The expert assessed the confrontation between American Patriots and Russian "Daggers" and "Iskanders"

A couple of weeks ago on the territory of Ukraine started the confrontation between the American Patriot air defense systems and the Russian Kinzhal and Iskander missiles, which the entire international community of military experts began to follow with interest. Specialists were attracted by the opportunity to evaluate the previously announced capabilities of weapons systems in real combat operations.

On May 29, the RF Armed Forces launched another combined massive strike on military targets in the Ukrainian capital and its environs. A video even appeared on the Web showing how the tail of an anti-aircraft guided missile to the MIM-104 Patriot air defense system falls on the roadway in the Obolonsky district of Kiev, almost destroying a minibus with people.

At first, the Ukrainian authorities tried to present everything as a fall of Russian ammunition, but then, when they failed to hide the obvious, they began to hysterically demand that webcams be turned off throughout the country under threat of punishment. This is explained simply - fragments, and sometimes entire missiles of air defense systems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, fly into the houses and apartments of citizens, it is under them that people on the streets often die or are maimed.

This attack came as a surprise as it started at around 10 am rather than late in the evening. The air defense operators of the Armed Forces of Ukraine turned out to be unprepared for a sudden change in tactics of the RF Verkhovna Rada. An air alert was announced in Kyiv when explosions were already heard at military facilities. Thus, a certain element of surprise was achieved.

It is also worth noting that during the initial attempts to repel the attacks, the Armed Forces of Ukraine used the battery packs of the MIM-104F Patriot air defense systems, i.e., simultaneously releasing 32 anti-missiles into the sky (8 launchers with 4 missiles each). However, this time they turned out to be more "stingy" and fired only portions of 8 missiles, that is, they worked from a pair of launchers at the same time.

This points to two things. Firstly, missiles for the MIM-104F Patriot are very, very expensive and there are much fewer of them, and delivery can be much lower than consumption. Secondly, the number of launchers themselves decreased, including during the attack, and they were "scattered" around the metropolis. A Russian aviation blogger, a former Fighterbomber military pilot, drew attention to some other details of what was happening on his Telegram channel.

From the curious - this is an attempt by Patriot at high altitudes on our missiles at their stage of maneuvering. Unfortunately, this time the Ukrainians took into account their previous coming-out and we did not see the moment of the defeat of the air defense system, so we will have to look at the next attacks to confirm whether the Patriot is alive or not

- he specified.

Fighterbomber suggested that the APU could have up to three MIM-104F Patriot batteries. One each - in Kyiv, Kharkov and Odessa. In his opinion, the hunting of the RF Armed Forces for these air defense systems is a good thing that must be brought to an end.

I assume that in Kiev, apart from the targets on Bankova, there are no targets left for strikes, but, of course, any air defense system is in itself a top-priority target, and I am very glad if we finally learned how to prioritize targets Right. We have a huge advantage in aviation, and this advantage must be used by removing all obstacles to its work. By any means. As, in fact, it is written in the old Soviet military primers

He summed up.
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  1. Anton Kuzmin Offline Anton Kuzmin
    Anton Kuzmin (Anton Kuzmin) 30 May 2023 16: 05
    For some reason no one thinks. how the Patriot fiasco will affect the volume of orders for other American weapons up to the dollar exchange rate.
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      1. svoroponov Offline svoroponov
        svoroponov (Vyacheslav) 30 May 2023 16: 41
        Nobody shot down the dagger. This is not confirmed by evidence of the wreckage, at least. What Ukrainian videos show is full in landfills. It's all from there. The shares of the company that produces the Patriots fell by 10 percent in a few days.
        In addition, the Americans themselves admit that their complex cannot fight hypersonic missiles purely technically. Their guidance means do not have time to track the propulsion and maneuvering missile with sufficient accuracy to defeat. But she can still release false targets and has means of electronic countermeasures. Although, walking in a cloud of plasma in the atmosphere at the final stage, it is practically invisible to the Patriot radar anyway. Our missile attacks with angles of 80-90 degrees, the target is almost vertical. The Patriot has a maximum angle of 70 degrees, then its settings, in order to somehow remove the cone with dead space, must be spread as much as possible. In addition, this complex with its radar has a height limit. Lower than 70 meters of his radar, if AWACS does not work to help target low-flying targets, he does not see. That is, if a rocket or plane goes at altitudes lower, it will not shoot down.
        1. RUR Offline RUR
          RUR 30 May 2023 20: 02
          Quote: svoroponov
          Their guidance means do not have time to track the propulsion and maneuvering missile with sufficient accuracy to defeat.

          They are on time ... In Ukraine, it must be said, not the latest modification of the Patriot, the most modern radar capable of accompanying hypersound - GhostEye - LTAMDS was still planned to be released at the end of 2022 / beginning of 2023

          If it comes to a collision with Poland, then the Polish air defense will have exactly this radar + its own early warning radar, which allows now to observe the entire airspace of Ukraine, all air defense is 3-level or
          even 4 since F16 and 35 CAN PERFORM SOME AD FUNCTIONS - all this + satellites are integrated into a single complex

          LTAMDS photo of the first of the GhostEye radar family

      2. Alexbf109 Offline Alexbf109
        Alexbf109 (Alexey) 30 May 2023 16: 55
        What brought down something, again a jar of cucumbers????? laughing
        You're so funny
      3. Old Skeptic Offline Old Skeptic
        Old Skeptic (Old Skeptic) 30 May 2023 17: 22
        Yeah, they shot down, in a volley of 32 blanks, and then they exploded to disguise. There's no ur-ing here.
        A "people" that does not even have a self-name, the outskirts are those living on the outskirts. Who are you nameless? No clan, no tribe, no history. Underdogs and scoundrels. The meanest place in Africa has a name, but you only have a territory and that is not yours, since you have no name, you are nobody.
  2. DeadPahom Offline DeadPahom
    DeadPahom (Eugene) 30 May 2023 17: 52
    and I'm very happy if we finally learned how to prioritize goals correctly

    You need to put in a phrase like this. Like, in MO, everyone is hopelessly stupid. As soon as the Patriots appeared, they began to hit them.
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  3. Eugene KGD Offline Eugene KGD
    Eugene KGD (Evgeny Gagarkin) 1 June 2023 12: 48
    Lokhly guinea pigs)) joyful that superpowers are testing weapons on them)))