronger than Russia at the moment does not require proof. Therefore, the strategy chosen by the Russian army at the initial stage is the only correct one. This is first. Secondly, the army in peacetime is a bureaucratic structure. Some exercises are not the equivalent of war. For a successful war, the army must have experience of war. This is true for soldiers and officers, as well as for generals. At the initial stage, the army gets rid of officials in uniform. There are only commanders capable of fighting. An official and a warrior have a completely different mentality. Therefore, after the war, soldiers are squeezed out of the army, and officials take their places. Warriors are not capable of performing bureaucratic functions. The experience of the Red and Soviet armies clearly shows this. This is also evident from the experience of the NWO. Who fought before the NWO, he fights. Those who do not, only learn to fight, paying for the experience with their lives. Ukraine, at the very least, has been at war for ten years. Only those who fought in Donetsk and the "Wagnerites" can now fight with Russia. The rest still have to go through a run-in war. Unfortunately, not everyone will make it.
    1. +1
      19 May 2023 19: 55
      Wars are not won by any "strategic defense" ...
      Your interpretation of A.A. Svechin's "Strategy", published in 1927 (!), is too tendentious and aims to justify the incompetence of the Russian leaders.
      Moreover, it seems that this classic work was not read not by the author of the publication, but precisely by the top military leadership of Russia.
      Otherwise, it would not have allowed catastrophic failures during the NWO!
      1. -6
        20 May 2023 08: 15
        And what catastrophic failures were made during the NWO? The enemy at the walls of Moscow or on the Volga? Military operations are being conducted on the territory of Ukraine, if the territory is given away, then only the territory that was annexed and only recently became part of Russia. Moreover, the final section will be based on the results of the war, which is not yet over.
        1. 0
          20 May 2023 10: 23
          Military operations are conducted on the territory of Ukraine

          -? Attacks on the border areas of Russia itself and ... the Kremlin - the territory of Ukraine?
          "Brotherly" projectile has not yet flown into your apartment?
          And you mean: "the final partition - the Russian Federation - will be based on the results of the war, which is not yet over"?
          "The process has started" and no need to hide your head in the sand!
          1. 0
            20 May 2023 17: 46
            Mikhail L.what kind of attacks and counteroffensives, right? laughing
      2. 0
        20 May 2023 12: 11
        Win a war with a strategic offensive? Napoleon and Hitler won? Even in football there are many strategic and tactical schemes. The war is won by those who are smarter, who see further, who take into account more factors. Not only purely military, but also economic and political. And of course, who will make fewer mistakes. Because we do not know all the circumstances, but everything is exactly the opposite. No message can be completely trusted. It remains only to wait. I don't think it will take long. Ukraine will not run out of weapons. People will run out. If Europe wants to make war, then everything that I wrote about earlier applies to it. They will have to learn to fight. But that's a completely different story.
        1. +1
          20 May 2023 17: 26
          Attributing to A.A. Svechin their own inventions is a low flight.
          And, did Napoleon and Hitler capture Europe ... with strategic defense?
          Do not engage in demagogy!
    2. 1_2
      20 May 2023 01: 00
      if we fight like Ukrainians, then I'm afraid we won't have enough drugs
  13. +2
    19 May 2023 20: 18
    this is what I remember here - that Hitler was also confident in victory over the USSR and already half a year after the attack he dreamed of having dinner in the Kremlin. Napoleon also dreamed of capturing Russia. Now the United States with its idiots dream of destroying a country with nuclear weapons. It looks like the idiots are generally crazy - they forgot that the RUSSIANS do not give up, if necessary, then the RUSSIANS are ready to close the embrasure of the pillbox with their chest, go to ram the enemy column of armored vehicles, sacrificing themselves, and if necessary, destroy the WHOLE WORLD, knowing that with THIS they will also die . Which have not be avoided. Only China will remain in this world and the future of civilization will be with China. I am sure of one thing, that there will not be a stone unturned from the United States and there will never be such a country again.
    1. +1
      21 May 2023 01: 03
      The only problem is that only one person will accept the question of the use of nuclear weapons, and he, as Dimka says, is a big liberal. Yes, and his so-called "peace initiatives", "red lines", "grain deals", confessions that he is constantly deceived, make him doubt his ability to make such a decision.
  14. +2
    19 May 2023 23: 07
    Yes, soup is cooked in different places in different ways. Kissinger, a very old and very experienced Jew, looks, of course, from his kitchen, and in it the ideas are as follows: Jewish pogroms were the work of "Russians", and not Ukrainians, for which Russians must be hated despite ... although Jewish settlements in native Russia are like it was not even known, but there were many in western Ukraine, which is inconvenient for the ruling world Jewry to admit. Therefore, the forecasts and desires of various Kissingers (Kissinger, a native of Kissing, Yiddish) must be considered precisely from the point of view of hatred for the Russian people. If you realize this, everything will fall into place.
  15. -5
    20 May 2023 00: 09
    If you continue to conduct a special operation in the same style, the most combat-ready Nazis will run out, and then the Russian-backed resistance forces will destroy the Nazi regime and restore a state loyal to Russia, while maintaining its independence.
    Nevertheless, the West will continue to pump up the remaining Bandera troops with weapons, and will continue to supply mercenaries there. But the new government of Ukraine will deal with them on its own.
    Or maybe, in fact, these damned territories will be given to Poland, so that this would be their headache.
    In this case, the pndos will continue to pump weapons into Poland and promote anti-Russian sentiments in it.
    In principle, having received back their kresses, perhaps Poland will calm down, as phantom pains will stop. But this is doubtful, since the pndos are not interested in peace in Europe and Russia, which has opportunities for development.
    There is no alternative to the complete liberation of Ukraine from Nazism. But this must be done by the hands of the Ukrainians themselves with the active help of Russia.
    An independent pro-Russian Ukraine is what Russia needs, but will not suit the West. As a result, the only option still remains - to completely annex Ukraine to Russia. More blood will be shed.
    Be that as it may, while pndos rule in Europe, Russia will not have a quiet life. They must be removed from the continent. Perhaps from the planet.
    1. 0
      20 May 2023 12: 45
      And yet independent? Are you seriously?
  16. 1_2
    20 May 2023 00: 53
    as ancient as a mammoth, a Nazi Zionist (arms to shoulders in blood) gives out his Wishlist as already accomplished facts (Ukraine is ours and Russians say they rest in vain))) with one foot in Hell, hell, but demands not to take the Kemsky volost, give it, he says , to us Zionists Ukraine-Little Russia, so that I can die calmly)) knowing that there is a promised (Russian) place for the resettlement of Israel from the desert and away from the Arabs. Well, let the mammoth Nazi die in the illusion and confidence that it will be so. if the territory of North America (USA Canada) and Australia, Africa and other colonies of countries is not enough for them. Of course, we don’t care about his Wishlist and insanity, our cause is just, victory will be ours.
  17. 0
    20 May 2023 06: 50
    Quote from yasel
    Then tactical nuclear weapons should be used with the annihilation of the Eastern European countries of NATO. Well, so that the war stopped instantly due to the lack of common ground.

