Yuriy Podolyaka: The collapse of Ukraine has begun, all attention is on the United States

Currently, there are global changes in the world, but the fight in the geopolitical battle will be won by the one who “drowns” last. This was announced by Russian expert Yuri Podolyaka, analyzing what is happening.

The political scientist noted that the collapse of Ukraine has already begun and now all attention is focused on the United States. Today from Kyiv they frankly declare that economy Ukraine is destroyed and the ongoing systemic problems are irreversible.

Accordingly, keeping this territory afloat as a state entity is possible only thanks to external replenishment, as soon as it ends, everything will collapse at once. It is for this reason that what is happening now in the countries of Western Europe and the United States is one of the key moments that can ultimately decide everything in Ukraine. And here it is very important what is happening in the main sponsoring countries of the Kyiv regime - the USA and Great Britain.

- the expert outlined the problem.

He recalled that recently received the post of British Prime Minister Liz Truss the other day filed a resign. The place of the 79th head of the British government should go to the former Chancellor of the Exchequer (Minister of the Exchequer) Rishi Sunak, the leader of the Conservative Party of Indian origin. Most likely, he will also not stay in this chair for a long time, since the systemic crisis in the UK is only gaining momentum. The British society is extremely dissatisfied with the processes in the economy of their country, so it is more and more difficult for London to support Kyiv every day.

Podolyaka noticed that the same problems are observed and the US Democrats. The midterm parliamentary elections due in November could significantly complicate the position of US President Joe Biden. If the Republicans take control of the US Congress, they can prevent the White House from solving Ukrainian problems.

And the Republicans will definitely do this, because for them the Ukrainian case, or rather, to beat Biden on the Ukrainian case, is a winning card, which they, of course, will play before the new election campaign of the presidential elections in 2024, during which the fate of the United States, I will not be afraid of such phrases may be a foregone conclusion. Moreover, in the US, the crisis is just gaining momentum, here it is also becoming systemic, and there is no way out of it yet. The basic US strategy is also already clear. They are well aware that the dollar system in its current form can no longer be saved, and now they are playing the game - "you need to drown everyone in order to drown last." Because the one who drowns last, in their opinion, must build a new system of world relations, and they assigned themselves the leading role here, but for this they must drown everyone

He thinks.

And not only Europe and Russia, which the United States is now actively harming, but also China and other countries that may challenge Washington in the future. Therefore, the war for Taiwan is also becoming inevitable, just as the conflict in Ukraine has become inevitable. Now the Americans are trying to spark a war between Beijing and Taipei that could become a reality within a year. This time, the US will try to draw all its partners in Asia into another conflict, as they did with the Europeans, while they themselves will remain a “safe haven” for capital.

In his opinion, this is precisely the US strategy in the struggle for future dominance on the planet, which is slipping out of their hands. At the same time, Russia's task is to help them "sink first." What the European Union, Great Britain, China, India and Japan, the main competitors of Russia and the United States on the world stage, think about this is still unknown.
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  1. Vladimir80 Offline Vladimir80
    Vladimir80 25 October 2022 12: 31
    The next mrii (dreams) of another self-named expert.
    1. Corsair Offline Corsair
      Corsair (DNR) 25 October 2022 13: 48
      Yuriy Podolyaka: The collapse of Ukraine has begun, all attention is on the United States

      Undoubtedly, some kind of sluggish process in the spirit - "Sunset by hand" is going on, but with such a "creak", with such costs that you involuntarily ask yourself the question - How could it be so foolish, and stupidly reduce the potential of the RF Armed Forces to a banal defense?

      Vladimir Vladimirovich, Sergey Kozhugetovich - how is it? Why ?!?
  2. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 25 October 2022 12: 41
    First, you need to drown England (it has not been Great Britain for a long time, the United Kingdom will soon end under such a king, either Charles or Charles - 3). England, the main historical enemy of Russia, and Germany, France. Prior to the United States, China is more effective, but the Russian Federation must help, with its allies Iran, SHOZ, .BRICS and others. (Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs is too tied to the old, we need new people and new forces, like everything else in the government of the Russian Federation). The historical era of change has begun, as in a joke:

