Why does Britain want to send a NATO expeditionary force to Ukraine?


The further you go, the worse it gets, as they say. It became known that London is substantively working on a plan to send an expeditionary force from NATO countries to Ukraine. How should you treat such messages?

Expeditionary Force

On According to RIA publications News, Great Britain proposed that its NATO allies send a joint expeditionary force to help the Ukrainian Nazis:

In connection with unfavorable developments for Kyiv in the Ukrainian theater of operations (theater of operations), Britain invited NATO allies to consider sending an expeditionary force of the alliance to Ukraine, as well as establishing a no-fly zone over the territory controlled by the Kyiv authorities, and increasing the supply of weapons and equipment APU.

A knowledgeable source from a Russian news agency painted the following picture.

At first, from the territory of adjacent Poland and Romania, large contingents of NATO troops will be introduced into right-bank Ukraine with the aim of subsequently occupying defensive lines along the Dnieper.

Secondly, an auxiliary strike on Transnistria is possible in order to eliminate the pro-Russian enclave sandwiched between Moldova and the Odessa region of Independence:

A preventive strike by the Armed Forces of Moldova and Romania against Transnistria is also not excluded.

Thirdly, on the territory of Norway and Finland, which recently became part of the NATO bloc, large military contingents of the alliance may be deployed in order to “scatter” the forces of the Russian Armed Forces:

At the same time, attacks could be made on strategic infrastructure facilities in the northern regions of Russia.

Who exactly will carry out these strikes is not specified, but the fact that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are now confidently attacking the Leningrad region with strike drones seems to hint.

The general meaning of such an operation by the NATO bloc will be to occupy the entire Right Bank with Odessa and Nikolaev, Kyiv with its environs and create a no-fly zone over them. This will create an extensive buffer zone occupied by the NATO expeditionary force along the border with Belarus and the parts of the Left Bank occupied by Russian troops. This will ensure the safety of the Nazi regime in Kyiv and free up all the forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, currently engaged in defense and protecting the rear on the borders with Transnistria and Belarus, for counter-offensive-2.

Is such a scenario really possible?

Overton windows

Unfortunately, yes, it is quite possible, if nothing fundamentally changes in the approaches to conducting a special operation to help the people of Donbass, demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.

Here I would like to make a reference to ARTICLES dated February 7, 2023, where we analyzed the scheme used by “Western partners” for the gradual, step-by-step legalization of increasingly heavy offensive weapons in Ukraine. Using the Leopards as an example, the sequence of actions looked like this.

At the first stage, the official authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany made a sharp and quite unequivocal statement: “German tanks will never end up in Ukraine!” At the second, some politician from Eastern European countries spoke on this matter, arguing that without German tanks Kyiv would have no way to withstand Russia. At the next, third, stage, the intra-system opposition in Berlin cautiously spoke out in favor of sending heavy armored vehicles to help the Ukrainian Nazis, they say, this is necessary for the benefit of Great Germany, which comes first.

Then there had to be a “voice of reason” from among the conditionally pro-Russian forces in the West, which would explain to everyone that this would be the NATO bloc taking a step towards direct war with Russia. In our country, it would definitely be quoted in all the media: they say that our cunning plan to work for the long haul is working, and soon the alliance itself will fall apart from the inside. The penultimate stage can be formulated as follows: “the tanks will still be delivered, but only a little later,” and we, naturally, will then crack them all like nuts.

The end result of this unfunny comedy will later turn out to be that the tanks were actually in Ukraine a long time ago, and the crews of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are already learning to control them.

It is approximately from this position that we propose to evaluate London’s statement about developing a plan to send a NATO expeditionary force to Ukraine. There are already statements being made that not all member countries of the alliance are ready to sign up for this, and that it makes sense for now to send military contingents to Square secretly.

