Will RTO "Karakurt" be able to become the main Russian ship of World War III

The special military operation in Ukraine continues for the sixteenth month in a row. In addition to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the Black Sea Fleet had to take the most active part in it, which during this time managed to lose several ships, including its flagship, under various circumstances. The war turned out to be the most brutal and at the same time honest indicator of how realistic our army and navy were ready for a collision.

In this publication, I would like to try to highlight some points related to the prospects for the further development of the Russian Navy. What kind of ship does he need most of all here and now, and is it possible, in principle, to pose the question in this way?

Threats and challenges

Probably, the main problem of the Russian navy, in addition to the lack of a clear concept of its use, is the territorial division into several water areas. We have four fleets - the Northern, Pacific, Baltic and Black Sea, as well as the Caspian Flotilla.

The main ones, of course, are the Northern and Pacific Fleets as the Marine component of the "nuclear triad". About 40% of the total power of a retaliatory nuclear strike is tied to their SSBNs, and the tasks of multi-purpose submarines and surface ships include ensuring their combat stability. The main opponents of Russian strategic submarines, respectively, are American, Japanese and NATO submarines - hunters for our SSBNs, as well as anti-submarine aircraft and multi-purpose destroyers. The main enemy of the surface ships of the Russian Navy, oddly enough, is not other surface ships, but enemy ground and deck-based aircraft.

That is, the main threat to the Russian Northern and Pacific fleets, which are of strategic importance, comes from under the water and from the sky. The same can be said about the Baltic and Black Sea fleets. Due to the peculiarities of the water area and the location of the DCBF, the large-caliber cannon and rocket artillery of the NATO bloc, which can cover its ships right at the berth in Baltiysk, also poses a danger to it.

Ships and vessels of the Black Sea Fleet have already had to face strikes from ground-based anti-ship missiles fired by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as increasingly frequent and intense attacks from sea drones – unmanned boats stuffed with powerful explosive charges and turned into firewalls. This is a new type of threat, which is in fact the reincarnation of the concept of the "mosquito fleet", only modernized. If during the Second World War the Italian fascists terrorized the Allied fleet with the help of massed attacks of small torpedo boats, today the Ukrainian Nazis are doing the same using drones. Enemy firewalls have already broken through to the main naval base in Sevastopol, repeatedly attacked the Ivan Khurs and Priazovie SRKs of the Russian Navy, about which we detail told earlier.

Everything, the peaceful era is over, Russia has de facto entered the undeclared Third World War. The enemy does not ask if we are ready to fight and if we want to do it, he simply selects targets and attacks, on land, in the sea and in the sky. Therefore, answers to threats and challenges must be sought and found quickly, without putting things off the shelf with an indispensable rise in prices, as we like to do very much.

Russian ship of World War III?

If we talk about the needs of the Russian Navy, then a small missile ship of project 34 "Karakurt" can act as a kind of conditional T-22800 for it. At one time, the rate of the Ministry of Defense for the mass construction of RTOs was criticized, especially in relation to the project 21631 "Buyan-M", which had poor seaworthiness. However, "Karakurt" is significantly superior to its predecessor in terms of performance and has an incomparably greater potential.

If you look at what has been happening in the Black Sea in the last sixteen months, it remains to be regretted that there are no Karakurts there. On the one hand, these RTOs carry eight Caliber or Onyx cruise missiles, and in the future Zircon, and can strike at enemy military and civilian infrastructure. In addition to missiles, Project 28000 ships have artillery weapons that could be used against Ukrainian naval drones. On the other hand, unlike, say, project 22160 patrol ships, which had to be equipped with modules from the Tor air defense system, fastening them with chains right on the deck, the Karakurts, starting from the third ship in the series, regularly have Pantsir air defense systems for air defense -M.

In other words, these are the very ships that are really needed on the Black Sea now. They could be used, for example, to escort the Ivan Khurs or Azov air defense systems, which have no air defense at all and are forced to shoot back from Ukrainian firewalls themselves. According to the commander of the operational-strategic association, Vice Admiral Viktor Sokolov, the Black Sea Fleet should receive three brand new "Karakurt" before the end of this year:

In 2023, it is planned to take into the fleet three of the latest RTOs of the Karakurt series, armed with high-precision missile weapons, as well as a new patrol ship.