    to live in interesting times...
  3. Igor_E Offline Igor_E
    Igor_E (Igor) 25 October 2022 13: 12
    Yuri Podolyaka works for the Americans. Let me give you one of the facts.
    The YouTube system is run by the Americans and used by them for political purposes.
    Political channels that are dangerous for Americans are regularly removed from YouTube, for example, the channels of the Russian deputy Yevgeny Fedorov (the founder of the NOD) or Eduard Khodos, who proves that the genocide in Ukraine was staged by the Jews (Kolomoisky, etc.).
    Political channels that work for the Americans are not deleted, and moreover, they artificially wind up their ratings and raise them into trends.
    Against the backdrop of the remote channels of Fedorov or Khodos, we see millions of ratings from Podolyaki.
    Anyone who has watched political channels knows that the audience of the channels has been growing very slowly (for years), and Podolyaka's audience very quickly became millions, this is the result of artificial cheating by the leadership of YouTube on the orders of the United States.
    And the fact that he is lying can only be noticed by a savvy person. The most dangerous lie, in which 90% of the truth (not essential) is mixed with 10% of lies (dangerous). This is what Podolyaka is doing.
    1. borisvt Offline borisvt
      borisvt (boris) 25 October 2022 15: 34
      With all due respect to your personal opinion, it lacks logic. To judge that he is an American spy by his rapidly growing popularity? Strange to say the least))
      Whose spy are you?
    2. uncle Mitya Offline uncle Mitya
      uncle Mitya (Dmitriy) 26 October 2022 00: 09
      Yury Podolyaki’s YouTube channel (there were 2) was blocked like half a year ago .... and who blocked it) ??? owners)))
      1. Igor_E Offline Igor_E
        Igor_E (Igor) 26 October 2022 12: 11
        I watched Podolyaka for the first 2 months, saw how the number of his subscribers sharply became million, and the number of views of his videos became multi-million dollar.
        I didn’t look further, because. Podolyaka constantly lied.
        Apparently, when the first people began to gradually guess that the matter was not clean with views (YouTube winds up), then the admins deleted his channel, because. these multi-million views looked too pale. The removal did not lead to the loss of the actual audience, because. people remembered his name, and whoever wanted to watch the second channel.
        Regarding the fact that Podolyak is lying (and about what specifically), you can easily find it on the Internet, just type in any search engine:
        yuri podlyaka is lying
        Here is one of his false statements. Podolyaka said that

        according to the law of the Russian Federation, the Central Bank is clearly and unambiguously subordinate to the Russian leadership.

        It follows from this that Putin instructed the Central Bank to keep our gold reserves (300 billion) in Western banks, which were then confiscated from us.
        Actually by of the constitution of the Russian Federation, the central bank is an independent structure, which in its MAIN ACTIVITIES is not controlled by the Government,
        and Putin has always said that it is not necessary to keep capital abroad, they can to freeze. Back in his first term in 2002, he said:

        You are tormented by swallowing dust, running through the courts to unlock them!
        1. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
          Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 26 October 2022 13: 17
          I’ll say more according to Russian laws, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is the depositary of the IMF and is subordinate to the IMF, however, the law that draws and of course Putin can change the head of the Central Bank, and therefore order her bypassing the laws, so President Putin canceled the budget rule through which the Americans robbed us taking away more than half of the income in January 2022 was this cancellation and it is the reason for the hostilities in Ukraine, the Americans are taking revenge on us for the fact that we have ceased to be their colony .... why Putin did not plant Chubais, did not cancel the budget rule earlier? it is obvious that he assumed that the Americans would not leave such an action unpunished and slowly prepared, armed, created independent settlement systems, tried to establish import substitution, established a military industry, his assumptions were confirmed and now, despite all efforts, it turned out that our army is not so big despite all the efforts and infusions of recent decades, it is not so easy to solve the problem of fascist aggression against us, but nevertheless the president made a courageous decision and canceled the budget rule, showing that power over the central bank was not lost completely and was not transferred to the IMF forever, Russia will be able to answer the challenges (go and tell everyone in foreign lands that Russia is alive) .... so Podolyaka is also right, at least partially
          1. Igor_E Offline Igor_E
            Igor_E (Igor) 4 December 2022 14: 14
            Hello Vladimir! A few months ago, the "budget rule" was again introduced in the Russian Federation. Could you tell me why (very briefly)? Incl. I’m interested in the moment, is this decision made by the commander-in-chief himself, based on the circumstances (economic sanctions, the situation at the front, etc.) or is it decided by the oligarchs in our country?
            1. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
              Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 4 December 2022 20: 49
              President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, I think it is necessary to change the team of economists, the president uses specialists in various industries, for example, a number of military specialists had to be expelled as soon as the SVO began, I already wrote somewhere that I am against specialists .... specialists are usually blinkered by their vocational education stupid, ... repeaters, hardly anyone thinks with his head like me, ... the bureaucratic system throws out everyone who does not fit into stupidity, as something foreign,