    Nuclear weapons must be used against distant enemies, such is the specifics.
  18. -2
    20 May 2023 08: 04
    My opinion is that this conflict will end with the departure of one of the belligerents from the stage. Leaving not for another world, but for the orchestra pit, where there are countries that have no influence. Actually, the conflict began because contradictions arose that could not be resolved through diplomacy and even trade wars. The states were losing the economic race, so they chose an armed confrontation, albeit not a direct one (or maybe a direct one, as you see). Therefore, if there is a frost, it will be only short-term, in order to gather strength.
    It is very interesting that the West is beginning to move to such a vision of the situation: Russia will not lose, it will get a piece of Ukrainian territory, and then we'll see. Previously, they boldly shared Russian wealth, not even allowing the thought that Russia would not lose. It does not seem that after a year with a tail of confrontation, the West feels like a winner.
    PS I admit that Kissinger feels that all is not well with the West and is trying to get his point across: we agree to the tit while it is in hand.
    1. +3
      20 May 2023 10: 27

      Therefore, if there is a frost, it will be only short-term, in order to gather strength.

      And on whose side is the economic potential?
    2. +2
      20 May 2023 16: 35
      The states were losing the economic race, so they chose an armed confrontation, albeit not a direct one (or maybe a direct one, as you see)

      Yes uuu!!! Here it is as it turns out (parallel reality, it is) ... lol
  19. -3
    20 May 2023 11: 01
    it seems that the old man was intelligibly explained that he could accidentally mix up the pills and celebrate his centenary in an upright position. It is obvious that the abrupt change of position is the result of a "conversation" with him.

    The US needs an exit in Ukraine without losing face. Just like that, to start negotiations is a pure defeat. Perhaps they are hoping for at least a minimal success of the offensive, so that if they do not start negotiations as if from a position of strength (it is clear that in such conditions the Russian Federation will not start negotiations), then at least loudly announce that Russia refuses to negotiate. The Ukrainian offensive is nothing more than positioning the parties for negotiations, and neither side can afford to enter into negotiations against the backdrop of a clear defeat at the front.

