General Shamanov: The call will be canceled in 10-15 years

Retired Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov, Chairman of the Russian State Duma’s Defense Committee, said when Russia would indeed be able to cancel the call for military service.

General Shamanov, as reported TASScommented loud statement President Vladimir Putin that conscription is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Interestingly, former retired airborne commander Colonel General Shamanov did not question the president’s words. He said that Russia will be able to fully switch to the contract army in 10-15 years.

Such impressive deadlines for refusing conscription, according to Shamanov, are explained by the need to develop a concept for the transition to the contract principle of manning the armed forces and finding ways to finance a contract army.

Shamanov emphasized that the contract army is not only the high salaries of the contract servicemen, but also the need for a wider social package. Expensive training of professional military men and the same military mortgage will be necessary, since people of all ages serve under the contract, many of them with families and children.

The deputy called the process of transition to a contract army multifaceted, requiring detailed study. However, no one doubts this. As for the president’s words, they indicate the beginning of serious changes in the very foundations of the approach to manning the armed forces. For many centuries, Russia did not have a fully contracted army, and much will have to start really from scratch.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker April 12 2019 20: 19
    Interesting, but where will they get the money? Government GDP growth plans 1-1,5% until 2035
    1. gorbunov.vladisl (Vlad Dudnik) April 13 2019 09: 30
      ... and where will they get the money?

      Draw. crying
      Why, the States are doing it and they have everything okay.
      We must take from the West all the best. lol
      1. trampoline instructor (Bazil Bazil) April 14 2019 08: 31
        Yes, yes, but the so-called States (apart from "drawing" money) somehow managed to create the world's first economy and the world's first army.
        And here you are rubbing everything about the "green candy wrappers".
        1. gorbunov.vladisl (Vlad Dudnik) April 14 2019 08: 41
          ..also somehow managed ...

          If this is a "dark forest" for you? crying Then start at least with this
          Then maybe instead of "somehow" you will know exactly how.
          The "first" economy of the world was created by the whole world (well, almost everyone).
          I want it too. Distribute beautiful candy wrappers to everyone, and all to work for me. lol
          1. trampoline instructor (Bazil Bazil) April 14 2019 08: 53
            1. "Dark Forest" - this is in your place, where normal heads have smart heads.
            2. The Bretton Woods Conference? So I taught about her in 1983. And not at Wikipedia, but at the university.
            3. And the main thing. You and your compatriots did not have enough intelligence to make sure that someone created the first economy for them, and they would distribute "pretty candy wrappers" to everyone.
            4. And I would not give a damn - how and who built the economy for me and in what ways.
  2. trampoline instructor (Bazil Bazil) April 14 2019 08: 28
    I have no doubt that the call will be canceled and contracted.
    In the "national economy" everything is darker and darker, but millions of young men need to somehow live on their own and feed their families. They have a choice: on the one hand - the army, the National Guard, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergencies, the Federal Penitentiary Service; on the other - a driver, a taxi driver, a security guard. Or you can first try something from the first group, and then go to the second.