              I am now being expelled from the university and my subjects are being handed over to some aunts who, in general, even in formal education, do not know the essence of things, do not have the right to teach this subject, and even more so are not able to think of anything, therefore they are in good standing with the authorities and do not annoy the eyes with their ideas , and their lectures sucked out of the textbook must acquire the general boredom of unfortunate students, and even more so those who think on their own will not reach the heights of a career in the bureaucratic ladder. I did not become an admiral and now I am losing my position as a senior teacher ...... those who think for the people and the common good are not always capable of meanness and intrigue for the sake of a career ....

              modern economics is a pseudoscience, on the one hand, based on the outdated ideas of Adam Smith, who was born before A. S. Pushkin (who dealt with an unlimited market with a lack of supply, and now everything is the other way around), on the other hand, economists rely on the deliberately false book Economics, written for in order to deftly hide from the reader all the most important springs of the economy, such as the impact of the emission of the US Federal Reserve and the size of taxes on the economy, those specialists who ruled us while we were a colony are slowly leaving Chubais, who believed that we need to destroy our entire industry and rely on imaginary power of the United States.

              The day before yesterday, Kudrin, the dumbest of the graduates of the Chubais group at the school of economists, where he all studied in Switzerland, left, with Ulyukaev, who believed that everyone should pay him bribes, including the president through the respected Sechin .... he studied with him and Glazyev seems to be at odds with they are in their views, but they can’t offer anything but calls and abstruse theories .... but even worse is that all lower-level economists are also blinkered by false fruitless theories and are unable to come up with anything, and therefore they simply decided instead of dollars and euros to buy yuan rupees and Turkish lira, while they are not going to reduce the tax burden, and therefore our economy is bent .... in other respects, the President has repeatedly, by his decisions, simply forced by decrees and is forcing them, contrary to their stupid theories in read books, to invest in the development of Russia, at least pointwise,
    3. Saffron Offline Saffron
      Saffron (Igor) 26 October 2022 12: 37
      "Brilliant" analytics... If he is mainly read in the telegram channel, and there he has 2-3 million subscribers and there is a link to his YouTube channel on the channel, then you can guess that on YouTube he will have no less subscribers and ratings are appropriate. Maybe it's not about the "secret forces", but about Yuri himself?
      1. Igor_E Offline Igor_E
        Igor_E (Igor) 26 October 2022 15: 07
        In fact, the collective West is fighting against Russia. The mobilization potential of the West is 10 times ours (because the population of NATO countries is 10 times ours), and to pay for mercenaries, the United States will print as much money as it takes. The military-industrial complex of the collective West exceeds ours by an order of magnitude. The West has access to advanced microelectronics to create better weapons. We have limited access to microelectronics. They have powerful space intelligence and communications, and we are lagging behind in this area. Our military factories work in 3 shifts, and in the west as usual. We have a fifth column in the rear - pro-Western oligarchs (like Abramovich) and their pocket officials who are ruining the economy, preventing the country from switching to mobilization rails, interfering in the course of the war (the oddities of the war and agreements).
        And at this time, when Russia needs to mobilize the entire society to win, Podolyaka inspires the Russians that we will win the war in Ukraine without straining too much. This is the main goal of Podolyaki, to make sure that the Russians do not worry too much, they remain jingoistic patriots and went about their usual business. Podolyaka is working to defeat Russia.
        1. uncle Mitya Offline uncle Mitya
          uncle Mitya (Dmitriy) 26 October 2022 16: 02
          Criticize - offer options!
          Podolyak drowns for the victory... well done... not everything in the country is so smooth... but when it was different... did you know from the very beginning of the NWO that at least 50 countries would help Ukraine???
          1. Igor_E Offline Igor_E
            Igor_E (Igor) 27 October 2022 00: 18
            Civilians can do a lot. For example, to help implement the initiative of Deputy Fedorov to collect a million signatures to file a lawsuit with the Supreme Court of Russia regarding Gorbachev's illegal decision to collapse the USSR. This will improve the legal basis for the war in Ukraine. Now we are considered in the world as an invader of the territory of Ukraine. After the court decision on the illegality of the secession of Ukraine, we will declare that we are not seizing, but RESTORE OUR territory. It is clear that the UN does not recognize the decision of our court, but the opinion of the UN or NATO countries is not particularly important to us (although it will be presented to them), the main thing for us is that we are correctly understood by those countries whose opinion is important to us - China, India, etc. ., and most importantly, the decisions of the court will be used for our internal use. Putin is trying to play by the rules. Nuclear weapons (our main argument) we have the right to use only in case of a threat to Russia. If there are court decisions on the illegality of separating Ukraine from the USSR (and Russia is the successor of the USSR), then Putin will demand that the United States and NATO get out of Ukraine (by creating a nuclear threat to the United States, such as the Caribbean crisis). The sooner we collect signatures, the fewer people will die in Ukraine.
            After NATO stops supplying weapons and mercenaries to Ukraine, the Ukrainian army will not last long, they will scatter home in six months and the war will end.
            As for the rest of the republics, when they see the strength of Russia, they will stop engaging in Russophobia, and will not provoke Russia, so as not to repeat the fate of Ukraine.
            The plan of Deputy Fedorov is set out here:
  4. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 25 October 2022 13: 48
    If the power of monopolies under capitalism was limited to the framework of state formations, then under imperialism national monopolies unite into supranational ones and leave national jurisdictions, form international organizations and rules to resolve differences. If it is not possible to resolve differences in this way, the conflict becomes international and leads to an aggravation of political, economic, interethnic and religious contradictions, which end in coups d'etat and regional wars, as a result of which the transnational monopoly that has gained the upper hand forms its own government and thus establishes control over the conquered territory.
    The economic growth of the PRC reduces the influence of transnational monopoly associations both in China itself and far beyond its borders, including the historical possessions of transnational monopoly associations in the United States and Europe, which predetermines a war not life but death in which there are no and cannot be prohibited means and methods .
    The 2027th Congress actually set the party and state goal of the unification of China, and to complete the modernization of the PRC Armed Forces by 2027. From this it can be assumed that the problem of Taiwan is going to be solved after the modernization of the PRC Armed Forces, i.e. after XNUMX, unless, of course, the USA people do something before.
    1. Corsair Offline Corsair
      Corsair (DNR) 25 October 2022 15: 22
      Quote: Jacques Sekavar
      The XNUMXth Congress actually set the party and state goal of the unification of China, and to complete the modernization of the PRC Armed Forces by 2027.

