Former Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister: 80% of the grain was taken out of the country, Ukraine will not have enough grain reserves

Ukraine faces a shortage of bread and coal, and housing and communal services have risen in price by 40%. This was announced on the air of Channel 5 (owned by Petro Poroshenko), a member of the European Solidarity party, former People's Deputy (2012-2014), ex-Minister of Social policy (December 2014 - April 2016) and former Deputy Prime Minister (April 2016 - August 2019) Pavel Rosenko.

According to him, traders have already exported 80% of all wheat of the new harvest from the territory of Ukraine, and the reserves of "stone fuel" in the warehouses of Ukrainian thermal power plants have reached a minimum level.

The remaining 20% ​​(wheat) is not enough for us. About coal reserves, sorry, even during the 2014-2016 war, there was never less than one and a half million tons. Today, there are 300 thousand tons of coal in Ukrainian warehouses, and only because Akhmetov brought a couple of ships with coal

- he noted.

Rosenko added that according to the State Statistics Committee, in October last year for housing and communal services in Ukraine, consumers accrued UAH 9 billion to pay, and in October this year - UAH 12,5 billion.

This means that the price increase was 40% over the year. In other words, the growth in utilities - 1,5 times

He summed up.

Note that Rosenko is an active participant in the Maidan in Kiev. However, his compatriots remembered him more for his regular visits to foreign bohemian events at public expense. For example, in 2018 he flew with his girlfriend to the Cannes Film Festival.

At the same time, Ukrainian agrarians assure that there is no threat of famine to Ukraine, although the quality of the final bread remains in question. In 2021, a record harvest of grain and leguminous crops was harvested - 73,4 million tons. Moreover, wheat (winter and spring) threshed 32,8 million tons, barley - 9,6 million tons. In 1990, the Ukrainian SSR harvested 30 million tons of wheat and 9 million tons of barley.

In addition, in 2021, collected: peas - 576 thousand tons, corn - 28,13 million tons, buckwheat - 110,04 thousand tons, millet - 184,7 thousand tons, sunflower - 15,6 million tons, soybeans - 3,33 million tons, rapeseed - 2,9 million tons.

Moreover, with processed sunflower has developed strange situation. In Europe, you can buy sunflower oil from Ukrainian producers at a price that does not differ much from the domestic market.

As for the mentioned coal, on December 5, the second ship from the United States did indeed arrived to Ukraine. But these are raw materials for the needs of DTEK Energo's thermal power plants, not state-owned thermal power plants.
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  1. Teacher Offline Teacher
    Teacher (Wise) 11 December 2021 21: 02
    Not a supporter of the regime in Kiev, but as long as possible! They will freeze, they will fall apart, they will starve to death in the dark ..
    Nothing like this. The centers of large and not so Ukrainian cities are flooded with fire of light. Traffic jams on the roads. The windows in the houses are open. You can't get into a restaurant without an appointment. No one protests against anything. Things are good. The minimum wage is higher than in Russia. And it is true!
    In the Russian Federation there are more tanks, planes, more soldiers, more oil and gas, and more. So what? Are the Russians happy? Not! They go to the store as if they were going to war. In banks queues for a loan before payday
    How so? But the wisest multi-walker. Which, however, everyone has in mind.
    For the last spit. Moldova did not let into the territory of any deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation who followed as observers for the presidential elections in the PMR. Moldova spat on the deputies of the State Duma elected by the people of Russia.
    Not afraid! There is no one to be afraid of!
    Everyone knows the weakness of the Russian government. And everyone knows the price of statements in the role of an aging macho in front of Western correspondents.
    1. Scharnhorst Offline Scharnhorst
      Scharnhorst (Scharnhorst) 11 December 2021 21: 17
      A suitcase, a railway station and to Lemberg !!! ... There you will be stuffed in the face faster than in the Russian Federation for supporting the president - an unconventional virtuoso of playing the piano. Noteworthy shit1
    2. 123 Offline 123
      123 (123) 12 December 2021 19: 00
      Not a supporter of the regime in Kiev, but as long as possible! They will freeze, they will fall apart, they will starve to death in the dark ..
      Nothing like this. The centers of large and not so Ukrainian cities are flooded with fire of light. Traffic jams on the roads. The windows in the houses are open. You can't get into a restaurant without an appointment. No one protests against anything. Things are good. The minimum wage is higher than in Russia. And it is true!