In reality, the NATO military has been there for a long time and is fighting against us under the guise of mercenaries and other “ichtamnets”. London signed with Kyiv agreement on military-technical cooperation “forever and ever”. Now we are only talking about legalizing the forms of participation of the North Atlantic Alliance in the war against Russia. Everything is very serious, and the implementation of such plans will depend only on the rigidity and consistency of the Kremlin’s position.
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  1. +12
    3 February 2024 16: 14
    What can you want from the comprador authorities of the Russian Federation? Nothing good. The government of the Russian Federation does not protect the people, nor their interests and their sovereignty, nor freedom, nor the Russian state, but protects their personal pocket interests received in the 1990s as a result of the coup d'etat in the USSR. All the bourgeoisie sleep and see themselves when the “holy times” come again (Naina Yeltsina’s expression) and they will have a blast in Courchevel. Nothing new, in 1918 the British occupied Murmansk, the Finns occupied Karelia, etc... The Russian Federation has only one way out, Ukraine is Russia, the rest is an agreement, goodwill gestures, sanitary and other separation zones..... ., this is surrender. We need a Law that will say that the entire territory of Ukraine, within the 1975 borders, is an integral part of Russia.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. RUR
      3 February 2024 18: 54
      a journalist from one of the countries bordering Ukraine recently stated that in a conversation with him, one of the volunteers in Ukraine, whose occupation is carrying out corpses after a battle, said that during his work he sees increasingly better equipment on killed Russians, which cannot be said about Ukrainians...it seems like not all of them even have body armor...
    3. +6
      3 February 2024 21: 28
      Laws are carried out by people, what kind of people are in power, such compliance or non-compliance with laws. We have a post-oligarchic Russian Federation, what has changed is cosmetic changes, some oligarchs have been replaced by others, the basics have not changed. Why be indignant then, since the system is the same as under A. Chubais and E. Gaidar. When the Constitution and the Law are not the main thing in the state, but nepotism and money, the results are corresponding. Only the Russian people still care about the Motherland, the rest at the top consider it a place of mines, and completely different states as a country of permanent residence..
    4. RUR
      4 February 2024 10: 57
      A law that will say that the entire territory of Ukraine, within the 1975 borders, is an integral part of Russia.

      - will not work...

      The West of Ukraine - the so-called Red Rus', etc. - has already been recognized by the Russian Federation as Poland. The correct and original name is Cherven cities, not Chervona Rus.

      The “Cherven cities” were first mentioned in 981, when the Prince of Novgorod and Kiev Vladimir I Svyatoslavich, as a result of his campaign against Poland, annexed them to Kievan Rus.

      “The Tale of Bygone Years” is the oldest Kiev (Russian - not Polish) chronicle

      In return, Duda recently admitted that Crimea is historically Russian, not Ukrainian...
      1. +8
        4 February 2024 13: 37
        Do you want the killing of people on both sides in Ukraine to stop? Do you want justice to prevail? Do you want a Russian victory over the Anglo-Saxons? If you want, then.
        There is only one decision on Ukraine in favor of the people of Russia. The state of Ukraine must cease to exist. The entire territory of Ukraine should return to Russia, in the form of regions. There is no need to ask permission from anyone, everything must be done unilaterally. There is no state, Ukraine, no debts, no government of Ukraine in exile, no legal Bandera, no Ukrainian participants in various international organizations, no hostile state on the border of the Russian Federation. Russia will strengthen its economic and military-political influence in the world, there will be direct access to the EU countries. NATO will no longer be able to use Ukraine against Russia. The northwestern part of the Black Sea will belong to Russia.
        Even if part of the state of Ukraine is left, then today and in the future, Russia will always have an enemy in the person of Ukraine. Ukraine will definitely join NATO and will definitely attack Russia. Everything that is promised and will be spelled out in the Constitution of Ukraine, in its documents, Ukraine will change, in the way that is beneficial to the United States and its satellites.
        Any half-hearted decision is the defeat and capitulation of the Russian Federation to NATO.
        1. +2
          4 February 2024 13: 46
          Quote: vlad127490
          Any half-hearted decision is the defeat and capitulation of the Russian Federation to NATO.

          And NATO believes that if even one square meter of “wasted territories” remains with Russia, this is a defeat for NATO, the West, and democracy, showing the inability to protect those who were taken under protection with such pathos.
          1. RUR
            4 February 2024 17: 01
            He thinks that the main thing is to write the appropriate decree/law... and everything, like, will be done as expected!!! He writes and writes and writes endlessly about the Law...
            1. 0
              4 February 2024 17: 41
              I'll start from the end. I raised the topic of the need for a law in March 2022. I am writing about the law because... most write a lot and about nothing. There are no real proposals on how to resolve SVO. When there is no law, it is called lawlessness. Today's military-political impasse in the Northern Military District is the result of the lack of law. The law gives everyone certainty. If you are interested in what the law will give and what it will not give, write by dividing the page into what it will give and what it will not give. There are many countries in the world that have territorial conflicts and uncertainties, but they all have legislative documents. For example, look at how many laws/decrees the PRC has: Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Paracel Islands and the Spratly Islands. In China, Japan, Korea, Argentina, Great Britain, etc. everything is according to the law. Why does the Russian Federation have no law?
              1. RUR
                4 February 2024 18: 08
                I am writing about the law because... most write a lot and about nothing. There are no real proposals on how to resolve SVO.

