Party of German soldiers in the Baltics is out of control: an investigation is underway

The adventures of the American and Western European military in Eastern Europe are increasingly turning into outrageous international scandals. For example, recently armed U.S. military personnel literally gripped a civilian facility in Bulgaria, and British soldiers were taken off the train in Estonia for disgusting behavior. Now the siloviki from Germany have "distinguished themselves".

The Bundeswehr launched an investigation into the party of the FRG soldiers, which got out of control, writes the German magazine Der Spiegel. The journalists found out that the entertainment event took place back in April in one of the hotels near the town of Rukla in Lithuania. There, the military periodically spend weekends to take a break from the exercises conducted jointly with Lithuanian colleagues and partners from other countries. In the process of "relaxation", the military began to sing anti-Semitic songs, abuse alcohol and commit sexual harassment.

At least three German military persons involved in the investigation have already been sent to Germany. It is suspected that they inflicted serious psychological trauma on a colleague, threatening him with beatings and sexual violence. According to the testimony, soldiers of one division started a loud drunken argument and started a brawl.

That evening one of the soldiers tried to shove his penis into the mouth of his comrade, who fell asleep, being completely drunk. Other soldiers filmed it with cell phones

- gives the details of the publication.

The journalists drew attention to the lack of proper control over the soldiers by officers and higher authorities. Der Spiegel noted that the incident raises questions in general, since the military is strictly prohibited from drinking alcohol, except for special holidays - Christmas and New Year.

The Bundeswehr has been carrying out its regular presence in Lithuania since 2017 as part of the Expanded Forward Presence mission. This mission is part of NATO's program to "contain" Russia.

After the story about "civilized" German soldiers, the newspaper recalled that the West accuses Moscow of "close observation" and "purposeful disinformation." Allegedly, it is "the Russians spread rumors" and in every possible way are trying to discredit the "valiant defenders of Europe."

German intelligence agencies, as well as NATO, suggest that Russian trolls are behind the disinformation campaigns who want to undermine support for the Alliance's mission in Lithuania. So far, the Bundeswehr has managed to prevent the widespread spread of malicious rumors through good cooperation with local authorities. But if the accusations of the overstepping party of the Bundeswehr soldiers are confirmed, it will be more than embarrassing.

- summarizes the publication.
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  1. Vladimir_ Voronov (Vladimir) 15 June 2021 13: 26
    What do you want from the occupation forces? There is NOTHING to oppose the Balts, because there is SOMEONE. Most of the working-age population "cleans the closets for burghers".

    The people who do not want to restrain their army are keeping someone else's.
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 15 June 2021 13: 51
    These Balts are not worthy of respect. It is a pity that they did not fuck the whole Lithuania.
  3. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk 15 June 2021 16: 11
    the military began to sing anti-Cemitic songs, abuse alcohol and commit sexual harassment

    This was the end of the initial military training.

    PS. Make a normal filter mat. The quote cannot be inserted.
    1. Bitter Offline Bitter
      Bitter (Gleb) 16 June 2021 09: 30
      ... normal filter mat.

      And what was the deficit of speech turns in the "great and rich"?

      Seek, and you will find, crush, and be opened

      And fewer "cashbacks". wink
  4. GRF Online GRF
    GRF 15 June 2021 17: 34
    German journalists are homophobes?, Prevent "valiant" NATO members from having fun as they want ?, although yes, they usually abuse strangers, not their own, and even under video evidence ...
    The USE generation, however ...
  5. Bitter Offline Bitter
    Bitter (Gleb) 16 June 2021 09: 43
    We survived, the "unfortunate" soldier, after suffering hardships and deprivation of service, already cannot calmly drink a glass of vodka. The ubiquitous "guardians" of morality, in their free (from drunkenness) time, cast a shadow on someone else's fence. laughing
    All urgently condemn at the "party committee", bail and send home within XNUMX hours. bully
  6. Heroes Heroes Offline Heroes Heroes
    Heroes Heroes (Sergei) 16 June 2021 10: 42
    High, high relationship !!!
  7. Shaman Offline Shaman
    Shaman (Shaman) 16 June 2021 10: 50
    Well, it's okay for gay Europeans.
  8. Akuzenka Offline Akuzenka
    Akuzenka (Alexander) 16 June 2021 11: 26
    What are they doing? !!!! Soon all humorists, satirists and anti-Westerners will be left without a livelihood! And you don't need to invent anything. I opened the news and they already said everything about themselves! Culture of them and rushing. Brown in every sense.
    1. Bitter Offline Bitter
      Bitter (Gleb) 17 June 2021 09: 52
      There are enough people with a distorted understanding of patriotism in any army in the world. To counter this, it is necessary to work with people, and not just to translate the loot punctually, thinking that everything else will take place by itself. I am often surprised by the "tolerance" of the countries of the old world to the nationalist escapades of "newcomers", they play with fire. I wonder who organized this day and for what purpose? After all, the freebie is sacred, so some of them fell for the "candy", I guess. Note to competent authorities,
      1. Akuzenka Offline Akuzenka
        Akuzenka (Alexander) 18 June 2021 09: 11
        I am often surprised by the "tolerance" of the countries of the old world to the nationalist escapades of "newcomers", they play with fire.

        So there is no such tolerance and it never existed. All this is window dressing, which at any moment will turn into the most ordinary Nazism, on a state scale. An example of this is the United States. They do not hide the fact that they consider themselves "exceptional", and everyone else must serve them. Their presidents have stated this more than once from a high rostrum. For me, they are looking for those who will carry out their power policy in the bloodiest way. After all, it is known that the most sadists turn out to be their cowards and mean.
  9. boriz Online boriz
    boriz (boriz) 16 June 2021 11: 41
    The apotheosis of liberal democracy.
    I am waiting for a comment from a local Baltic farmer. Let it enlighten us. After all, we, as usual, do not understand something laughing .
  10. The comment was deleted.