Why the experience of American air marshals is interesting for Russia


The discussion that took place within темы about possible ways to counter terrorist attacks in public places, prompted the author of these lines to return to it again, turning to foreign experience in order to comprehend it and transfer it to Russian realities. Do “Western partners” have anything useful for us?

As we established earlier, you cannot assign a Russian Guard soldier to every public place on a permanent basis. To do this, you will actually have to create and maintain a separate million-strong army of security guards. Heavily armed security forces will become a priority target for terrorists, and no one will allow an ordinary citizen to carry a short-barreled weapon into a shopping center, even if he has permission. He will be stopped at the metal detectors by the “inspectors” themselves.

It turns out to be a dead end, and let everything be as it is, maybe it will blow away?

Air marshals

In fact, something useful can be gleaned from two countries unfriendly to Russia, the USA and Israel. The American approach would be quite applicable to ensuring the security of large shopping and entertainment centers due to its simplicity, practicality and relative low budget, so to speak.

In particular, the experience of creating the US Federal Air Marshal Service, which operates as part of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), is of interest. Their main task is to counter terrorist attempts to hijack aircraft.

This program dates back to 1961, when law enforcement officers began working on some air flights. Since 1962, the training of marshals has been organized at the system level. In 1969, the US Marshals Service established the Sky Marshal Division. The reason was the increasing incidence of aircraft hijackings in the Middle East. The main feature of this intelligence service is that its agents act incognito.

They mix with the passengers, and the attackers never know for sure who exactly can oppose them. US Air Marshals undergo extensive training, including marksmanship, hand-to-hand combat, medical, etc. They carry concealed SIG Sauer P229 .357 SIG semi-automatic pistols with a short barrel, telescopic batons and handcuffs. There can be 2-3 people on one board.

The presence in the shopping center of a dozen plainclothes agents armed with firearms and well trained in joint actions could serve as a good deterrent for attackers intending to carry out a terrorist attack there. Unlike civilians with a “short-barreled gun,” they would have the right to carry it and be prepared in advance for its use in a public place.

Promised land

The Israeli approach to combating the terrorist threat is much more comprehensive. There, in addition to the special services, society itself is actively involved.

Any call reporting a terrorist threat is transferred to a single center. For knowingly making a false call for the first time, a large fine of $200 is imposed. The caller must provide all his passport details and wait for the rapid response team. An attempt to call from the “left” number is regarded as an offense and is punishable.

Citizens receive medical insurance in case of terrorist attacks. It is customary to take first aid courses once a year. If there are casualties as a result of a terrorist attack, a call to donate blood at specific points is announced on the national media. Communication with the wounded is possible only with the permission of the special services and treating doctors.

There are many people in Israel who openly carry weapons and have the right to use them. In 2018, Homeland Security Minister Gilad Erdan was able to simplify the procedure for issuing permits to purchase it for retired military, police and emergency services workers:

Trained citizens who own guns... promote a sense of security. These citizens are an important line of defense against the actions of lone terrorists and serve as a temporary reinforcement of the armed forces, thereby strengthening the security of the state.

The number of citizens legally owning weapons should, according to the ministry’s estimates, increase from 145 thousand to 500 thousand. Also in Israel there are licensed security guards who have the right to carry weapons. They are the ones who are involved in the protection of mass events. If there is a threat of a terrorist attack, both have the right to use weapons.

Is it possible to use the experience of the Jewish state in domestic realities? It seems that it will not be possible to transfer it from the Promised Land to the Russian one using tracing paper. But it’s really possible to borrow the idea of ​​American air marshals.
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  1. +2
    29 March 2024 09: 55
    Of course, you can learn from experience from other countries. When did we become just like them? After all, in the USA, schools were guarded, when our main guardian of peace was the cleaning lady, Aunt Dusya. Everything depends on the internal structure of the country. And the consciousness of people, and foreign policy.
    1. 0
      29 March 2024 17: 56
      So, there are no terrorist attacks in schools in the States?
  2. +3
    29 March 2024 11: 04
    Trained citizens who own weapons...

    essentially a type of police, like armed citizens....

    But we refused this, without hesitation, without asking anyone, to rename the Militia into the “police” that had stained itself during the Second World War (doesn’t suggest anything, in the light of denazification?)
    By the way, there was supposedly a police station there in the center, and the officers, but... didn’t show up at all.

    So experience is experience, but the number of security forces will probably increase.
  3. +1
    29 March 2024 11: 33
    After the hijackings began in the USSR, 1-2 KGB officers in civilian clothes began to be secretly boarded on more or less large passenger planes under the guise of passengers.
  4. +2
    29 March 2024 12: 21
    Everything depends on the political state system, the structure of power. There are many hijackings or terrorist attacks in the DPRK. In China, no one will remember something like this, which is so rare here. Japan is also quiet. Experience is a good thing, but the American one will not take root with us. First, remove the comprador corrupt government, create a national patriotic government. Without a solution to the events of the 1990s, there will be no calm, peaceful life. Learn history, it repeats itself, only in the worst version.
    1. 0
      29 March 2024 17: 28
      The ideology of “man is brother to man” was abolished,
      We got a natural result - “man is a wolf to man.”
  5. +1
    29 March 2024 14: 35
    Air marshals cannot be used anywhere like in aviation. That's why they are airy. The trick is that this is the only possible option for protecting the airliner in flight. In Russian conditions, a specially licensed private security company is required. Distributing short guns to the population like in Israel is complete madness for Russia. The simultaneous protection of concert halls by private security companies and marshals could easily turn into mutual fire, here I think everything is clear
    1. 0
      29 March 2024 15: 16
      Air marshals cannot be used anywhere like in aviation. That's why they are airborne.

      It seems to me that we are talking about a system of protecting public places by plainclothes agents.

      The simultaneous protection of concert halls by private security companies and marshals could easily turn into mutual fire, here I think everything is clear

      Therefore, these people in civilian clothes should be employees of the private security company

      Distributing short guns to the population like in Israel is complete madness for Russia.

      It's true. Because those they are supposed to protect from will be the first to receive them. soldier
  6. +1
    30 March 2024 04: 26
    I don’t remember that during the Soviet Union there were security guards in schools, kindergartens, and hospitals. What has changed here, if we need security all around, like there are more and more special services, but there is no point. This means that not everything is as wonderful in our kingdom as paid informants say, for whom, by the way, security is also provided, but why? The desire to have all the money in the world does not give a feeling of carelessness, but, on the contrary, increases suspicion and mistrust, hence the desire to have your own guardia. And for those who have a desire to have security, but do not have the money for it, all that remains is to sympathize and provide moral support. If something happens to you, we will probably take revenge.