Planning FAB-500: Russian Aerospace Forces acquired a system similar to the American JDAM kit

In the course of the NMD in Ukraine, the Russian Aerospace Forces acquired a system similar to the American JDAM kit, which allows you to turn a conventional free-fall bomb into a guided precision-guided munition.

The presented picture shows that the FAB-500 is equipped with a planning and correction module. Retractable wings were attached to the unguided aircraft weapon (pictured below). This indicates that this particular FAB-500 is now able to plan. However, the characteristics are not yet known.

The rather clumsy execution of the planning aerial bomb may indicate that we have before us a prototype, which in the future will undoubtedly be brought to mind.

We remind you that back in February 2003, the Bazalt State Enterprise Proposed to equip unguided aerial bombs with planning and correction modules in order to significantly increase the effectiveness of this type of weapon. Then the general director of the enterprise, Vladimir Korenkov, cited the FAB-500 M62 as an example, which after that could be used outside the range of enemy air defense systems. The effective range of its launch was 6,4 - 15 km from an altitude of 200-5000 meters at carrier speeds of 800-1100 km / h. The maximum damage radius of a vulnerable equipment was 110-180 meters, and lightly armored - 55 meters. At the same time, a standard sighting system is used to use aerial bombs equipped with a planning and correction module. The cost of the module does not exceed the cost of the bomb itself.

Note that the standard American JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition) is a set of equipment that is installed on top and is manufactured by Boeing. It allows you to turn unguided aerial bombs into high-precision GPS-guided weapons. When dropped from a high altitude, a bomb with a JDAM kit can fly up to 28 km along an optimal trajectory for an attack and hit a target with a deviation of no more than five meters.

As for Ukraine, it has long been asking the United States to provide it with aerial bombs with JDAM. Before the New Year, Washington allocated a $ 1,85 billion military aid package to Kyiv. It, at the very end of the list, indicates the transfer of "an undisclosed number of JDAM kits." Moreover, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are interested in obtaining a modification of the JDAM-ER, which allows the bomb to fly up to 80 km. At the same time, such a kit costs about $24; a GMLRS to HIMARS missile with the same range costs about 6 times more ($150) per unit.
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  1. Snail N9 Offline Snail N9
    Snail N9 (Snail) 5 January 2023 13: 58
    O! Less than 40 years have passed since the end of the Vietnam War, as we bothered to make ammunition, which even then was used there in full. True, they have made it so far, "handicraft", but still, progress is clearly "on the face" ...
  2. kr33sania_2 Offline kr33sania_2
    kr33sania_2 (Alex Kraus) 5 January 2023 14: 15
    Well done!!! I thought that we were lagging behind in this matter, but the SVO "helped" ... Just not to interfere with our guys, they mend their "partners" once or twice!
  3. ivan2022 Offline ivan2022
    ivan2022 (ivan2022) 5 January 2023 19: 54
    High precision is good. But the fact that the explosive charge is less than 300 kg is bad. For we have a guaranteed zero effect in Avdiivka even with a guaranteed hit on the target. At least there is FAB, at least Caliber, at least Iskander. This is just an empirical fact.

    I believe that thousands of German FAAs with a charge of 1 ton would have produced a greater effect than our modern "super-duper" ...

    Because at least something, but they still would gouge.
  4. prodd Offline prodd
    prodd (prodd) 6 January 2023 01: 13
    This thing is not corrected, but flies wherever God sends, plus what can be thrown not directly over the target, trembling will receive MANPADS under the tail, but for 5-10 km, depending on the height of the drop, exactly hit such a bomb plus or minus half a kilometer. They will stop using it when such joy, thrown over the Russian side, uncontrollably plans to their own positions.
    1. Sergei N Offline Sergei N
      Sergei N (Sergey N) 18 February 2023 19: 57
      Don't talk nonsense!
  5. Anatoly21 Offline Anatoly21
    Anatoly21 (Anatoly21) 6 January 2023 11: 27
    Now it remains to wait whether the general has the courage to use a bomb on Avdiivka and the bridges across the Dnieper ... we are waiting.
  6. Dust Offline Dust
    Dust (Sergei) 6 January 2023 11: 27
    The idiotic tactics of the Russian troops from June to sit in the trenches and not a step forward, gives its negative results. Echelons with Western equipment are in continuous flow. Our soldiers are constantly being destroyed like in a shooting range with high-precision weapons. The West is improving its weapons on our soldiers. Everything about this in our press is silent. Makiivka can't hide too many victims. But where 5-15 people die from MLRS, they hide "all the time."
    1. Anatoly21 Offline Anatoly21
      Anatoly21 (Anatoly21) 6 January 2023 11: 33
      This is not a tactic of the troops, but of the Commander-in-Chief and his henchmen! am