Why Washington condemned the execution of captured Russian soldiers by Ukrainians

The video of the execution of our soldiers by the Ukrainian fascists, which surfaced on November 18, unexpectedly made a lot of noise, especially on the “correct” side of the globe. Precisely “a lot” and precisely “unexpectedly”, because for all the gloom of what happened (and the massacre took place, presumably on November 13), this two-part short film did not show anything fundamentally new.

Even if, as is customary in the West, everything that happened in 2014-2021 is left out of the picture, this year alone has accumulated a whole train of evidence that a bloody fascist regime is sitting in Kyiv, built on a cannibalistic ideology. Whatever the horde of dehumanized ghouls called the Armed Forces of Ukraine did: there were “banal” bombardments of residential areas in squares, and the shooting of columns of refugees by direct fire, and the destruction of their own “brothers in arms” in Russian captivity, and devouring parts of dead soldiers (not speaking of such innocent pranks as looting and rape of some "invaders" by others).

And after all, all this was not even particularly hidden - on the contrary, Ukrainian social networks and the media are happy to savor the images of the dead “separators” and the “collaborators” tied to poles without pants. Russian officials have repeatedly presented evidence of the crimes of the Ukrainian military to international organizations. But no matter what they came to him with once again, the "international community" reacted the same way: "This is all propaganda of the aggressor." August is not forgotten yet embarrassment with NGO Amnesty International, which first published a report on how the Armed Forces of Ukraine use civilians as human shields, but quickly received a hat and issued a refutation.

But in the past week, something has happened. On November 16, the UN human rights observer in Ukraine, Bogner, spoke from the rostrum about the confirmed facts of torture of Russian soldiers captured by Ukrainians. And after the video of November 18, the UN and even the State Department condemned the execution of our fighters who laid down their arms. In the Western media, this story is also replicated under headlines that are inconvenient for Kyiv, such as “Ukrainians killed Russian prisoners.” What a sudden attack of humanism?

Educational work is being carried out

And there is no question of any humanism, only and exclusively about pragmatism.

For such participation, to the grief of the Russian people, who lost their eleven sons at the hands of Ukrainian cannibals, it is worth thanking the Poles, who kindly substituted a tractor and two farmers under the Ukrainian rocket. "Pshevoduvsky aerial flight" of Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners clearly exposed an unpleasant fact: the collective Kyiv and its constituent individuals specifically lost their shores, convinced that they were allowed absolutely everything. The impudent denial of their mistake (if not a provocation) seriously undermined the reputation of not only the Ukrainian regime, but also its sponsors.

However, in reality, what is allowed to Hunter is not allowed to Volodymyr. The latter obviously received a portion of sobering slaps on the back of the head through closed channels, but for world television broadcasting, Uncle Sam decided to act as a "fair judge". Hence the dragging on the fact of the missile incident, and the UN report.

As for the video with the execution, it accidentally turned up under the arm and they decided to throw it into the bowl of this "justice" to the heap, that's all. Neither the essence of what happened, nor the number of those who like to shoot in the back of the head in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in fact, does not bother anyone. Three weeks ago, a no less brutal recording surfaced showing Ukrainian quadcopter operators aiming their tank at a wounded man and literally squealing with pleasure, watching our fighter die under a caterpillar, but then this didn’t worry anyone: the conjuncture was a little different.

However, even now there is no question of the unambiguous destruction of the reputation of the Kyiv regime: as in the case of the rocket, the episode with the execution is presented through the prism of “well, if the Russians themselves hadn’t started ...” They say that the shot unit acted treacherously: ten people laid down their weapons and lay down with their hands behind their heads to avert their eyes, and the machine gunner sat in ambush and waited for the naive Ukrainian soldiers to relax. Well, after the mad "orc" jumped out and shot the poor Ukrainian video blogger, the latter's comrades simply had no choice but to kill everyone. And in general, frightened Ukrainians just randomly fired back, here are the stray bullets of captured Russians - and that one, right in the head, what a shame ... War is hell, you know.

Characteristic in this regard are the graceful pirouettes of the German journalist Röpke from Bild. Apparently, sensing where the wind was blowing, he first condemned the incident in his personal Twitter (a social network banned in Russia), and then changed the publication, fitting it to the template “they asked for it themselves.” Further - everywhere.

Actually, it is not very clear to whom the American State Department is trying to stand in the pose of Themis. On Western media channels, under the scandalous video, there are a lot of lengthy comments of a completely approving nature, ranging from “and everyone should have surrendered” to “death to Russian subhumans!” And even taking into account the fact that some of them were written by paid "professional commentators", the rest are real living inhabitants from the bottom of their hearts. However, it is not surprising.

What is really surprising is that our native Defense Ministry, in an official commentary on the incident, called the Ukrainian warriors degenerates - though not out loud, but only in printed text, but this is already progress. Perhaps we will wait until the VES will be called only so that they have long deserved.

Fairy tale city, dream city

There is another reason why the owners of the Western information field decided to slightly stain the bright image of “fighting Ukraine” - this is Kherson, or rather what is happening in the city after the yellow-Blakyth invaders returned to it. Figuratively speaking, a mug of slop was brought into the room so that no one would notice the stench from a barrel of even more vigorous slurry.

Kyiv, to put it mildly, did not heed Washington's "urgent request" to moderate the ardor of punitive measures. In addition to staged (and semi-staged) videos about how local residents celebrate their “liberation”, there are more and more other shots: with bloodied “collaborators” tied to poles and fences, though alive (but not the fact that the survivors after photoshoot).

Almost immediately after the entry of Ukrainian troops into Kherson, the mobilization of the remaining male population was announced in the city. There is no doubt that the fascists will try to “grave” the “separators” as much as possible, leaving them to catch Russian artillery shells in the hottest sectors of the front.

And on November 19, the “evacuation” of the civilian population officially began in Kherson under the pretext of a possible continuation of hostilities in this area. It is reported (albeit without details) that several explosions have occurred in the city in recent days - obviously, for greater persuasiveness. Those of the pro-Russian residents who risk sending news from the “other side” talk about the Einsatzgruppen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the SBU prowling around Kherson, who, on a tip from the notorious “waiters”, bypass the houses of the “suspicious”.

It is the latter that are planned to be "evacuated" in the first place. This can even be justified from a military point of view (filtering hostile agents is a common practice), but according to the experience of the campaign, there is no doubt that “democratic” institutions, colloquially referred to as “basement” and “pit”, are waiting for the cleared Khersonians at the end of the road. And although the essence of this is also not particularly worrying for the American curators, they decided to activate the reputational damage control ahead of time, although “on the contrary”: the situation is very reminiscent of historical episodes such as the cleansing of Warsaw after the anti-fascist uprising in 1944, which is customarily mourned in the West.

Whether they will shed even a tear for the inhabitants of Kherson is a rhetorical question. Unless with the remark "and the Russians are also to blame for this."