      Of course of course yes Don't be nervous.

      In Ukraine, rolling blackouts began, said Yegor Ustinov, deputy chairman of the regional council of the Kherson region. The MP listed several districts where power outages forced hospitals and other infrastructure to run on diesel generators. TASS reports.
      “Within a month, rolling blackouts occur in Novotroitsky, Genichesky, Nizhneserogozsky and other districts ...
      In early November, it became known that 51 out of 88 operating power units at the country's thermal power plants (TPP) were shut down in Ukraine. The reason is the lack of fuel, primarily coal.
  2. Teacher Offline Teacher
    Teacher (Wise) 11 December 2021 22: 47
    There you will be stuffed in the face faster than in the Russian Federation

    Everything. Are the arguments over? Nobody is afraid of Russians (Putin) anymore! The most unfortunate Moldova, it seems, spits. There is now a scandal about the money paid to Gazprom for gas in November. Like they could not pay, all the same Russian fuckers would pump gas. And there will be! Faberge Russian oligarchs are tightly locked in banks in the West.
  3. skeptic Offline skeptic
    skeptic 11 December 2021 23: 56
    I wonder if a new "Holodomor" will happen, Russia again, or will someone else be to blame? And in "Kholodomor", for sure, Putin personally.
    1. beeper Offline beeper
      beeper 12 December 2021 01: 26
      hi Plusanul, aka Skeptic, for the correct formulation of the question! good
      As the ancient sages taught (I reproduce, from memory, therefore not literally, but the essence) -"A correctly formulated question is already half the correct answer!" yes
      Your question, only replacing "?" to "!" - this is the desired answer!
      Alas, the Fashington-Bandera Goebbelsuchs will "tell" the entire "world community"! request
      After all, it has long been known that even in the fact that "it is raining or hail is Putin's fault," and even if "the cat abandoned the kittens, it is Putin's fault," but why not touch, Putin has already "touched everything"! yes
      To Putin, all the thoughts of the Banderlogists, "according to Putin" they check their lives and test their "courage", he is even more sacred and "terribly attractive" for them than the Kipling boa constrictor Kaa for fabulous bandarlogists!
      Remember how the puppet "maydanoprezik" Zelts, his guides did not dare to send "tete-a-tete" with Putin (the Nazi "patriots" even officially explained in ukroSMI- "so that Putin does not hypnotize Ze") without a spy ?!
      So Do not even doubt that they (and their Washington masters) will certainly blame the Russian president and Russia for the Cold Sea and Holodomor organized by the "quarterly w / Banderovites"! yes Because "Putin and Russia" occupy most of the rudiment of the brain of the Banderlog-thoughts "about Putin" haunt them relentlessly, they are so all-encompassing to dream about no one else (even their simple "odes" compose "about him", so that later, in a Hare Krishna meditative way, chanting them for hours, gathering to jump in a herd, for example, at the building of the Russian embassy)!
  4. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 12 December 2021 00: 00
    It was already known about the runaway sale of the record harvest-2021!
    Ordinary residents of this “territory” did not expect anything good either from the pre-maidan ukrovlasts, or, moreover, from the “Maidan (already openly anti-national-anti-state Fashington puppets!)”!
    But how can these klepto-bourgeois "authorities" be influenced for the better ?!
    Everything is as it has become in the "independent former Ukrainian SSR" since the time of "perestroika" and the collapse of the Soviet Union - the life of ordinary working people is getting worse and worse, and those sitting on our neck (but what is there, the neck-on the head has already crawled out and trampled on with might and main!) parasites, everything is prettier and prettier!
    Maybe the outright idiots (identical to the "pomaranchemaydan" Baba Paraska) and simply stupid people who rode on the "Euromaidan" had some kind of "nadiyi y mriyi" other Family) get "and" Evropa pass-order navede "(that is, how, quite sincerely, even with a note of bewilderment, how am I" I don’t know such simple things that have been obvious to everyone else ?! " to my question, "why are you for the Maidan?!" and they will put all the thieves in jail "...,) ?! what
    But, basically, it was the Western Ukrainian "migrant workers" who made Maidan for the sake of "visa-free" simplified employment in Europe (promised to them by the "uncontested European integrators" Yanyk-Azirov and their colleagues in the ransacking of the "former Ukrainian SSR" - the crafty Maidan bailiffs - "w / Bandera").