                Of course, write laws about how to allow SVO,,. but first, take the trouble to find out the goals of this SVO... somehow they are not known to the general public... it is possible that you are an exception, and if the goals are known to you, then you can acquaint the public with them here, and then enlighten them with the laws
              2. RUR
                4 February 2024 21: 11
                Writing laws for something unknown is something... and have you managed to write a lot? Of course, you are doing a great job...
        2. RUR
          4 February 2024 14: 09
          look at things realistically, because the entire Ukraine of the Russian Federation cannot be swallowed
          1. 0
            4 February 2024 17: 58
            Ukraine is already being swallowed by a boa constrictor called NATO, and it is unable to choke; the Russian Federation has the task of recapturing its territory. After Ukraine, NATO will swallow up the Russian Federation. The topic of Ukraine's annexation to the Russian Federation gives rise to the Kremlin's fear of losing power. Instead of being sarcastic, it’s better to write what you see as the decision of the SVO.
            1. -2
              4 February 2024 18: 08
              Quote: vlad127490
              What do you see as the decision of the SVO?

              Ceasefire on LBS, there is no other.
            2. RUR
              4 February 2024 18: 41
              any solution is acceptable to me if it provides some kind of more or less lasting truce/peace and security guarantees for everyone, but I don’t think that your plan with laws and the seizure of all of Ukraine is what is needed
              1. -1
                4 February 2024 19: 46
                It will be like 300 years ago. Those who remain alive (and there will be few of them) will themselves join Russia.
          2. +3
            4 February 2024 19: 42
            Let's swallow and digest nothing. This time it's final. For 300 years it was Russia.
    5. +1
      4 February 2024 21: 34
      ...There won't be any wet shit left from these Judases and their last ones! ULTIMATELY...
      (Let us remember the History of Russia at the beginning of the Last Century... How did the story of the once Great and Famous, but then degraded Noble Corps of the Great Russian Empire end... And here - banal greedy thieves and traitors!.. If the LORD of the nobles who created The Great Empire was NOT REGARDED FOR DEBROKE AND DEGRADATION... then this - the rabble and their last-born - cannot be envied at all!.. The Times will come and their descendants will be taken out of the most “hidden” holes of the Planet for severe punishment...
      Ice axes - FORGED! And let no one doubt this!..)
      ...It’s only a pity that this RESULT, deserved by them (the Judases)... will not come soon..., and again, through the suffering, blood and death of many innocent and ordinary people, including Russian citizens...
      1. RUR
        4 February 2024 21: 48
        So will you continue to devour yourself endlessly?
  2. +1
    3 February 2024 16: 28
    Can't they do this? Yes, easily, since the Nazis crossed all the red lines and slaughtered the population of the border regions of Russia. And the SVO has actually turned from a special operation in Ukraine into a special operation in Russia. And the State Duma’s appeal to those who supply cluster munitions, and the head of state called Putin a murderer? How do you like it?

    I'm already tired of the "Scottovritters'" propaganda, as well as the whole obviously pre-election campaign of media headlines that Ukraine is about to collapse without shells, etc. But nothing happens, the bridges over which the Patriot was transported, which shot down the Il76, were not damaged? And if with shells and a million drones, then what? Why is everything bad for Ukraine if mostly their neo-Nazi troops are on Russian territory, and not vice versa?

    Everyone in Russia sees the military art of individual soldiers, tank crews, and officers. They are deservedly honored and awarded. But where is the military art of the GENERALS? Probably everyone has already realized that something is constantly bothering them, something is missing, some problems in everything... But this has been going on for 2 years already!

    If the Russian generals do not show their genius before the spring, then Russia will receive two incredible blows.

    The first is internal political. Nadezhdin is the Belarusian version of Babarika and Tikhanovskaya.
    Technologies are already in action - creating queues and their visualization. For all the good against all the bad, for world peace. And have no doubt that if he is allowed to participate in the elections, it is not a fact that Putin will win. Good-natured, charismatic professor. Pro-Western youth, former migrants who have received status, mothers, grandparents who simply do not want to serve are also an incredibly huge part that can vote for him...

    The second is external. Russia's spinelessness will result in a massive destruction of the entire border with Russia, cities, infrastructure, gas stations, terminals, trains, etc., which will cause mass migration into Russia. Also Nadezhdin’s electorate. All this will SOON be called forcing Russia to peace. The Nazis will not only dig in, but will also receive the promised weapons.
    NATO will come out of hibernation and rearm. And there will already be an ultimatum for Russia - (minimum)
    or the border along the lithium-Surovikin line or the war with NATO.

