Rosgvardia, private security companies or “short-barreled guns”: how can the population protect themselves from terrorists?


The terrible terrorist attack committed on March 22, 2024 in the Crocus City Hall shopping center simultaneously raised many unpleasant questions for its owners and whether it was even possible to prevent this crime without allowing such huge casualties.

If we analyze the proposals put forward by both ordinary Russians and not so simple ones regarding the prevention of possible terrorist attacks in public places, they can be divided into three groups. The first is to assign the responsibility for ensuring security to the Russian Guard, the second is to arm private security forces with firearms, and the third is to arm the population so that they themselves can, if necessary, shoot back at terrorists or other criminals with a “short-barreled gun.”

This is what everyone would like to talk about in a little more detail.


In theory, it is the duties of the fighters of the Russian Guard to participate in maintaining public order and ensuring public safety; protection of important government facilities, special cargo, communications structures in accordance with lists approved by the government of the Russian Federation; participation in the fight against terrorism and extremism; participation in ensuring states of emergency, martial law, and the legal regime of counter-terrorism operations; participation in the territorial defense of the Russian Federation, as well as performing other tasks. But there are nuances.

The question of the need to involve National Guard members in the protection, in particular, of preschool and school institutions was raised back in May 2022, when another tragedy occurred in the Ulyanovsk region. A local resident suffering from mental illness came into the Ryabinka kindergarten during a quiet hour, wounded one of his employees, and then killed a nanny and two children, after which he committed suicide. As it turned out during the investigation, there was no security post in the kindergarten, there was only a panic button.

Commissioner for Human Rights Tatyana Moskalkova and a number of others politicians then have spoken out for having Russian Guard soldiers on duty in kindergartens and schools:

This is not the first such tragedy; it is necessary to strengthen security measures in kindergartens, schools and colleges throughout the country. This extremely responsible task should fall on the private security officers of the Russian Guard, who must be on duty in preschool and school institutions around the clock.

Izvestia's interlocutors made calculations that have established, that in order to provide the National Guard with security only for preschool educational institutions, its staff will need to be increased by 200-300 thousand people. To secure all kindergartens, schools and colleges at the same time, 500 thousand soldiers are needed. If we add to them institutions of higher education through the Ministry of Education and Science, then another 300 thousand should be added to this figure.

That is, just to protect educational institutions, a whole army of 800 thousand bayonets is needed to add to the existing ones. And how many contract soldiers will have to be recruited into it to reliably cover all the shopping and entertainment centers, TV centers and shopping centers in the country?

Let’s add to this that at present the Russian Guard is actively involved in the Northern Military District zone, where it is provided with dangerous work for many years to come. Also, do not forget that the services of Zolotov’s department cost their customers on average more than private security companies. Businesses will be forced to pass on increased costs to end consumers.

“Controllers” versus machine gunners

The second sentence, which voiced the eternal fighter against corruption, State Duma deputy Alexander Khinshtein, is to arm security guards in shopping centers like Crocus with firearms. According to him, the soldiers of the private security agency had him:

Indeed, according to the law, private security organizations (PSOs) today should not set up armed posts at public facilities. The law only obliges private security organizations guarding such facilities to have service weapons in their arsenal.

Private security company Crocus Profi LLC, which guarded Crocus, has it. It’s just that they didn’t take him out of the “weapon shop”, and the guards at the entrance served without weapons and even without special equipment. I think it would be right to change the law and assign to the private security organization the direct responsibility of providing armed security for facilities with increased anti-terrorist security (Crocus and other large shopping centers fall into this category).

Let us note that the owner of the Crocus City Hall, which was burned down during the terrorist attack, Araz Agalarov, called the security guards of the shopping center “controllers” who were unable to resist the machine gunners conducting a combined arms operation. And you can’t argue with him here.

Indeed, the premises of shopping complexes are poorly suited for defense and conducting shooting battles. There, most likely, all the cards are in the hands of the terrorists if they are well prepared and have the audacity to attack. The presence of firearms among the security guards at the shopping center can act as a deterrent, but it is hardly decisive if the effect of surprise is used against them.

Cards, money, two guns?

The last proposal regarding the possibility of legalizing “short-barreled guns” and other similar weapons for the civilian population hardly deserves serious discussion.