      But after all modernize ! And they won’t “cut the loot” like in Russia, under the leadership of the “Chairman” ...
      The Chinese are purposeful yes .
    2. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
      Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 26 October 2022 13: 33
      Quote: Jacques Sekavar
      under imperialism, national monopolies unite into supranational and withdraw from national jurisdictions, form international organizations and rules to resolve differences

      you’re not quite right, you didn’t take into account that in fact there has long been ONE transnational monopoly (Vagvard) in the world and it owns and manages 95 percent of the world’s property, that is, not only American European, but also Russian and Chinese assets, and the CBO has not abolished their ownership , and the international organization is the IMF and the WTO .... the course of history shows that the vanguard is not tied to Washington, its real assets are mostly in China, the Russian Federation and other countries, the dollar needs to be drained, it has served everything, and a decision was made to drain the EU and then the USA , the Vanguard is not going to continue financing fat stupid Americans and European sybarites, the Vanguard may well do without them, especially since according to the plans approved by the Basel Congress, the center of the world should move to Israel populated by Europeans squeezed out of the EU, ... Europe can no longer be saved, like America, so Vangvard strives to keep assets in the Russian Federation, China and other countries, and rely on them, so Ukraine is given to Putin so that the Russian assets of VA the guards did not suffer during the fall of the EU and the USA .. the same applies to China with its Taiwan, while the great Israel is being created, the guards will rely on alternate airfields in the Russian Federation, China and other countries ... how will the guards prove that Putin can trust her? it is clear if he convinces that he can help in draining fascist Ukraine in exchange for the safety of TNK assets in the Russian Federation, and the return of the arrested $ 300 billion, How can the vanguard convince China that its assets should work there? will help merge Taiwan, it's clear
  5. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 25 October 2022 14: 06
    It is likely that the Anglo-Saxons will merge Zelensky after the November elections in the United States. Neither donkeys nor elephants will need it. After that, there will be attempts to negotiate with the Russian Federation. And instead of Zelensky, they will put someone who will agree to such negotiations from Ukraine.
    And whether the old president of Ukraine will be left alive or not, perhaps the big uncles and aunts from the Central Committee, to which the Washington Regional Committee is subordinate, have already decided ...
  6. Ugens Offline Ugens
    Ugens (Victor) 26 October 2022 11: 37
    Read the spring-summer forecasts of this "expert"
    1. Saffron Offline Saffron
      Saffron (Igor) 26 October 2022 12: 41
      We read a lot of forecast information based on the situation in force at that time, a lot of "slaps" to the organizers and the provision of the NWO and other structures, up to the words "you oh ... there something." And the best blogger, with 100% forecasts, can now only be "uncle from 2024"
  7. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 26 October 2022 20: 10
    the very beginning of attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure could be a scenario for overcoming the crisis. It is in the end of the conflict that the whole point of the situation is, neither side can afford to lose.