    If so, then how important is it who becomes President... Putin or Nadezhdin?
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. 0
      4 February 2024 10: 30
      Russia's spinelessness will result...

      Everything described above is a real scenario that is already being implemented. Spinelessness and weakness have already resulted in hundreds of thousands of victims and that’s all we have now. Hitler attacked the Soviet Union because... saw his weakness in the war with the Finns. When the Russian Federation has been at war with Ukraine on equal terms for two years, this simply provokes NATO to attack. And options for neutralizing Russian nuclear weapons are probably already being worked out... As for Nadezhdin, despite his liberal guts, he will create more problems for the West than Putin...
  3. +10
    3 February 2024 17: 23
    we need at least an adequate president.." - the key word! And now - a weakling!
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. +11
    3 February 2024 17: 30
    But, if you allow NATO to take positions along the Dnieper and crush Transnistria, this will actually be a defeat.
    1. RUR
      3 February 2024 20: 09
      Britain signed an agreement with Kiev on security guarantees for Ukraine. Similar agreements are being prepared with other NATO countries. The deployment of NATO troops, initially on the right bank of the Dnieper, probably fits within the framework of these agreements...

      The military/industrial potential of the West is tens of times greater than the potential of Russia, if Western countries transfer their military-industrial complex to a military footing, then the Russian Federation will have a much, much more difficult time during a real war with an expeditionary force than it did before the Northern Military District, much will depend on China and its desires, like, to help, i.e. The Russian Federation will be a vassal of China if there are no quick successes.
  6. -4
    3 February 2024 17: 49
    There is a really important question here - whether, from a legal point of view, Ukraine has the right to ask other countries for help. Well, like, for example, Syria asked Russia. If it doesn’t, then we have nothing to fear from any expeditionary forces. No one will agree to directly violate international laws. Don't doubt it - there are still those tricksters out there. But if Ukraine has the right, then options are possible. And the most unpleasant for us. I'm not good at international law, so I don't know.
    1. +10
      3 February 2024 17: 54
      what kind of law can there be, all rights and agreements no longer apply, there is only one right - whoever is stronger is right
      1. +4
        3 February 2024 20: 43
        Then you can expect anything. Including the expeditionary force.
      2. +4
        4 February 2024 13: 41
        The Treaty "On Friendship, Cooperation and Partnership between the Russian Federation and Ukraine" dated May 31, 1997 ceased to be valid on April 1, 2019 due to its denunciation by Ukraine. The termination of this Treaty releases the Russian Federation from any obligation in relation to Ukraine.
    2. RUR
      3 February 2024 18: 57
      It has never been forbidden for anyone to have allies, and no one will ever comply with such prohibitions...
    3. -3
      3 February 2024 22: 10
      Quote: Strange guest
      I'm not good at international law, so I don't know.

      If you are not strong in international law, then it is better not to ask stupid questions.
      1. +3
        3 February 2024 23: 57
        Are you strong? Then perhaps you can answer?
    4. +4
      4 February 2024 07: 38
      Any government of any country can turn to any other country in the world for military assistance and even request the deployment of troops in the event of a threat to sovereignty and statehood; there are many precedents. So Yanukovych in 14th could urgently request the deployment of troops of the Russian Federation and Belarus, even took preliminary actions in this direction, but for some reason the Kremlin did not dare to do this, although it probably regrets it very much today))
      1. -2
        4 February 2024 12: 06
        Well then, the actions of Great Britain, Poland and other countries to send troops, if such an appeal from Ukraine follows, will be absolutely legal from the point of view of international law and international organizations.
  7. +5
    3 February 2024 17: 50
    Essentially, the West is already openly declaring a plan to attack Russia (Ukraine should be correctly understood as part of Russia). Russia should restore order on the outskirts, but not the West. Waiting for negotiations and protracted negotiations are very bad signs. Is what Gorbach and Yeltsin started continuing?
    1. RUR
      3 February 2024 21: 56
      Britain signed an agreement with Kiev on security guarantees for Ukraine, i.e. everything will be legal - there is a corresponding paper that can be considered as a continuation of Britain’s responsibilities under the Budapest Memorandum

      The Budapest Memorandum outlined the security guarantees that Russia, Great Britain and the United States gave to Ukraine in exchange for the transfer of nuclear weapons - not to threaten the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine by force or its use.