As in modern Texas, here in Russian realities it definitely won’t work. Rather, it will be like in the wild, wild West. Perhaps someday we will come to something similar to Israel if the terrorist threat continues to increase. But this is not soon and not certain.
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  2. +4
    27 March 2024 17: 52
    the proposal regarding the possibility of legalizing “short-barreled guns” and other similar weapons for the civilian population hardly deserves serious discussion.

    Actually - why? Why, for example, can’t I, with 20 years of gun ownership experience and five guns in my safe, including two sniper rifles, be trusted with a pistol? And there will be many like me.

    As a gun owner, I am infinitely far from delusional thoughts such as distributing weapons to the entire population. At least for now. But why can’t a short barrel be used for those who seem to have already proven their reliability? People with extensive ownership experience, employees and military personnel, both retired and in service? At least one reasonable reason? Why, for example, does a police officer have to hand over his pistol when leaving duty? So you can do it at work, but not after it?

    And in the future, we need to instill a weapons culture in people, naturally - to those who want it. Open a wide network of shooting ranges, shooting ranges, and clubs. Finally organize something like DOSAAF or NSA, improve legislation, etc..

    Because no security guards or police officers can, in principle, protect ALL objects in the country under current conditions. Only the citizens themselves. No options. It is generally unnatural and wild to deprive people of the right and opportunity to defend themselves and their loved ones.
    1. +2
      27 March 2024 19: 47
      Jews live with weapons - and nothing. There is no more crime than here. They are no smarter than Russians.
      1. 0
        28 March 2024 09: 24
        But there are no Russians in the Russian Federation, there are Jews in Israel, there are also in the Russian Federation, but there are no Russians, only Russians.
        1. 0
          28 March 2024 10: 27
          Yeah, no luck recourse
          1. -1
            28 March 2024 14: 39
            But I see the Jews are enjoying themselves.
    2. 0
      28 March 2024 00: 33
      In my opinion, the problem here is not even the reliability of those people who can be trusted with weapons. The problem is the rationality of such a step. Even world shooting champions who have not undergone combat coordination are unlikely to be able, in a situation similar to Crocus, to quickly choose the correct tactics of interaction and provide worthy resistance to an armed group of people acting in concert according to a pre-planned plan. At the same time, the very fact of permission to have weapons indoors will give terrorists the opportunity to act not “from the entrance,” but to start shooting from more advantageous positions, legally bringing weapons into the facility. Well, naturally, no one will conduct combat coordination of visitors who have proven their reliability before each mass event...
      1. 0
        28 March 2024 07: 07
        There are dozens of cases in Israel where terrorists were neutralized not by special forces, but by ordinary citizens.
        1. -2
          28 March 2024 08: 00
          Why then does Israel need special forces at all if their work is performed by ordinary citizens? It still seems to me that everyone should mind their own business, and in such an area as security, I definitely would not rely on non-professionals (for all their diversity of talents and the abundance of examples when luck was on their side).
          1. 0
            28 March 2024 08: 22
            Do you know what is very strange about Russia? Criminals are always armed - they find an opportunity, but law-abiding citizens do not. In a certain sense, they are all hostages of the state - whether it is capable of ensuring personal safety. And often it is incapable. Maybe it’s worth giving citizens the opportunity to help the state with at least this? It is impossible to imagine armed security for every citizen. Of course, in an ideal world, a citizen is protected by the state at any time and in any situation from illegal actions. But there is no such thing anywhere. Only among science fiction writers. Maybe it’s worth being closer to reality? Like in Switzerland, Austria, Israel? Short-barrel even in public places with permission and concealed carry...Where does Russia have such distrust of its citizens? By God, not stupider, not angrier than the rest...
            1. 0
              28 March 2024 08: 28
              So no one says that in Russia the state has reached perfection and ideally fulfills its functions. In fact, there is still something to work on here. And taking on the functions of the state and performing them unprofessionally - well, this will most likely lead to a repetition of the “wild West”. But someone constantly says that “Russia has its own way”... wink
              1. -1
                28 March 2024 08: 32
                This is how we go “our own way”. Unlike the States and Canada, Switzerland and Israel. We invent...
                1. 0
                  28 March 2024 08: 41
                  Sometimes it seems to me that we have left it: after all, in the USSR, even the police did not always have weapons, but there were practically no mass executions similar to Crocus. One can probably argue that people have changed now, the conditions are not the same, but... then the problem is in people, not in weapons.
                  1. -1
                    28 March 2024 08: 48
                    Ideology rules. No matter how we treat her. But there will be no return, and people need to live now. And not survive by crawling under the seats.. If you’re going to die anyway, then it’s better to have the opportunity to take the killer with you..
                    1. +1
                      28 March 2024 09: 09
                      The fact is that if there is no return, then all other efforts are in vain: capitalism is a tumor that devours everyone and everything, including itself.
                      1. -1
                        28 March 2024 10: 31
                        But this does not mean “the barn burned down and the hut burned down.” If you can give people a chance to protect themselves from terrorists and criminals, then it should be given.
                      2. 0
                        30 March 2024 23: 47
                        Yes. Capitalism is a tumor.
                        What about socialism? Dead body ?
                      3. 0
                        31 March 2024 04: 10
                        Socialism is a ghost! laughing
                  2. -1
                    28 March 2024 09: 06
                    Let me remind you that in the USSR our cities were not overcrowded with people from wild villages..
                    1. +2
                      28 March 2024 09: 10
                      Let me remind you: in the USSR, people from wild villages were our own citizens, some of whom held high positions in the government and other authorities...
                      1. 0
                        28 March 2024 09: 14
                        Yes. Those who received the appropriate education showed themselves and were really needed in this place. But not everyone is willing... It was impossible to just take it and run from the village to St. Petersburg. However - just like from St. Petersburg to the village. I remember those times well - our streets were almost entirely filled with Slavic faces. In my class there was only one non-Slav - and he was a Tatar...
                      2. 0
                        28 March 2024 09: 20
                        Well, how can I tell you: Leonid Kravchuk, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Ukrainian SSR, was a liaison officer for the Bandera detachment in his youth. A native of the village of Velikiy Zhitin. In fact, he can also be considered a native of a wild Polish village. laughing
            2. 0
              April 4 2024 20: 51
              Why does Russia have such distrust of its citizens?

