Ukrainian UAVs and F-16s will make the Black Sea deadly for the Russian Navy

The day before it became known about one very disturbing event. Three Ukrainian unmanned boats, stuffed with powerful explosive charges, tried to attack the Russian reconnaissance ship Ivan Khurs. Fortunately, our sailors were able to fight back, despite the fact that the ship has very modest weapons. All enemy naval UAVs have been sent to the bottom. However, this state of emergency raises very, very serious questions for the military-political leadership of our country.


The official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Igor Konashenkov, commented on the incident as follows:

After the terrorist attack on September 26, 2022 at Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are taking measures to protect such facilities. And not in vain. Today at 5:30, the Armed Forces of Ukraine made an unsuccessful attempt to attack the Ivan Khurs ship of the Black Sea Fleet with three unmanned speedboats, which is performing tasks to ensure the safety of the operation of the Turkish Stream and Blue Stream gas pipelines in an exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Turkey.

Some rather frightening footage was also posted of how actively maneuvering naval drones rush towards the Russian ship, only to explode when hit by bursts of heavy machine guns. Our shooters are great fellows, real Heroes who saved the ship and its crew from big problems, and deserve state awards. The main attention of the alarmed public is now drawn to this aspect of the emergency, but I would like to turn it to other, even more important ones.

First of all, we must ask ourselves, what exactly did Ivan Khurs do in the exclusive economic zone of Turkey?

Comrade Lieutenant General says that the Russian ship was sent to guard the Turkish Stream and Blue Stream gas pipelines running along the bottom of the Black Sea. Recall that just a few days ago on the "Reporter" came out publication, in which we came to the conclusion that these underwater pipelines, in fact, have already been sentenced to destruction by the Kyiv regime and the Anglo-Saxons behind it. The commentary of the official speaker of the Russian Defense Ministry confirms that these concerns are also shared at the highest level. It pleases, but the problem is different.

Recall that the author of the lines from his sofa gave the following unsolicited advice to professionals in high offices:

Under the pretext of force majeure due to active hostilities, stop gas supplies to Europe through the Ukrainian GTS. It is necessary to stop the operation of pumping stations, put them on a long-term repair, physically dismantle the pipeline passing through the territory controlled by the RF Armed Forces for inspection and preventive maintenance. For what? Then, that this is perhaps the only chance to keep the Turkish Stream safe and sound. This bypass gas pipeline has already been sentenced to death, and it is up to the Turks and the states of South-Eastern Europe to try to save it, placing guards and putting pressure on the "Western partners" and the Kiev regime.

What did the decision makers do with their army of true experts, analysts and other predictors? They sent a practically unarmed ship to the Turkish exclusive economic zone to guard against Ukrainian terrorists. Yes, the Ivan Khurs is precisely a reconnaissance ship, not a combat ship, which has only four 14,5-mm MTPU Zhalo XNUMX-mm naval machine-gun mounts for self-defense, and Igla MANPADS and "Verba". The fact that our sailors were able to fight back and got off so lightly is a manifestation of their personal heroism and great luck. But what if the enemy had sent not three, but thirty-three naval kamikaze drones?

The answer is very depressing: another Russian warship could be at the bottom of the Black Sea. By the way, we have only two reconnaissance ships of the Ivan Khurs class for the entire navy. And the command of the Russian Navy, which once again sent a single ship without cover, to where it could be attacked by an intelligent, merciless and technologically well-equipped enemy, would have to bear severe responsibility for this. What happened is a real military miracle, and the sailors should get Heroes.

"De-Russification" of the Black Sea

Unfortunately, this episode is only a part of the overall picture of what is happening in the Black Sea, and the general trend there is extremely negative. Recall that on July 18, 2022, a few days before the signing of the infamous grain deal in Istanbul, the author of the lines, who already guessed where everything was going, published the following forecast in article entitled "Refusal to liberate Odessa will lead to the "Ukrainization" of the Black Sea":

Extremely unpleasant news is that the US military budget now provides for an amount of $100 million to train Ukrainian pilots to fly the F-16 and F-15 fighter jets. Don’t go to a fortune teller here, it’s clear that the longer the special operation drags on, the faster and more powerful offensive weapons Ukraine will receive from its Western curators ... In capable hands, for example, with Polish pilots at the control stick, who have the right to serve in the Air Force, F -16 and F-15 are capable of creating a lot of problems for Russian military aviation in the sky over Ukraine.