      The deployment of the NATO contingent, initially on the right bank of the Dnieper, is a signal from the Russian Federation, i.e. stick around further, you will deal with NATO, THEY WILL ESTABLISH A NO-FLY ZONE, and, it seems, there was a verbal agreement not to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, and Ukraine, of course, will continue to fire drones and missiles towards the Russian Federation - probably some kind of plan they have
      1. +1
        4 February 2024 19: 53
        Again these stories about the omnipotence of the West. If they could establish a no-fly zone, it would already be in Ukraine. How to install it? Their planes will get shot down and they simply don’t have that many air defense systems.
    2. +2
      3 February 2024 22: 55
      Quote: Alexander Ra
      Essentially, the West is already openly declaring a plan to attack Russia

      These are show-offs - horror stories. If it comes to the real “corps”, then according to their 5th article, English speakers should be the first to check the state of Russian nuclear weapons on their territory. Well, those who want to join them.
  8. +1
    3 February 2024 18: 06
    The general meaning of such an operation by the NATO bloc will be to occupy the entire Right Bank with Odessa and Nikolaev, Kyiv with its environs and create a no-fly zone over them.

    I’ll say it again: This will lead to tactical nuclear strikes on Ukraine, and possibly to a third world war.
    1. RUR
      3 February 2024 22: 01
      If according to NATO, then it is guaranteed to fly in response - don’t doubt it, but it seems that there was a verbal agreement - not to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, even China warned the Russian Federation, and the Russian Federation will depend on it more and more in a long-term conflict
    2. +1
      4 February 2024 09: 17
      I also once again assert that Moscow will NEVER use nuclear weapons FIRST, even if foreign troops are sent to Ukraine. A simple question for those wishing to carry out nuclear bombing of Ukraine - ON WHAT BASIS?
      1. +2
        4 February 2024 13: 31
        Well, an amendment was made to the doctrine.
        - a threat to sovereignty and integrity...
        if Fritz, that is, Nata, tramples on the offensive, this will be the basis.

        those. Based on this, the very notorious Red Line emerges (for me) - this is the Dnieper River.

        ...NATO troop contingents with the aim of subsequently occupying defensive lines along the Dnieper

        and if you attack, then there will be a big bang.
        1. RUR
          4 February 2024 16: 56
          In Ukraine, Vasya, excluding new territories, what threat to the sovereignty and integrity of the Russian Federation could there be? Yes, and China tutted, if you don’t listen to him, then where will all these microcircuits, cars, etc. come from? But the answer will arrive... There are a lot of people here from the madhouse who believe that nuclear weapons are only in the Russian Federation and do not expect an answer at all
          1. +1
            4 February 2024 19: 22
            and I mean new territories... they are going to “liberate” Crimea. If the NATO armada tramples, then what will Surovikin’s line save? Izyum, Kupyansk, Kherson can be used as an example... (even though there was no abatis there ).
            then there will be no other option but tactical nuclear weapons. for some reason they changed the doctrine - probably just for such cases (to put it mildly, it doesn’t matter anymore).

            I’m also not a supporter of the use of nuclear weapons. but there is no other quick cooling shower for hot heads.
            mobilization, as in the next article? well... (27 million dead and half the country in ruins. This has already happened. The Americans need this, but it won’t come to them).

            and the Chinese need to explain...
            1. -2
              4 February 2024 19: 46
              What will we explain to the Chinese? That we have the exclusive right to use nuclear weapons where and when we want and against whomever we want, including against countries and civilians that do not have nuclear weapons, have not violated our borders and have not declared war on us? But simply “we want.” At best, China will ask: Why only Russia has this right? And at worst, he will say that this is unacceptable.
              1. +1
                4 February 2024 20: 23
                ...that in case of defeat, they will feel bad from the hegemon.
                Or are they just waiting for it to chop off the Far East? and who will give it to them? The USA will put Japan in there to do the dirty work, because the territories need to be “cleaned up.”

                We do not seek any alliances. (GDP).
                So maybe it’s time to create a military alliance with China?
                - to explain this...
                1. 0
                  4 February 2024 20: 57
                  Don't you understand yet? China does not at all want to become a hegemon and resolve conflicts around the world. He is quite happy with the US in this role. There is no one else anyway. And China wants to trade with the prosperous EU, receive grain from Ukraine (it does not at all like to fall into complete food dependence on Russia - in the event of the defeat of the hegemon) and will not be able to do all this at all in the event of a nuclear war in Europe. The EU will not become richer, and there will be big problems with food. Russia will in no way become a replacement for the EU and the United States for the Chinese economy. So the PRC will think about its own interests and will not cut branches under its export-oriented economy.
                  1. +1
                    4 February 2024 21: 22
                    Well then, let him sit on the bank and wait for HIS corpse to float down the river...
                    1. -1
                      4 February 2024 21: 45
                      China doesn't want to fight with anyone. He wants to take his stable and lasting place in the world. And move into the future. The best. With the whole world. Including together with the EU, USA, Australia, Japan, Russia... All his strategies are aimed at this. He has no obsession with shooting, much less using nuclear weapons. In this he is not an ally of Russia. And he will not agree to a military alliance with Russia - so that Russia does not drag him into any armed fornication. Peace is better than quarrel - this is the difference between Chinese psychology.
                      1. +2
                        4 February 2024 22: 21
                        Don't you understand yet? China doesn't want to become...