              .....Smiled, especially about the citizens.
      2. +1
        28 March 2024 08: 34
        And in “Crocus” the guy would not have to throw his fists at an armed terrorist, but would simply knock him down from 5 meters.
        1. 0
          28 March 2024 09: 07
          but I would just knock him down from 5 meters

          This is just one of the possible options laughing In fact, this option seems simple and logical if you look at the camera footage. But in reality... I tried to find answers to some simple questions, such as “Why were the attackers in camouflage?”, “Why weren’t they wearing masks?”, “Why did they use this particular automatic weapon?” and came to the conclusion that the terrorist operation was not developed by an amateur, but by a person who had a fairly good understanding of psychology. After all, in essence: what is the first thought that comes to mind when you hear shooting in a crowded place and see people in uniform and with weapons? - Apparently, they are catching criminals. Why do they shoot people? - Apparently these are the criminals. Who needs help? Naturally, people in uniform. And if at this moment the visitors had weapons, most of them would either not use them, or would “help” the terrorists. Of course, this confusion quickly passes when people in uniform start shooting specifically at you, and the person starts shooting back. And it is at this moment that “options begin”: against the backdrop of rushing adrenaline, a person, even from five meters away, may not hit a terrorist, but hit civilians standing nearby; seeing that people in uniform are shooting at civilians, and civilians are shooting at people in uniform and other civilians, now those who missed the beginning are now definitely starting to think that a special operation is going on, trying to understand who the people in uniform are shooting at, they themselves begin to shoot hit anyone; what was initially an attempt to protect oneself from terrorists quickly turns into a massacre where everyone shoots at everyone and every man for himself...
          1. 0
            28 March 2024 10: 38
            Well, that means it’s right to leave everything as it is. No chance at all. And as a consolation, no luck. Finding yourself at the wrong time, in the wrong place. But I somehow don’t like this option. God forbid I find myself in such a situation “under the seat” with my family... and personally, it would be better for me if I had a 92nd Beretta under my jacket in a holster at that moment.
            1. 0
              28 March 2024 11: 34
              Quite often, the solution that comes to mind first seems to be the simplest and most correct, and even excludes any others. But later it turns out that this was a mistake due to the emotional intensity of the situation. And from a rational point of view, a completely different option of behavior will be correct, which may not even be the only one and certainly not obvious.
        2. 0
          28 March 2024 09: 10
          From 5 meters - I would even risk it if I was injured in such a situation.. There are more chances than just with bare hands..
          1. -1
            28 March 2024 09: 26
            I repeat: reality and imaginary reality are two very different things. Yes, perhaps you have stronger nerves than James Bond and in a stressful situation you would hit a terrorist in the eye from 5 meters without blinking an eye. But... when you watch football, have you ever had the question, how can you not hit a goal that is 7,32 wide and 2,44 high from one meter? So, there it’s just a game, but here life is at stake, and the stress level is several times and even orders of magnitude higher...
            1. 0
              28 March 2024 09: 48
              Once again - in any case, no matter how it turns out - the presence of people who can somehow resist terrorists is much better than their complete absence.