An even more promising direction for the development of this project is the creation of a small anti-submarine corvette on its basis. By increasing the displacement to 1500 tons, in addition to the UKKS for 8 missiles, the Redut air defense system could be placed in its hull, which will enhance its anti-aircraft capabilities, the Paket-NK complex and even a jet bomber to fight submarines. The presence of BuGAS will allow the modernized "Karakurt" not only to strike at the coast or enemy ships, like RTOs, but also to provide decent air defense for convoys, as well as to search for submarines.

Small PLO corvettes based on Project 28000 will be in high demand in all Russian fleets. The big advantage is that the production of "Karakurt" is mastered at once at four Russian shipyards, they are relatively inexpensive, and this will allow them to quickly master them in a large series.
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  1. Constantine N Offline Constantine N
    Constantine N (Constantin N) 13 June 2023 16: 41
    tanks / ships are just targets in modern warfare. they must be in the rear and launch missiles / drones, otherwise it's just a big convenient target
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 13 June 2023 17: 01
    Will RTO "Karakurt" be able to become the main Russian ship of World War III

    The stump can be clear if they set up more ..

    The whole world is in ruins, the Old Man can hit the neighbors in the name of peace and security, a billion immediately to Paradise, and Karakurt will hide somewhere in the bay under the mountain, and will shoot through the entire Black Sea with its shores with Calibers (the range is huge) from YaB. Just bring it up. And Pantsir-M will confidently fight off saboteurs, UAVs and helicopters. Until they die.

    Possible forecast of the 3rd world for Karakurt.
  3. Kuramori Reika Offline Kuramori Reika
    Kuramori Reika (Kuramori Reika) 13 June 2023 17: 37
    Where can you find so many sailors, foremen and officers for so many ships? How many people are required for Karakurt? 40 people? Do you think people grow on trees? We need large ships with a large share of automation in order to minimize the internal staff of the ship, otherwise we will have to raise wages and withdraw people from the real sector of the economy.
    1. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
      Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 13 June 2023 20: 01
      obviously we don’t need large surface ships, and even more so with automation, there is a reb against automation, but there is everything against a surface ship! , coastal missiles, missiles of aircraft and submarines, sea mines that destroy any surface ship with a probability of 95 percent, therefore, neither karakurt, nor even any large surface ship, can be the basis of the fleet, the basis of the fleet is, submarines, coastal missiles and coastal aviation .... it is necessary to bring all surface ships of the second rank and the Varangians to the oceans, and to equip the navies only with ships of the third rank, stop laying new surface ships except for minesweepers, throw all forces into the construction of submarines, coastal-based aircraft, and coastal missile systems, optionally to establish the production of air defense and anti-aircraft defense karakurt, of course, without calibers, because it is unacceptable to turn karakurt into a battleship and increase its displacement.
    2. bobba94 Offline bobba94
      bobba94 (Vladimir) 13 June 2023 20: 05
      There is such a ship. Modern. Automation at the highest level. The number of crew members is calculated to a minimum ........ It is called "Carl Vinson". Crew 5 680 people.
    3. Pravodel Offline Pravodel
      Pravodel (dpi) 14 June 2023 08: 57
      We need large ships with a large share of automation in order to minimize the internal staff of the ship

      Why are there large ships on the Black Sea, which is shot from any coast by rockets!? "Moscow" drowned. Someone else needs to be knocked out. There must be ships that provide work in the Black Sea and protect our coast from reptiles, as well as provide escort and protection of our ships.
      We were lucky that "Ivan Khurs" and "Priazovye" managed to fight off the firewalls. Otherwise, now they would have trumpeted for the rest of our 2nd ship. It would be a wonderful victory and zrada for the banderlog bastards. The next time they may not fight back, because. these ships are practically defenseless against the attack of a strong enemy, which is improved with the help of the impudent Saxons and takes into account its previous unsuccessful attacks.
      1. Kuramori Reika Offline Kuramori Reika
        Kuramori Reika (Kuramori Reika) 15 June 2023 10: 58
        Large ships differ not only in their size, but also in the presence of much thicker armor and the number of bulkheads. After all, the designers are also not fools, the ships are designed to maintain buoyancy. And for how long will RTOs retain buoyancy after a landmine explosion on the starboard side? He has armor in general made of aluminum alloy.

