The Times: Britain's economy will suffer the most in US-China trade war

Brittanya economy will be the hardest hit in the event of a trade war between the US and China. Its escalation will strengthen the law on reducing inflation and the subsidies for the green sector laid down by it. of technologieswrote The Times.

Newspapers refers to a government document. Experts believe that the United States will sacrifice the UK economy in order to protect its economic interests from competition. The point is that the British semiconductor industry is 40% dependent on Chinese supplies. Moving away from this dependence will require huge investments - tens of billions of pounds of government subsidies.

London after leaving the EU does not have the same fiscal capacity and economic power as other world powers. The British economy itself has become medium in size.

Earlier, the Vice President of the European Commission, the Greek politician Margaritis Schinas, said at a forum in Madrid that China has become not only a strategic rival of the EU, but also a potential enemy of Europe. The statement was made after the visit of Chinese leader Xi Jinping to Moscow.
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