              Yes - there will be inevitable collateral casualties. But this is in any way better than when unarmed people are stupidly stabbed and shot at random..
              1. 0
                28 March 2024 09: 53
                First - yes. Second - but the second is a purely statistical question: if the number of associated victims is greater, then such a measure to combat terrorism can itself be considered as pandering to it.
          2. 0
            28 March 2024 10: 32
            That's exactly what I'm trying to convey...
      3. 0
        28 March 2024 09: 05
        Yes. There is no doubt that with this option there will be casualties from retaliatory shooting. But let’s ask a question - but in this case, wouldn’t the situation be completely different? For example, a dozen would have been hit by a random bullet, but the remaining one and a half hundred would have survived. Is not it? The price may seem unacceptable, but is it so?

        Of course, they will not be able to coordinate actions. But by opening fire back, they will firmly draw the terrorists’ attention to themselves. Giving the others time to evacuate...

        Having brought it legally into the facility - how?? I hope the state is not going to issue licenses to SUCH characters?
        1. +1
          28 March 2024 09: 14
          I hope the state is not going to issue licenses to SUCH characters?

          If the state fails to cope with one function, where is the guarantee that it will perfectly cope with another, which is actually no less simple? Naturally, this will somewhat change the methodology for “terrorist personnel selection”: now they will look not just for those who want to “earn money,” but for “those who want to earn money and have a license to carry weapons.” Well, where is the guarantee that among these people there will not be those who come to “improve their level of well-being”?

          Ps: if the victims are not at the hands of a terrorist, but at the hands of ordinary citizens, the terrorist’s task will be completed. It will be little consolation for the relatives of the victims to know that they were not shot personally by the terrorist, but by his “voluntary assistant.”
          1. 0
            28 March 2024 09: 17
            And the given criteria are not an argument? If short-barreled weapons are allowed, say, to employees and people with at least 10 years of experience in owning long-barreled weapons, don’t you think that it will be somewhat difficult for terrorists to select performers from among them? It would be easier to get hold of illegal trunks then... Moreover, this is not a problem at all.
            1. 0
              28 March 2024 09: 40
              So I wrote that it will just be a little more complicated. Just look at the statistics, how many former employees work in all sorts of foreign legions and similar organizations. And the question is not about illegal guns - I think for terrorist organizations this is not a problem at all: they can be obtained in any quantity and in any quantity. The question is about the license of the performer, which gives him the right to be with weapons in the most critical points for the safety of the facility: where there will always be some civilians, possibly children, in the line of fire, perhaps some other additional danger factors: fuel, gas or what -explosive - that is, the terrorist’s task will be to bring the weapon into this particular zone, where the presence of these additional threats will not allow him to be shot like in a shooting range, but he will have just such an opportunity.
              1. 0
                28 March 2024 09: 45
                The terrorist will never end up where he needs to with what he needs.. This is his task, he is preparing for it. But by definition, those who could resist him will not be there. That's the whole schedule.
                1. 0
                  28 March 2024 09: 49
                  That’s what I’m talking about: what’s the point of fencing a garden if it has virtually no effect on the final result? If you change something, then change something that will eliminate the cause, and not just hide it, slightly alleviating the symptoms...
                  1. 0
                    28 March 2024 11: 11
                    In many not the most backward countries, they simply wouldn’t understand you. Denying a law-abiding citizen the right to self-defense and, ultimately, the right to life... no, they wouldn’t understand No.
                    1. 0
                      28 March 2024 11: 29
                      In these most “developed” countries, many citizens are still unaware that protecting citizens is the main function of the state, which they themselves delegate to the state. And if for some reason the state fails to cope with this function, then the very meaning of the existence of such states is lost! laughing
                      Well, then all that remains is to agree with Pierre Joseph Proudhon and his follower Mikhail Bakunin that “Anarchy is the mother of order!” laughing
                      Ps: I wonder what it would be like for Americans now to realize that they live according to the principle of revolutionaries, who essentially laid the foundation for the revolutionary and communist movement, which they fought fiercely and successfully for so many years! wassat
                      1. 0
                        28 March 2024 13: 01
                        Dependency. The employer pays taxes for the employee, the state somehow ensures the personal safety of citizens, the school somehow educates children instead of parents, regional authorities somehow provide amenities instead of independent municipalities, the pension fund somehow pays pensions instead of citizens forming it themselves. Well, what responsibility can a citizen have for the future of both himself and his country... if he is educated and even more so, infantilism is instilled...
                      2. 0
                        28 March 2024 16: 08
                        They already realize this. God, freedom and Colt