                        Haven’t you realized yet that the war is also over resources?
                        To produce and trade, you need to have a raw material base.
                        Suppose Russia was defeated... the division began. Is China involved? on the maps they draw for themselves, there are the USA and Japan (in the European part of Russia there are other parasites).

                        and that the theory of the golden billion has already been canceled (USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea)...?
                        China, oh! where are you?
                        oh yes, China! - world factory?
                        - so you will produce goods for us (golden) ...
                      2. 0
                        4 February 2024 23: 47
                        Why defeat Russia for the sake of resources? Are we refusing to sell to someone? Or will it be cheaper for the Americans and Japanese to mine in Yamal or Norilsk and Yakutsk themselves than to buy from us? Yes, try to find another American Negro or Japanese, so that he can work beyond the Arctic Circle for 2000 bucks without any social guarantees or trade unions.
                        And China doesn’t seem to mind being the world’s factory.
                      3. 0
                        5 February 2024 08: 08
                        no, 15 million slaves will be mined (according to Margaret Thatcher). read it.

                        I think it's the same story with China.
                        “gold” will need so many goods that are produced for the entire planet?
                        which means...continue the thought.
                      4. 0
                        5 February 2024 09: 00
                        Something has bothered you. I don’t see slaves working in oil production in the North Sea...
                      5. 0
                        5 February 2024 08: 10
                        There is already another article there. go there...
  9. +6
    3 February 2024 18: 14
    It’s becoming more and more obvious that the West needs to not let Russia win, but not to let the GDP emerge victorious.
    and at any cost.