        Everyone should remember the incident with the destroyer Cole, when a boat with a suicide bomber and 250 kg of explosives crashed into it. The destroyer was able to survive and after 2 months of repairs returned to service. There was also an incident with the Stark frigate, when it was mistakenly attacked by an aircraft, firing two anti-ship missiles. He also did not drown and returned to duty. The displacement of RTOs is 800 tons, and the same indicator for the frigate of project 11356 will already be 3800 tons. So are RTOs needed in large numbers, which can become a mass grave after the first hit of anything?
        1. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
          Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 17 June 2023 19: 18
          armadillos were abandoned at the beginning of the last century, the frigate and the RTO have approximately the same strength characteristics of the hull, and rather weak air defense, buoyancy compartments can be provided for both the RTO and the boat, so there is no difference in terms of unsinkability
      2. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
        Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 12 July 2023 19: 14
        From Odessa to Sevastopol 300 km. From Sevastopol to the Bosphorus 500 km. From Cape Karakurt to Odessa 250 km, and even closer to Nikolaev. In short: Tactical missiles from the shore (possibly from the caves of the Crimean Mountains) shoot through the entire water area and the shores of the Black Sea puddle, and radar stations from the Crimean and Caucasus mountains see almost everything on the water. Coastal anti-ship systems at long range can sink any ship at a sufficient range. And if (dream) Russia managed to seize the Ukrainian coast of the Black Sea, then the task of protecting the water area would be even simpler. In short, large ships at sea are definitely not needed if landings are not made in NATO countries, and landings in Ukraine are now unfeasible.
  4. Sergey3939 Offline Sergey3939
    Sergey3939 (Sergei) 13 June 2023 22: 12
    The author, as always, is engaged in ranting about the conversion of RTO 22800 into the IPC. And, the composition of the Black Sea Fleet has not been studied. Speaking about Karakurt, he doesn’t even know that RTO 2022 Cyclone entered the Black Sea Fleet in 22800, the second Askold RTO is in the state. tests and it is planned to be accepted into the Black Sea Fleet in 2023. The third RTO Amur is being completed at the plant in Kerch.
    Yes, another blunder “the Azov ship has no air defense”, I would like to remind the author that the AK 630 complex is a short-range air defense system. With this complex, he destroyed unmanned firewalls.
  5. Dmitry Volkov Offline Dmitry Volkov
    Dmitry Volkov (Dmitry Volkov) 14 June 2023 08: 21
    All this is commendable, but Karakurt needs a towed planning radar, which will be more effective than a ship one, everything can be done, the threats will only grow ...
  6. strange guest Offline strange guest
    strange guest (Strange Guest) 14 June 2023 08: 51
    I would like to look at its combat use in the North Atlantic. In the autumn-winter period.
  7. Sergey3939 Offline Sergey3939
    Sergey3939 (Sergei) 14 June 2023 23: 25
    The author is writing an article and could not ask that the Black Sea Fleet includes RTOs 28000, and AK 630, was and is a short-range air defense system. They were armed with ships, and they are arming them. Did the author see the live operation of this complex in automatic mode?
  8. savage3000 Offline savage3000
    savage3000 (Savage) 15 July 2023 00: 25
    eight cruise missiles "Caliber" or "Onyx", and in the future and "Zircon", and can

    Karakurts carry only Kalbir and that's it. No onyxes, let alone zircons.

    Think what nonsense you write!
  9. savage3000 Offline savage3000
    savage3000 (Savage) 27 July 2023 23: 50
    these RTOs carry eight Caliber or Onyx cruise missiles, and in the future, Zircon

    What nonsense! They do not carry Onyxes and Zircons. And they can't. Only calibers.

    And the Shell is not the best means of dealing with anti-ship missiles.