Carriers have found an alternative to the Suez Canal in Russia

Clients of the Russian transport group FESCO, who usually sent goods from Asia to Europe through the Suez Canal, asked to organize an alternative transit route through the territory of Russia. This was announced to the media by German Maslov, vice president for the linear logistics division of the company.

It should be noted that the headquarters of the company is located in Moscow, but the head structure of FESCO is PJSC Far Eastern Shipping Company.

We see appeals from customers who previously carried only this way, through the Suez Canal, and now look at the alternative transportation of goods from Asia to Europe through the territory of Russia

- said the top manager.

The Vice President clarified that transportation can be organized both through the land border crossings of the Russian Federation, and according to a multimodal scheme. Cargoes from the Asia-Pacific countries will be delivered by sea to the port of Vladivostok, and then by rail will be sent to buyers in Europe.

Fesco alone dispatches 30-35 container trains weekly. The infrastructure of Russian Railways, despite the hard work, copes with the growing traffic

Maslov drew attention.

The top manager explained that Fesco is currently increasing capacity on its shipping lines and rail routes. This applies to both vessels and the number of fitting platforms.

We have a historic record for container volume - over 80 thousand TEU. Never in the history of the company has there been such a volume of container fleet. This reflects the growing demands of customers for transportation within the territory of Russia.

He summed up.

This information suggests that businessmen (manufacturers and carriers) very quickly got their bearings after the incident in Egypt and found in Russia a worthy alternative to the Suez Canal. We remind you that on March 23, 2021, one of the world's largest 400-meter container ships Ever Given, owned by Shoei Kisen (Japan) and managed by Evergreen Marine Corporation (Taiwan), blocked off Suez Canal, running aground. On March 27, the scene of the incident should come American military specialists, since the Royal Boskalis Westminster NV (Netherlands) company, which was trying to remove the indicated vessel from the aground, found itself in a difficult situation.

As a result, several hundred different vessels with various cargoes have already accumulated on both sides of the canal. Suez accounts for 10-12% of international sea freight turnover, and a weekly idle waterway will cost the planet $ 6-10 billion.
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  1. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) 27 March 2021 20: 42
    Well, this is from despair for now. It takes a very long time to transport by trains, how much such a ship takes away at a time with fully loaded containers.
  2. Alsur Offline Alsur
    Alsur (Alexey) 27 March 2021 21: 34
    Quote: Athenogen
    Well, this is from despair for now. It takes a very long time to transport by trains, how much such a ship takes away at a time with fully loaded containers.

    The ships do not move fast either, mind you.
  3. Piramidon Offline Piramidon
    Piramidon (Stepan) 27 March 2021 22: 30
    Long ago they would have caught up with a crowd of some Bedouins and they would have unloaded this steamer and pulled it out of the shallows. laughing
  4. kapitan92 Offline kapitan92
    kapitan92 (Vyacheslav) 27 March 2021 23: 44
    Brent Oil 64.24 64.30 +2.45 +3.96 00:00:00
    Нефть WTI 60.72 60.77 +2.16 +3.69 23:59:59

    Yes, let it be "cancer" for the benefit of the RF budget! good
  5. kig Offline kig
    kig 28 March 2021 03: 31
    Somehow I don't see a cluster of container ships on the roadstead of Vladivostok ... there is some big bulk carrier standing on the outer roadstead, waiting for a bunker operator ... and the berths, as they were half-empty, have remained the same. Does anyone really think that yesterday a container ship spread wide in the canal, and today there is a queue in Vladivostok? Oh well...
    1. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 28 March 2021 17: 46
      Well, half-empty is not for a long time. Let's see what the amers can do. Will they be able to pull this barn from the shallows. Although I have strong doubts about their abilities. 45 years ago, they did not have enough urine to clear the canal. Our ships were trawling.
  6. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 28 March 2021 17: 36
    Gee .. pre-balts then how screwed up .. Past the company they wear chacha past the nose of cherry plum. But they could have had a rather big share.