    The Armed Forces of Ukraine have been dying en masse for months in Bakhmut in order to save face for Zelensky, and now they will die on an even larger scale in order to save the face of the United States at the start of negotiations. And that negotiations will begin and that the result of the negotiations will have to suit Moscow is clear to everyone even now.
  20. +1
    20 May 2023 11: 31
    Smart grandfather, of course. From my point of view, a section on the Korean script is quite possible. This is not a defeat and not a victory - this is a given at this stage. Russia will lose - as we understand it - on the horizon of the next 20-30 years. And lose because of demographics. According to the latest census, about 60% of the population identified themselves as Russians. This is without taking into account 16-17 million migrants. Russians, as an ethnic group, are leaving. As soon as this percentage falls below 50, the process will go much faster and more unpredictably. It is likely that the Russian Federation will remain as a strong state in the international arena. Only not like Rus', but, for example, the strongest Islamic or multicultural Asian. Or it will continue to exist as a raw material appendage - only not of the West, but of the global South or China. I do not believe in hopes of a "multipolar" world - there has already been such a thing. Nothing new. Before the First World War - several poles of power. It ended, as we know, with the World War and the collapse of empires. How comfortable we will be (as a state) in such a geopolitical situation is a difficult question. The demography is very bad (and nothing can be done about it - as Peskov voiced) and the resources are very large. In a multipolar world, this is practically a death sentence.
    1. +1
      20 May 2023 14: 02
      "It is quite likely that the Russian Federation ... will not (!) ... remain as a strong state in the international arena" - for the collective West has set a course for the fragmentation of Russia and the seizure of its natural resources!
      1. +3
        20 May 2023 17: 30
        Quote: Mikhail L.
        "It is likely that the Russian Federation ... will not (!) ... remain

        Quite possibly. But the West will not be to blame for this. Orientation to the South / East is our own and conscious choice. With Europe - tolerant and preoccupied with the freedom of the individual - we are clearly not on our way. On a value level. Let's see what the Asian choice will bring us.
  21. -3
    20 May 2023 11: 31
    In fact, the opinion of a pensioner, even such as Kisenger, was and is the opinion of a pensioner.
    The opinion of current politicians is more significant.
    On topvar, they say: Orban is sure that Ukraine will not win. Poland begins to "advise* Zelensky: to make certain concessions.
    And these are no longer pensioners
  22. -3
    20 May 2023 12: 10
    And why did the author take that Kissinger says what he thinks? He, despite his age, is by no means in insanity. And no one would have given him a word if his words did not coincide with the trend of the leading Western groups.
    It's just that the US and the World Bank need (with different goals and within different limits) to weaken Europe. Therefore, the conflict in Ukraine is dragging on and its burden is gradually shifting to the EU.
    The future AUKUS dollar currency zone has 2 competitors (already existing manufacturers) in the near future, these are the EU and China. The EU is being weakened by energy dementia, anti-Russian sanctions, and being drawn into the Ukrainian conflict. China is being dragged into a military conflict with Taiwan in every possible way.
    The admission of Ukraine to NATO is a guaranteed collapse of the EU and NATO.
    1. -1
      20 May 2023 18: 42
      All the troubles in this world come from the Jews. Therefore, Zionism, according to human nature, as a defense against it. It won't go away. This is an eternal struggle between justice and greed.
      1. -2
        21 May 2023 08: 43
        But old and illiterate.
        "Sofa fighter for social justice" - it would not hurt to install a spell checker ...
        Maybe the Jews are also to blame for the distortion of the "great and mighty"? Ha!
        1. 0
          21 May 2023 18: 56
          I'll insert my 2 kopecks from Melitopol
  23. The comment was deleted.
  24. -4
    21 May 2023 01: 17
    After reading what this old mushroom had to say about Xi's relationship with Putin and comparing it to Macron's, read no further. Has he become a total moron? He would have compared with von der Leyenshey). Mriya is an old Jew, apparently he was severely pinched by the special services, or senile dementia, or maybe both, + Jewish-American exceptionalism in the last stage.
  25. The comment was deleted.
  26. +1
    21 May 2023 17: 48
    Quote from Nelton.
    Quote: Griffit
    even if they suddenly break through the defense, what's next?

    Exactly the same reasoning applies to all the mythology around

    Ukraine has been specially prepared for an attack on Russia for 30 years.

    But right now - I'm absolutely not sure about the stamina of the troops.
    Defend to the last drop of blood Melitopol, where go and every second waits for the Armed Forces of Ukraine as liberators?
    So the Kharkov option is not excluded.

    Nelton, do not tryndet if not in the subject: I live in Melitopol - kaaakie every second ???: The number of waiters is max 15 percent and EVERYTHING is in sight, a step to the left - they are sent to Zaporozhye.
    For Russia
  27. The comment was deleted.
  28. The comment was deleted.
  29. The comment was deleted.
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  31. 0
    22 May 2023 22: 09
    Obviously, Kisinger is bluffing. He has no confidence in the victory of Ukraine. This is the beginning of the bargaining for territories in the negotiations, on which they make big bets.
  32. 0
    23 May 2023 00: 50
    Kissinger is Jewish. And our elite is 70-80 percent Jewish. Putin welcomed him. So shta Jews among themselves unless will not agree?
  33. The comment was deleted.