                        The Lord God created people, President Lincoln gave them freedom, and Colonel Colt made them equal
                      3. 0
                        28 March 2024 20: 41
                        Well, if they believe in “God, freedom and Colt,” then it turns out that they do not understand the function of the state... Well, God be with them: they have their own “Columbine events” periodically - let them decide for themselves how long they have free access weapons or anything else missing. Although there, of course, the reasons and “organization of events” are slightly different...
    3. +3
      28 March 2024 13: 03
      Calm down, THIS state will not give weapons to the people. Having received weapons, the people will first of all direct them against the oligarchic-bureaucratic-thieves' government. It will demolish all these Grefs, Siluyanovs, Sechenovs, Milers, Nabibulins, Mikhelsons, Rotenbergs, Poltoranins, etc.. This is the main fear of the Government. How many people will the terrorists kill? Who cares? Women are still giving birth. The most popularly elected ones are protected by entire divisions of security. It doesn't drip over them.
    4. 0
      April 1 2024 13: 01
      The question is not only who can have weapons, but also when and against whom they can be used; this is not a front where everyone who is in front of you is an enemy in someone else’s form. Our court only recently acquitted a man for killing someone who came to his house to kill his family. We need a law on the use of weapons, otherwise even if you cripple a terrorist, they can imprison you too.
  3. +6
    27 March 2024 18: 09
    Maybe a little off topic, but I want to draw attention to the mentality of terrorists. In this case, Tajiks.
    For them, shooting at innocent Russian people, women and children is work for money!
    They are ready and agree to do this kind of work!
    Before they took up arms, they were all migrants who came to work.
    Labor migrants!
    But the mentality was already there. It doesn't change in a day or two.
    And with such a mentality, with a willingness to kill us for money, millions of migrants roam around Russia!
    And the Duma is still thinking about whether we need migrants or not. Who did you let in here?!
    In the country, tens of millions of our citizens are engaged in bullshit - sorcerers and psychics, dog makeup artists and hairdressers, political scientists and experts, bloggers and fleapers, pizza delivery people and other cultural intelligentsia of non-traditional social orientation.
    This is where the labor reserves are.
    It’s impossible to count the number of officials alone who were divorced. They multiplied like cockroaches.
    Migrants are just the surface layer of the dung heap.
    Dig this pile deeper - such “pearls” will fall down!
    But there is no one to dig. Crocus has to happen for someone to pay attention.
    But weapons cannot solve this problem.
    1. +6
      27 March 2024 18: 17
      This is where the labor reserves are.

      Exactly. And in general, start paying people, and it will become much easier. There will be no need for any migrants. They say - who will work, for example, as a janitor? And you, like in Soviet times, give people apartments after 10 years of work in housing and communal services, there will be no end to those who want them. Especially with the current mortgage...