    Putin wanted less NATO, but will get more NATO. (Biden. a couple of years ago)
    1. RUR
      4 February 2024 10: 46
      Vasya, in previous discussions it was mentioned that you will find yourself at the front...
      1. +2
        4 February 2024 13: 39
        we'll all be there. when Fritz, I mean Nata, tramples...
        “to run” - two roads:
        Rostov. You won’t get to Mariupol before the highway is cut off.
        Crimea? and there is a checkpoint and guys in blue and red caps: - Back! who is it told?...
  10. +3
    3 February 2024 18: 18
    There is no need to run ahead of the locomotive. Many people retell the forecasts of cheap newspapers. Here we are talking about the possible action of the British expeditionary force. We need to talk about it. If our intelligence reports about the movement of the British, then we must be prepared to receive them. If he doesn’t report, you still need to be prepared. There wouldn’t be big fights if we gave a worthy response to every even minor attack. In such cases, a major war can be avoided.
    1. 1_2
      3 February 2024 19: 10
      it would be possible to sink the aircraft carrier of the Britons (he himself drowned). to remove the arrogance of the clowns of Britain
    2. 0
      4 February 2024 09: 34
      Troops of countries allied to Kyiv will definitely be sent to Ukraine only if there is a threat to the strategic success of the Russian troops and always at the official request of the Ukrainian government. The Kremlin could also have played this game in the spring of 14th, but did not dare, while the West has no shortage of ambitions and determination. In addition, I believe that the Russian Federation has lost its chance to realize the strategic success of the Northern Military District irrevocably, and therefore there will be no need to bring in a full-fledged contingent of foreign troops. In fact, the Kremlin is depressed by the lack of a way out of the current strategic impasse and, as I understand it, there is no plan to get out of it. Or rather, there is hope that Trump will help save face and somehow get out, I personally doubt it.
  11. 0
    3 February 2024 18: 43
    One reason is that they know the majority of the troops.................won't be theirs.
  12. 1_2
    3 February 2024 19: 04
    if Govorun’s entourage had not included Gref Shuvalov and other Chubais chicks, NATO would have taken Govorun’s warnings seriously. an abundance of “foreign agents” in high places. gives nearby enemies hope that they will not be shot at. that it is enough to take away the gold and currency reserves of the yacht and the personal accounts of the oligarchs and some bureaucrats, and the Kremlin-Peskovs will break down, wash themselves with spit and agree to surrender the “Kemsk volost”. in this case (let’s assume that the Kremlin has not broken down) all that remains is to warn through the embassies one last time, and if NATO doesn’t give a damn and the transfer of troops to Little Russia begins, then the first warning blow must be boldly demolished Warsaw and Bucharest (US sheep to the slaughter), second strike London. Moreover, it can be attacked from submarines, and then stated that “we are not in business, it’s possible that a meteorite fell from the sky. But we can completely destroy your island and NATO at any time.”
    1. -2
      4 February 2024 05: 56
      What kind of wilderness do you live in that you are not afraid of a retaliatory strike? Or are you not in Russia at all, so it’s not scary to die?
      1. 1_2
        4 February 2024 19: 04
        The fact of the matter is that there will be no retaliatory strike, the US Zionists initially collected euro sheep for slaughter (if the Zionists don’t take a chance against the Russians), and we can do whatever we want with them. if the euro sheep lost their instinct of self-preservation and started to butt heads with the bear.
        The euro sheep still have not answered for the death of 25 million during the Second World War and are already preparing for a new campaign, well, that means it’s time to take the debt from them for the crimes of their ancestors. and you propose to hand over Little Russia for a future NATO bridgehead, and wait for the gun to go off at your temple? London can be easily (without consequences for us) burned down at any moment with a nuclear Zircon Caliber from a nuclear submarine, and then Washington’s self-preservation instinct will kick in; unlike British poodles, they have brains. and will not allow British trades (codes in the USA) to take off, because the return will arrive in the USA
        1. -1
          4 February 2024 19: 52
          That is, we will say to the United States - “now we will deal with your satellites and allies with the help of nuclear weapons, we will destroy your economy, which is largely tied to these allies, but don’t be afraid - we will stop after that and will not fight with you, even though you will much weaker both militarily and economically."
          And the States will nod their heads and say - “okay, destroy Europe, just don’t touch us. Fuck our economy - we’ll just sit by the fire, as long as you, the Great Ones, don’t touch us. We believe your word that you are above us After all this, have mercy."
          Do you believe it yourself?
          And you will have to negotiate BEFORE THE IMPACT. Because after the missiles come out of the nuclear submarine silos, no one will wait - “where they will fly, I wonder, to London with Paris or Norfolk with New York” - and then make a decision - to respond or not.
    2. 0
      4 February 2024 07: 12
      late. the blow had to be struck on 16.01.22/XNUMX/XNUMX. for two dual-use missile defense systems. after all, because of them (as it were) all the fuss arose (as Israel has always done in its borderlands).
      and then expand “military and military-technical activities.”

      but someone immediately wanted Little Russia in their native harbor...
  13. -1
    3 February 2024 19: 34
    There will be a further escalation of the conflict with the open intervention of third forces, the current presidential elections in the Russian Federation will be cancelled. With a pre-emptive strike by the Tiao on the western border 404. Otherwise, there will be a rebellion, terrible and merciless, and the ever-failing guarantor will be carried to hell...
  14. -1
    3 February 2024 20: 02
    There will be no expeditionary force, and Great Britain does not want to send anyone anywhere - they voiced the proposal knowing in advance that it would not pass, that’s all. Playing an aggressive predator
  15. +1
    3 February 2024 20: 23
    Everything is Putin’s Cunning Plan... The author may be describing it.
    According to the media, we are just clicking on single Leopard tanks, etc. from small supplies.
    England, the USA and some others I still remember have been the guarantors of the integrity of Ukraine since the 90s. According to the nuclear weapons deal.
    But they don’t have enough free ground forces, so they are trying to get out as best they can.
    Well, the Rocket doesn’t care where to fly - to the mentioned building, to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a defense enterprise or the Odessa port.
  16. +2
    3 February 2024 21: 15
    I haven't heard anything about the red line. Run out of paint?
  17. 0
    4 February 2024 10: 07
    The general meaning of such an operation by the NATO bloc will be to occupy the entire Right Bank with Odessa and Nikolaev, Kyiv with its environs and create a no-fly zone over them.

    And all this with one “expeditionary force”? It won't be enough. In addition, Russia has already demonstrated that it can easily destroy mercenary bases along with mercenaries. Most likely this is a bluff, an attempt to take aim; the West will not dare to do anything like this
  18. +2
    4 February 2024 13: 25
    Taking into account the mood in the societies of European countries, which in one way or another is reflected in the mood in the armed forces of NATO countries (EU), one can expect a sharp increase in instability with an unpredictable outcome from the very beginning of a discussion of NATO’s involvement in the war in Ukraine.