    And the Kiev-Lviv "educated people" - for the hypothetical possibility of visa-free travel to Europe, promised to them, as later the "w / Bandera people""to go to the Vienna Opera for the weekend and have a cup of coffee there in a coffee shop (after hearing the opera, they drunk a filigree of savory and spicy cava at the Vidensky kavyarni)!" fool request
    But these their "nadiyas" and "mriyas" after the bloody "peremogy of revolutions and hate (from ukroslov" gidot "and NOT" gidnist ")", alas, "ne spravedylysya (did not come true)"!
    Stupid raguli-skakuas, the same, their "Maidan Fuhrer, the same, in 2014 again cruelly" pidmanuli ", as it was in 2004 (much more successful for the Ukrainian economy, when even in the statements of foreign economists slipped, akin to" Asian tigers " , the expression "Ukrainian miracle" - in the summer of 2004, when the plant began to pay salaries on time, already without many months of delays, and even, as in the old Soviet times, twice a month - advance payment and paycheck, the hryvnia exchange rate stabilized and prices for everything became more - less accessible for workers and pensioners, and on the railroad, "at Kirpa", all the stations were "renovated" and in, noticeably renewed, unusually clean and warm, already without drafts from all cracks and broken windows, Ukrainian trains, instead of worn mattresses , wet-crumpled dirty sheets, with someone's hair adhered and "suspicious stains", they began to give out clean, brand-new, "with a needle", bedding sets, all over the country began to qualitatively repair a number of roads and currency, to choose from, appeared in ordinary ATMs of Privat, as it was free in the "exchange offices" - the "currency dealers" were depressed, I was already beginning to think "are they really gangster-thieves-hungry," saints "for any kind of kleptone purge, The 1990s have really sunk into oblivion and life in Ukraine is beginning to improve and we are gradually crawling away from the brink of the abyss ?! noise ", insidious kleptom.razota, in the internecine" struggle for the helm " fool )!
    My brother is from Kiev (himself Donetsk, but married to a zapadenka, they met in Kiev, during their studies, even during the Soviet Union, a police pensioner, after their active day-and-night on the "Orange Maidan-2004" became helluva lot "Svidomo" and "completely forgot "that he is Russian) in 2009" over a glass of tea "he mentally complained to me that they, this" crowd "of maidaners," Yushch deceived, we will not go to any Maidans anymore, we do not believe anyone! "
    And what, in 2013-14, they again, with their zhinochka and the same maydauns, jumped on the "Euromaidan"! fool request
    And in March 2014 he suddenly called me, on the way he tried to find out the mood in our province, my attitude to the events in the Crimea and the Russian Spring in our Southeast (then not yet completely strangled by the junta), complained to me about "Russia and Putin" , and that because of their "Maidan brothers", after the "victory of the Maidan" settled to live in tents in the center of Kiev (and did not stop their usual Maidan robberies and robberies against passers-by), they are afraid to go to their work, which is exactly next to " Maidan Nazalezhnisti "...
    I tell him, "Bro, you jumped for this, for all these bandits! Together with them, when they brutally killed and burned alive your fellow policemen!"
    What, you were deceived again, like the last time, although you have already sworn to Maidan ?!
    So you, with the same fools as yourself, not only jumped on your own head with this dirty trick, but also planted the Bandera swine for all of us! " winked
    But for those "Svidomo" maydauns and "ATO heroes" whom I know and whom I often meet in everyday life, I do not see "special happiness" so that "the summer does not end" ... after all, "fighting with Russia", they are all "in business" and "in chocolate") from our current "Euromaidan life" and "pride" for it, even, on the contrary, outright disappointment- they say, “we didn’t stand for it” (the same “story” with them as after the disappointments of the “pomaranchemaydan”, even if there’s a stake on my head)!
    It turns out that they were "guides reassured by the Maidan" (like my Kiev brother with
    his wife), again "deceived" ?! fool
    It's only the beginning?! Bread full of grief with these Maydauns-Bandera and "w / Bandera"!
  5. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 12 December 2021 18: 02
    Again, Russia continues the Holodomor in Ukraine, albeit not on its own. But it turns out, as if they raped the country with absolutely nothing, now the country of bastards who robbed, taken away and do not pay attention to illegitimate children. All claims are only against Russia. She knew perfectly well that Ukraine would be plundered and the people would be in poverty, but they did not lift a finger to save it. Her life is in a tin, well, her in a swamp. And they really want warmth.
  6. The comment was deleted.