      Let's be honest - you can't find workers for pennies so that a bourgeois can exchange his three-year-old Bentley for a new one.. Look at production - in many places they were forced to pay more or less reasonable money, and people immediately went.. Otherwise, those who wanted to stand at it was really impossible to find a machine for 8 hours for 25 thousand... Strange, right?
      1. +2
        27 March 2024 18: 48
        Well, damn it, they brought and continue to bring “generalist specialists” who are cheaper and without asking, because the economy should be economical, that’s just for whom!
        1. 0
          April 1 2024 13: 13
          You let them take root a little, and then you yourself will be surprised at their requests. But it has always been believed that political struggle is much more dangerous for the stability of the state, political struggle is a struggle for power, which is what is happening now. Can "migrants" come to power? Many will say no, but in 30 years? If migration is not controlled, and the role of diasporas in governing some regions? Any movement directed against the government must be neutralized in the bud.
  4. +2
    27 March 2024 18: 41
    sorcerers and psychics, dog make-up artists and hairdressers, political scientists and experts, bloggers and fleapers, pizza delivery people and other cultural intelligentsia of non-traditional social orientation. This is where the labor reserves are. Yes, it’s time to attach all the rubbish to the business, but for now... it’s not enough to import monkeys with a grenade from neighboring zoos... with all the consequences
  5. +1
    27 March 2024 19: 00
    Of course, specially certified private security companies must have firearms. Especially if they are entrusted with a concert hall or ice arena, especially during events. But this does not mean that there will be guys hanging with machine guns at the entrance. The firearm must be in a special room, in which there are guards with monitors covering all main rooms and entrances. A very simple scheme
    1. -1
      27 March 2024 20: 58
      Correct presentation, only short-barreled weapons should be carried by everyone while on duty (work).. Automatic weapons should be kept in storage, for issue and use on demand.. The SVO is underway, the enemy will undertake sabotage and terror, therefore increased combat protection is necessary .
      1. +1
        29 March 2024 11: 49
        Just look at who is guarding the hypermarkets - the same mimimies from the south of Dilijan. Now let's hand them weapons, what's wrong with that? Here, no matter where you spit at an Asian, you’ll end up with an Asian.
        1. 0
          29 March 2024 20: 39
          You don't know the basics. Before having access to a firearm. You need to get (pass examinations) a lot of certificates, from a psychologist, medical workers, certificates of social and other stability, etc. When you begin to assert, make sure of your knowledge.
          1. +1
            30 March 2024 04: 35
            Which of them did they stop? Looking at how arriving Central Asians receive Russian language proficiency certificates, do you think they won’t get them? Your desire to protect yourself from them with piles of certificates is unlikely to save you from them.
  6. -1
    27 March 2024 19: 29
    Stories with arrests need to be shown more often (on billboards too...).
    and harder, harder...
    and then public punishment.

    why was the tree cut down? For example, a backpack flamethrower should be provided. or a UAV with such a fire-breathing thing.
    (a gas burner is not suitable. The jet is small. A larger container under good pressure is possible, perhaps).
  7. +1
    27 March 2024 19: 42
    USA and Canada, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark, Brazil and Mexico, Israel and Yemen. Anglo-Saxons and French, Germans and Danes, Jews and Arabs, blacks and Latinos. Different cultures, levels of safety and well-being. What do they have in common? - they can buy and carry a short barrel. They are mature enough for this. But the Russians cannot and have not matured. How is that? Look at the murder rate per 100000 population - are all these countries in the lead? In the USA, the level is lower than ours - thanks to the weapons of citizens.
    1. 0
      27 March 2024 21: 01
      In England, even the police don’t carry any weapons. Only the special forces on call are armed, and that’s okay, they have sufficient order.
      1. 0
        27 March 2024 22: 32
        Is there order in Britain? Where does the information come from?
      2. +1
        28 March 2024 03: 49
        was sufficient. Believe it or not, the migrants killed him, which is typical.
  8. +4
    27 March 2024 22: 29
    It seems that this is a special deviation from the oligarch’s responsibility.
    1) there were 2 policemen there. Escaped? The dog handler definitely spotted the one running.
    2) there was a police station there. Escaped? did not show themselves in any way.
    3) Some people died because they were unable to escape and suffocated in the smoke. MK writes - more than 90 people. As in "winter cherry". (where the owner was and is at large, they write) i.e. there are clearly security violations. And the delay of the rescue services.
    that is, there are 2 times more people killed by carelessness than by terrorists...
    If it is demonstrative to show where, what and who is to blame, no short-barreled gun will be required. Oligarchs, dog handlers with dogs, police officers and roasters will probably tear the bastards to pieces simply with everything they have...

