It became known about the almost daily use of Russian planning bombs UMPC

Russian aviation is increasingly using air bombs in the NMD zone with the possibility of flight correction. The domestic analogue of the American JDAM, although created in rather artisanal conditions, performs its function with dignity. Aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces strike at enemy targets without entering the air defense coverage area. The telegram channel Fighterbomber writes about this.

For four months now, bombers, fighters and long-range aircraft have been operating with guided weapons from distances inaccessible to enemy air defense. Only aviation of "musicians" goes purely for classic bombing with "uncontrolled cast iron"

- the author writes.

Analogue of the American JDAM named in Russian version UMPC (unified set of planning and correction modules). The cost of domestic know-how, according to the source, does not exceed 2 million rubles, which is significantly cheaper than overseas ammunition. At the same time, the efficiency of FAB-500 with UMPC is very high.

It is used almost every day, many times a day, and not one bomb at a time.

– said the blogger.

The increased intensity of work on the destruction of Ukrainian air defense is also noted. Now the RF Armed Forces are hitting enemy launchers and radar stations with all possible means of destruction. But even the remnants of air defense can cause trouble for Russian aviation, so the development of the UMPC project is vital for bombarding the enemy from Russian-controlled territories.

The experience of the SVO made it possible to significantly improve the accuracy of hitting targets. And this applies not only to makeshift bombs from the UMPC, but also to various missiles.

Combat aviation of Russia is working. And she will never run out of bombs, pilots, planes and rockets.

Fighterbomber summed up.
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  1. Constantine N Online Constantine N
    Constantine N (Constantin N) 22 February 2023 11: 52
    that's all great, but the military-industrial complex of the west is still larger ... the main thing is that the answer to the impossibility of resisting the armed forces in a conventional war, when NATO military assistance exceeds the capabilities of the Russian army, is ready.
    there is a suspicion that the West wants this. Bring the Russian army to the limit, and then Poland and other Eastern Europeans connect to the fullest ...
    1. Smilodon terribilis nimis 26 February 2023 10: 07
      Will not connect. There are no fools to die. Well, except for crests and a small part of the Poles.
    2. Sarmat Sanych Offline Sarmat Sanych
      Sarmat Sanych (Sarmat Sanych) 27 February 2023 13: 06
      Constantin N (Constantin N), already with data on the volume of factories, with production figures confirmed by a dozen sources from both sides of the camp - IT IS PROVEN that the total capacity of the US military-industrial complex + Western Europe + Britain is MUCH LOWER than that of Russia, for example, for the production of combat missiles, shells, MLRS, self-propelled guns and so on. And for example, air defense missiles and tanks, one 147 millionth Russia generally produces even a little more per year than the rest of the 7,8 billionth planet, plus our capacities are expanding almost monthly, the same UVZ in 2020-2021 could produce up to 800 tanks per year, at the end of 2022 already over 1000 tanks a year, for comparison, 1,4 billion China produces no more than 100-150 tanks a year at a maximum, and the entire NATO bloc has not produced a single new tank for all its members for 17 years in a row. Such things, so that in the "Attraction thief" (war of attrition) Russia is doing the collective West like a kitten, since NATO has already run out of 155mm shells and we have not used 10% of our shell reserves.
  2. Nikolaevich I Offline Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I (Vladimir) 22 February 2023 12: 25
    The phrase is surprising: "it was created, practically, in artisanal conditions ..." What does it mean? As you know, the planning and correction module (IPC) was created by "Basalt" at the beginning of this century! But, unfortunately, it was not adopted! Looks like they're going into production now! But how? Really in military workshops? belay And what is the scale of production?
  3. Igor Offline Igor
    Igor (Igor Vladimirovich) 23 February 2023 16: 07
    until the rooster pecked. It's strange that they are blown up now, although the Americans have been since 1997 !!!! For years, this type of ammunition has already been used en masse.
    But in terms of the effectiveness and intensity of work to suppress air defense, I would not write so optimistically. Just the farther, the more effective the air defense of Ukraine works. demonstrate increasing success in destroying everything and everyone flying, although someone might giggle, but it would be interesting to see how the powerful air defense of the same Russian Federation would work according to Iskander or x22 with onyx, for example.
    1. Sarmat Sanych Offline Sarmat Sanych
      Sarmat Sanych (Sarmat Sanych) 27 February 2023 13: 13
      Igor, you can see by the name that you write from kukurin, but oh well. About the most advanced Russian air defense in the history of mankind - and so you know, it will certainly perfectly bring down both Iskanders and Kh-22s if necessary. And yes, the air defense of kukurin, as well as the air defense of the entire West, despite the help of the entire NATO AWACS and 12th NATO satellite constellation, is working more and more helplessly month after month, which is not surprising, knowing the impotence of Western air defense even against the whistles of barefoot Hussites. Yes, Kukurin got it from the Union of THREE ARMIES of air defense - the third most powerful air defense of the world (after the Russian Federation and China) plus colossal supplies of Soviet systems and missiles from everywhere where the USA + West could vacuum out plus supplies of Western air defense and all the missiles that they had for those samples - despite this, the VKS, without straining, destroyed ~ 90% of the air defense located on the kukurin. Everything is logical.
  4. Sergei N Offline Sergei N
    Sergei N (Sergey N) 25 February 2023 00: 13
    Woke up after almost a quarter of a century! Back in the early 2000s, NPO Bazalt suggested that the RF Ministry of Defense equip all our free-falling aerial bombs with planning and correction modules.
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 3 March 2023 17: 59
      So during these years, D. Medvedev, being president, under him, divisions were disbanded, military schools were closed, I recall the words: "there will be no big wars, brigade formations are sufficient." They were preparing only for minor actions, mainly with partisans - such a politician and strategist D. Medvedev. Such a policy does not need planning bombs and so on; cast-iron partisans can be bombed.
  5. Electric broom Offline Electric broom
    Electric broom (Electric broom) 27 February 2023 04: 57
    There was an opportunity to catch the state defense order on a hot one and woke up.