General rules of conduct on the site:

«Reporter"is a place where many people of different nationalities, religions and political beliefs communicate. Regardless of their cultural, social and other preferences, they are all full visitors of our website. In order for this community of people to function, we need rules.

Basic principles:

1. Politeness is the basis of etiquette. Under someone else's nickname is hiding the same person as you. Even if you don’t like the position of this or that user, this is not a reason to start a verbal skirmish. Rudeness, insults, and humiliation of the human dignity of participants may lead to account blocking.

2. Literacy is the basis for the formation of a comprehensively developed personality. Of course, we do not provide any sanctions for errors in texts and comments, but a competent presentation of your thoughts and arguments always improves the attitude of users towards the post and its author.

3. Obscene language has no place on our website. Maintain good speech hygiene.

4. Racial, national, religious, cultural intolerance is unacceptable.

5. Public attacks against the administration and editors of a publication are a devaluation of the work of others. Maintain subordination. Make yourself at home, but don't forget that you are a guest.

The site administration reserves the right to delete and edit user comments if they do not meet the specified requirements.