    What scenario is possible here? Now strikes on Ukraine's energy sector are pursuing more short-term goals, the damage can be repaired. But there are also scenarios of strikes, after which there will be no electricity in Ukraine for several months.

    What does it mean? This means that Russia can finally turn Ukraine into a ground for sorting out relations between NATO and the Russian Federation, simply into a territory where the two sides are fighting. The state "Ukraine" ceases to exist as such.

    The Kyiv regime without electricity loses channels of communication with society, ceases to exist for society. All channels of control disappear, all the vital activity of the state and the economy ceases to function. Chaos and anarchy ensues.

    Who can run abroad to escape. Who remains, begins the struggle for survival - every man for himself. Huge amounts of weapons are superimposed here, a lot of psycho people, armed groups are fighting for resources.

    At this moment, the RF Armed Forces deliver a decisive blow, with the aim of reaching Transnistria, Dnepropetrovsk. On the other hand, Poland and perhaps others occupy the western regions of the country to protect their citizens.

    Zelensky is being quietly eliminated by the United States and thus putting an end to the history of the state of Ukraine (sample 1991). A ceasefire agreement is signed with Russia.

    After that, the fate of the territories is decided in one way or another, the question of the existence of such a country as Ukraine in a greatly curtailed form and further relations between NATO and the Russian Federation - either a cold war or a new world order.
    1. gene1 Offline gene1
      gene1 (Gennady) 31 October 2022 12: 43
      I agree with your opinion. Nuance:

      On the other hand, Poland and perhaps others occupy the western regions of the country to protect their citizens.

      The Russian Federation will not allow any country to send its troops to Ukraine. Only legitimately, for example, by decision of the UN Security Council to bring in peacekeepers. And then just don't make a mistake: your hands must not give up when voting at the UN, and we must make a corridor from Belarus to Transnistria.

      After that, in one way or another, the fate of the territories is decided, the question of the existence of such a country as Ukraine in a greatly curtailed form

      In our area of ​​responsibility, there will most likely be regional voting, something like in the Russian Federation or in Ukraine.
  8. Herman 4223 Offline Herman 4223
    Herman 4223 (Alexander) 27 October 2022 07: 25
    The commandant of two Maidans in Sumy, suddenly a Russian expert.
  9. Sergiys_Prime Offline Sergiys_Prime
    Sergiys_Prime 27 October 2022 08: 32
    I would try to avoid such expressions that after the midterm elections, the fate of the United States may be sealed. There are so many ways to correct the party line to the Republicans, and to anyone ...
    They are well aware that it is no longer possible to save the dollar system in its current form, but only if there are no sudden movements. A multipolar world will be created, where the United States is waiting for the same sunset as the once great Britain, only in the toughest version. America can be saved only by the exhaustion and collapse of the rest of the world, among the really working tools, this is only war.
    Now it is quite possible, because they are all over the world.
    Wherever possible, they raised and brought their people to power.
    Absolutely obedient to their will.
    Even Europe, in fact, became a colony of the United States.

    While others spend what they earn, they spend what they print.
    Their plan is to remain a "safe haven" in a collapsing world.
    A kind of garden of paradise in the jungle.
    Where not only capitals, but also small and large industries, the best specialists will begin to flow massively ...
    Otherwise, they can make America great again.
  10. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 27 October 2022 10: 06
    It is not what is written here that is terrifying, but the number of insane people in the discussion. Judging by them, this population has reached the Ukrainian level.