Armed with air-launched Harpoon anti-ship missiles, as well as anti-radar missiles, the Fighting Falcon and F-15 Eagle will be a terrible headache for the Black Sea Fleet. The combat radius of American fighters plus the range of anti-ship missiles will allow the Air Force to control the entire Black Sea area. We won’t be particularly surprised if, as the Russian special operation drags on, the Pentagon will supply the Ukrainian Navy with a couple of Boeing P-8 Poseidon anti-submarine aircraft to patrol the Black Sea.

Then, these warnings were laughed at in the comments, but the reality is that Ukraine will still receive fourth-generation American fighters, and they will have a variety of missiles on the suspension, including anti-ship ones. The pilots will most likely be naturalized foreign mercenaries and some Ukrainians.

Imagine for a moment how the meeting of Ivan Khurs, which has no other air defense system other than a few MANPADS in the hands of sailors, and F-16 would have ended. American fighters in the service of the Kyiv regime will pose a great danger not only to the Russian Armed Forces, but also to the few warships of the Russian Navy, which will have to mainly stay at bases. Ukrainian maritime UAVs and F-16s with anti-ship and anti-radar missiles will make the Black Sea a deadly place for the Russian fleet.

Another unsolicited piece of advice: it's time to stop playing around and start fighting Ukraine in earnest, otherwise Russia really runs the risk of being left without access to the Black Sea.
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  1. Constantine N Offline Constantine N
    Constantine N (Constantin N) 25 May 2023 10: 16
    One of the goals of the West is precisely to force Russia to switch to a military footing in Ukraine as much as possible.
    1. Linkovich Chumovsky 25 May 2023 11: 55
      And can I ask a question, for those who are especially dull? And why is it the West?
      1. Nelton Offline Nelton
        Nelton (Oleg) 25 May 2023 12: 01
        Quote: Linkovich Chumovsky
        Why is this to the west?

        Well, theoretically, the more the Russian Federation mobilizes the economy for war (which the turbo-patriots call for), the faster the civil sphere degrades. The footage of sullen queues for redemption of coupons for rutabaga will be the best illustration, "so it will be with everyone who went across the United States."
        1. Nelton Offline Nelton
          Nelton (Oleg) 25 May 2023 14: 17
          patriots, adequate people who understand what awaits the country in case of defeat

          It is clear that if the government / country / and the front collapses according to the model of 1917, then nothing good can be expected from the peacekeeping contingents of NATO (and the PLA beyond the Urals).

          But adequate people have long understood that the Russian Federation cannot defeat the NATO bloc.
          The economic and technological potentials are too unequal.
          We can shift the front line a bit. Prices have been announced - 20 thousand people for a pile of rubble, once the former district center.
          But NATO bosses are not at all enthusiastic about crushing the front at any cost and hoisting a rainbow banner over the Kremlin. You never know which Kadyrov/Prigozhin will get a suitcase with a button in this mess.
          They are satisfied with the current front line (+/-), and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are planting just enough weapons to hold it.
          The Bidens & Co. live in Cold War stereotypes and have good reason to believe that the economic blockade strategy will work, not this year, but in 10.

          So, so that their pressure does not give a result, so that the country does not reach the new 1917 or the new 1991, and it is necessary to carefully measure the funds for defense.
          (which, let me remind you, the United States is in no hurry to crush, in fact, only Ukrainian amateur performances need to be countered)
          Yes, it is necessary to produce shells, etc., it is necessary to plow / mine the entire front-line zone (in order to exclude sorties like the old one).
          But otherwise, the country must live and develop in civil-peace areas.
          1. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
            Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 25 May 2023 15: 09
            I cannot agree with you. And I agree with Prigozhin's opinion that the situation is more than serious. The information that we receive from the line of contact is quite alarming. If you do not strain all the resources for the war as much as possible and become North Korea for a couple of years, then you will have to fight for five and ten years, and this will destroy the Russian economy and possibly Russia.
            1. Nelton Offline Nelton
              Nelton (Oleg) 25 May 2023 15: 27
              Quote: Alexey Lan
              If you do not strain as much as possible all the resources for the war

