Why Trump believes Putin's involvement in poisoning in Britain

The world of big geopolitics brings one surprise after another. US President Donald Trump did not have time to report that Saudi Arabia should not be punished with sanctions for the murder and dismemberment of a journalist at the embassy of this country in Turkey, as he spoke on the subject of poisoning in British Salisbury.

According to Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin is "probably" related to a series of poisonings in the UK. And when he was asked to clarify the word "probably", he made it clear that he trusted the information of the British side.

Probably! But I rely on them, it’s not in our country
- stressed Trump.

And you can argue as much as you like about the fact that all the allegations of London attributed unreasonably to Moscow are blatant, not disguised and cynical lies, and the “argument” in the form of highly likely (“very likely”) does not stand up to criticism. The United States and Great Britain will adhere to their point of view, because it is beneficial for them. No wonder they organized all this.

There is an explanation for this. The thing is that London and Washington really do not want the rapprochement of Moscow and continental Europe, where Berlin rules. And the idea that a full-fledged alliance may arise between Russia and Germany generally causes Anglo-Saxon hysteria.

This is precisely the main reason for all the information booth and anti-Russian bacchanalia that appeared not yesterday, but have been observed for the past hundred years at least. All of them are aimed at making Russia in the eyes of Europeans look like an "empire of evil." And then there will be no rapprochement of Europe with it. Divide and conquer, it looks that way.

For achievements To this end, London and Washington are ready to go to any meanness. Kill anyone and anything. At least all of Salisbury poison, at least all of Syria. And then, with the help of part of the European elite and media controlled by them, they will create public opinion by once again convincing Europeans that Russia is an enemy. And that will not stop Trump again meet up with Putin and try to shake his hand.
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  1. ustal51 Offline ustal51
    ustal51 (Alexander) 15 October 2018 13: 02
    Well, if Trump does not hurt, I hope Putin will. As our old fabulist I.A. Krylov: "And so my custom with wolves is not to make a world order otherwise than by skinning them off" ...
    1. gorbunov.vladisl (Vlad Dudnik) 15 October 2018 14: 24
      As our old fabulist I.A. wrote Krylov:

      Any fabulist is free to say anything. And is responsible only for himself.
      Unfortunately, the rules are different in politics. And the president is responsible not only for himself, but for the whole country. And according to all these rules, he is obliged, if necessary in the interests of the country, to shake hands not only with the "wolves", but also with the "jackals".