    The plan itself is demonstrably unrealizable, because it contains a clause about “strikes” against Russian targets on Russian territory. If the introduction of forces to the Dnieper could still lead to non-participation in the war, then the point with strikes is a clear war, which deliberately makes the British proposal unrealistic for acceptance.

    Even without strikes, everyone understands that the entry of NATO forces into Ukraine will inevitably lead to a big war, because The Russian Armed Forces cannot distinguish between NATO and Ukrainian forces on the ground and in the air. NATO forces will come under attack, after which Russian Aerospace Forces aircraft will be shot down, after which the question of attacks on NATO air bases will arise. This spiral is inevitable, so the introduction of forces is war and nothing else. NATO is not ready for this, even if there is an attempt to really push through such a scenario. The people hate Ukraine (for example, in Germany), they fiercely hate Ukrainians (without exaggeration), they are quite angry with the political elite of their countries and are absolutely not ready to fight, especially with Russia. What is a war without people?
    1. +1
      4 February 2024 16: 13
      And when did the people decide whether to start a war or not? Maybe you can tell me? I don't remember such a case in the history of mankind.
      1. 0
        4 February 2024 19: 41
        you are strange, you teach history, otherwise you don’t know the basics, on November 4, 1612, soldiers of the people’s militia under the leadership of Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky took Kitay-Gorod by storm, liberating Moscow from the Polish invaders and demonstrating an example of heroism and unity of the entire people, regardless of from origin, religion and position in society. We also have a holiday on November 4th, haven’t you heard? look at the calendar?
        1. -1
          4 February 2024 20: 16
          Were Minin and Pozharsky out of business? People gathered from the villages to go for a walk, and decided to “go to Moscow!” Well, along the way they grabbed Minin and Pozharsky.
          Don't talk nonsense.
        2. -1
          4 February 2024 23: 40
          Without leaders and organization (food, weapons, maps of the area), the people are just a crowd with clubs, the regular army disperses at once.
  19. -1
    4 February 2024 14: 32
    Why did the Britons introduce this idea? Definitely to support the St. Petersburg club. There are very few fools in England. And they understand perfectly well what an invasion is. They understand that by introducing their forces, they will turn out to be the third force that will reconcile the civil strife, maybe not right away. But they are obliged to pump up the topic.
    1. 0
      4 February 2024 17: 18
      The third force, which is pleasant to hit, either with this or with this.
  20. -2
    4 February 2024 17: 00
    Let's draw red lines and we'll be in the house.?
  21. The comment was deleted.
  22. -1
    4 February 2024 21: 24
    ..Great Britain wants to send a NATO expeditionary force to Ukraine...

    ...To be expected! More precisely, -...ONE SHOULD ALREADY EXPECT!..
  23. 0
    4 February 2024 23: 33
    Yes, they are from 08.08.08/XNUMX/XNUMX. proceeded to implement the plan for war with Russia. Under this, military infrastructure along the western border for expeditionary forces in neighboring countries has long been created. All their exercises in recent years are about troop transfers. Ukraine is a training ground for its own people, and the first attempt at this war at the hands of crests. Of course, it's conventional. After all, the British didn’t need any “Istanbul”, right? Now they expect that Russia will continue to “mumble.” And then Nadezhdin, the “Prigozhinskys in Moscow”, the fifth column and the people who do not understand anything, who have risen in rebellion out of despair, will “shake” the throne of the guarantor completely. First, they will sacrifice someone like the Balts and the Poles, bringing them to the outskirts; they don’t need many of them. They will see the reaction, and then they will go all-in. In addition, for some reason the NATO armed forces are trained to fight unrest, that is, against civilians, and in cities. Why not? In any case, such statements cannot be dismissed, even if it is a bluff. I hope that Russia will help Iran and the Houthis pull the Anglo-Saxons’ nose at the BV, at least in some way. In the meantime, Putin’s “negotiating position” looks very, very pale.
  24. 0
    5 February 2024 03: 17
    Quote: article title
    Why does Britain want to send a NATO expeditionary force to Ukraine?

    Because otherwise, soon the defense of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will crumble, with further defeat.
  25. 0
    5 February 2024 08: 24
    It is necessary to conduct exercises with the detonation of nuclear weapons
  26. 0
    5 February 2024 09: 22
    Why not? There are many red lines drawn, one more, one less.
    1. 0
      5 February 2024 21: 33
      Well, they installed complexes in Poland and Romania, with the excuse - from Iranian missiles. And such an alliance is planned between China, Iran and Russia, wonderful! Maybe Iranian missiles will finally hit these complexes.