              So, what is next? take a couple more piles of rubble? and sooner or later run into the positions of the NATO ground forces introduced? (where is the thread along the Dnieper)
              Of course, it is a more advantageous position than it is now, but the price will be - already for millions of lives and for the complete zeroing of civilian industries.
              And this is precisely what can become a prologue to the new 1917/1991

              Quote: Alexey Lan
              will have to fight for five and ten years

              Have to. India-Pakistan send physical education greetings.

              it will destroy the Russian economy

              If you work carefully - it will not destroy.
              Just like in India.
              So far, the 2nd year of sanctions is a normal flight.
              Ukraine (as they say) still cannot concentrate enough troops for a counterattack (either the allies are greedy, or they bomb), and the Russian Federation, as if nothing had happened, is building a metro, roads, bridges, hospitals - and rightly so.
        2. sH, arK Offline sH, arK
          sH, arK Yesterday, 13: 14
          Strange. NWO gives impetus to the development of the military-industrial complex, and the military-industrial complex in Russia until recently provided the second largest export component, after oil and gas. But over the past 10 years, the real new types of weapons have somehow become hardly noticeable, the generals in our Defense Ministry are more worried about their affairs and foreign assets, cut down all undertakings, it became possible to get into the state order of the Defense Ministry only "on special conditions", with huge kickbacks and bribes.

          But during the war (SVO) cannot continue for so long. Risking your life and health for the well-fed life of generals' families in the USA?! They would "agree", but the people will not understand the defeat ... Dilemma
          1. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
            Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) Yesterday, 15: 11
            War is the destruction of property, and any, not only military. Great wars ended in the victory of one of the parties and the poverty of not only the losing side, but often the winner.
  2. Seamaster Offline Seamaster
    Seamaster (Yuri Kiselev) 25 May 2023 12: 02
    The Black Sea admirals have some strange logic - to guard the one lying at a depth of 2 km. pipeline with four machine guns.
    As Petka suggested guarding the conservatory with machine guns so that the whites would not steal canned food.
    Maybe it's better to put a granny with a Berdanka?
    The effect is the same, but it will be cheaper.
    1. calligrapher Lev_Nikolaevich (Dmitriy) 25 May 2023 16: 10
      The weapons of this ship are ears and locators, not machine guns.
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 25 May 2023 12: 07
    The Black Sea is shot through from all sides. Everyone has known about this for a long time.
    And they know that single attacks by small boats, water UAVs and other things are nonsense, since the 1st World War.

    The star painted earlier that the ships of the Russian Navy would shoot down these enemies in batches.

    To doubt this and the competence of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - to fall under the law on discrimination.
  4. imjarek Offline imjarek
    imjarek (imjarek) 25 May 2023 12: 21
    Stalin did not have an atomic bomb in 1941-1945. But, in spite of everything, the USSR defeated Nazi Germany in World War II. Putin has a bomb (tiao). The end of the NWO is not visible even in the future. So what is he waiting for? My guess: "... When under the ancient vaults of the Kremlin the victorious ringing of "their" "good" weapons will be heard ...! Why not arm the population of the Kursk and Bryansk regions with small arms? Try to poke your head into any village, when a barrel, at least an old carbine, sticks out from behind every corner? But no! Downstairs? I think you can guess why.
    1. Mikhail L. Offline Mikhail L.
      Mikhail L. 25 May 2023 14: 05
      Because the government is more afraid of its people than NATO?
  5. Colonel Kudasov Offline Colonel Kudasov
    Colonel Kudasov (Leopold) 25 May 2023 12: 36
    It seems that the Russian Black Sea Fleet needs a radical transformation. Emphasis should be placed on submarines armed with KR, scrupulously listening to the entire Black Sea and powerful coastal aviation, ready to come to their aid. In addition, it would be nice to have strong anti-submarine ships. The rest can be largely sacrificed
  6. unc-2 Offline unc-2
    unc-2 (Nikolai Malyugin) 25 May 2023 13: 13
    Hardly anyone here can give good advice. And so am I. Everyone relies on strength. But the power must be able to dispose of. In all wars, when new types of weapons appeared, scientists were involved with the task of creating a counterbalance. Drones can fight against unmanned boats. But in all cases, supervision of the sea is necessary. Half a century ago, there were means of observation, ranging from their shores to the shores of Turkey. Any floating craft fell into the scope of observation. These posts were all over the Black Sea. I found it, and then decide how to destroy it.
  7. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 25 May 2023 13: 46
    It is called the lucky reconnaissance ship "Ivan Khurs". The ship is not large with a displacement of 4000 tons. Independently, without cover, it is not intended to work in a combat zone. The Black Sea is a war zone. The withdrawal of the ship under a deliberate strike is a betrayal by the Russian Navy. Which of the admirals gave such an order? The cruiser Moscow was deliberately sunk. Next in line.
  8. Alexey Lan Offline Alexey Lan
    Alexey Lan (Alexey Lantukh) 25 May 2023 15: 18
    Under the pretext of force majeure due to active hostilities, stop gas supplies to Europe through the Ukrainian GTS. It is necessary to stop the operation of pumping stations, put them on a long-term repair, physically dismantle the pipeline passing through the territory controlled by the RF Armed Forces for inspection and preventive maintenance. For what? Then, that this is perhaps the only chance to keep the Turkish Stream safe and sound