    The security forces of the oligarchs will begin to shoot the bastards right in the republics, even as soon as they listen to the sermons..

    But no one will give a short gun to the population. And there are few of him left, and they don’t trust him.
    It is significant that (they wrote here) they did not create militias from the people in dangerous areas. And they made government institutions with weapons under the administrations.. (not verbatim)
    1. 0
      April 2 2024 12: 30
      Russia conducts SVO. After all, it was possible for people to refuse to participate in such massive and dubious events for the duration of the event. Also, a group for me, a “picnic”? Crazy music and songs “about nothing.” Yes, the same “Leningrad”, despite the “obscenities”, is an order of magnitude more “sane”. There is music and meaning in the words.
      I read that someone came to the concert all the way from Vladimir! All to MOSCOW! But not to work, but “to sing”! People have suffered... from idleness!
      1. 0
        April 2 2024 15: 00
        this is different... but ok,
        Since some people don’t give up yachts, dachas, billions, overseas tours...
        then why should others, for the sake of these, give up the much smaller joys of life?

        1. 0
          April 2 2024 16: 50
          Now they are in heaven. "They rejoice."
          1. 0
            April 2 2024 17: 43
            2 associations. Attributed to just anyone: “commoners are still being born”
            and like at the end of the film: “not a single oligarch was harmed in the process”

            Never heard announcements on buses: “over the course of... a year... people fell out of the window/burned in fires/died in car accidents...." the numbers there are not small...
  9. +1
    28 March 2024 06: 30
    As in modern Texas, here in Russian realities it definitely won’t work. More likely, it will be like in the wild, wild West

    The respected author has some kind of huge lack of faith in the Russian people. Why, like in the wild West? And not like in Israel, Austria and Switzerland?
    1. 0
      28 March 2024 09: 27
      The Russian people are fickle, sometimes Caucasoid, sometimes Mongoloid, and may soon become Negroid. Therefore, they may not recognize each other.
  10. +3
    28 March 2024 07: 43
    Under these laws, the authorities will NEVER allow citizens to have weapons under these laws (for 4 spent cartridges from a hunting rifle, a criminal case is opened, a trial and 2 years of probation in the Bryansk region).
  11. +2
    29 March 2024 07: 40
    The wave of anger will subside after the terrorist attack and everything will return to normal! request
  12. 0
    April 2 2024 20: 47
    once at a closed event where the mayor Valentina Matvienko and the president of Finland were present, they hired a security guard, one retired KGB officer and several stupid security guards, what is dismantling television cameras for us, they don’t know or can’t do built-in weapons, in general, he asked me to help with the security, which in fact it wasn’t....if the terrorists wanted, they would kill everyone, and the armed private security officers won’t save, they’ll just hire more terrorists and that’s it... I have a short barrel, no one has checked it on the street for decades, only in the safe or sometimes the National Guard checks, that is, a potential criminal can walk around armed for years without anyone recognizing him, but criminals have weapons, and all prohibitions are not important to them, but I have to walk around with a rubber arrow?????.... I also have a fire-barreled dinno-barrel, my opinion is personal
    1 allow short-barreled weapons with lead bullets for those who have, for example, rifled Kalashnikov Saiga assault rifles (that is, have at least five years of experience in owning military weapons), because if I have owned long-barreled weapons for years, then you can trust me
    2 arm chops
    3 to prevent terrorist attacks, it is necessary to execute terrorists by cutting off their heads and ears, then there will be no terrorist attacks... and there will be no need to arm security guards with grenade launchers at concerts
  13. 0
    April 5 2024 06: 40
    I wouldn't refuse PM or PSM...
    I suggest that everyone who served sell pistols using a military ID and enter it as required, out of greed our rulers may start selling guns, I would even buy them for 30000 rubles soldier