    Perhaps this is the only correct solution. I fully support the author.
  9. calligrapher Lev_Nikolaevich (Dmitriy) 25 May 2023 16: 15
    They controlled these devices through the "starlink" most likely.
    After flying drones across the border of the Russian Federation, it seems that Musk has limited the use of this Internet resource over our territory.
    The neutral waters of the World Cup were not subjected to this restriction, which the crests took advantage of.
  10. Dust Offline Dust
    Dust (Sergei) 25 May 2023 16: 20
    To defeat the enemy you need a powerful army. But, she is not. Go grouping 150 thousand people for 45 million population of the state is a gamble. To win this war, at least an army of 1,5 -2.0 million people is needed. Plus internal troops to restore order in the liberated territories.
  11. Alexander Tutunenko (Alexander Tutunenko) 25 May 2023 17: 59
    It seems that the Kremlin will have to use nuclear weapons, otherwise Russia will be left without the Black Sea Fleet and Crimea.
    1. valery lebedev Offline valery lebedev
      valery lebedev (Valery Lebedev) 26 May 2023 09: 41
      The Kremlin just needs to take the oligarchs for a ridiculous place, but Putin will never do this, he is Yeltsin's protege.
  12. DeadPahom Offline DeadPahom
    DeadPahom (Eugene) 25 May 2023 18: 38
    Combat airships. We urgently need to surround the Black Sea with combat airships!
  13. radvas Offline radvas
    radvas (Igor) 25 May 2023 20: 20
    The war will end only when our President finally decides to use low-yield nuclear weapons. Then EVERYONE will sit down on the fifth point and think. Otherwise Russia will come to an end.
    1. valery lebedev Offline valery lebedev
      valery lebedev (Valery Lebedev) 26 May 2023 09: 38
      The use of nuclear weapons will lead to a world nuclear war and the destruction of civilization. This measure is extreme and it must be understood.
      1. imjarek Offline imjarek
        imjarek (imjarek) 26 May 2023 16: 30
        And non-use-to the slow and painful death of Russia. And, Putin does not need a world in which there will be no Russia. So what the hell is he up to? Cat! Well, not by the tail, of course!
    2. maiman61 Offline maiman61
      maiman61 (Yuri) 27 May 2023 06: 25
      No! This is exactly what the US wants. After that, the countries that support us will also turn away from us. The war will end ONLY when Russia threatens the US with a massive nuclear strike on US soil! At this second, the war will end and the sanctions will be lifted and ALL of our territories will be recognized!
  14. viktor goblin Offline viktor goblin
    viktor goblin (viktor goblin) 26 May 2023 01: 25
    According to the leadership, the sledgehammer is crying. And for a long time.
  15. E NOT Offline E NOT
    E NOT (Eugene) 26 May 2023 06: 17
    raises very, very serious questions to the military-political leadership of our country

    It's like with "red lines", their color is getting richer, but there is no solution. So it is with questions to the military-political leadership - there are more and more questions, and the most serious ones, but to no avail.
  16. valery lebedev Offline valery lebedev
    valery lebedev (Valery Lebedev) 26 May 2023 09: 34
    This game of giveaway will continue until the military-political leadership of the country changes.
  17. maiman61 Offline maiman61
    maiman61 (Yuri) 27 May 2023 06: 19
    That's why it is necessary first of all to liberate our Odessa! And at the same time there will be a passage to our Transnistria! And let this Bandera kyyov be a Bandera reservation, without access to the sea, this reservation will be of no interest to anyone!