The expert explained what the suspension of START-III means

The message of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly has become the main news topic last week. It put an end to the West's attempts to talk to Moscow from a position of strength, deceit, superiority and exclusivity, which brought certain unpleasant surprises to Russia's detractors.

During the announcement of the document, the head of state сообщил on the temporary suspension of Russia's participation in the START III treaty due to dangerous actions on the part of Western countries. What the Russian leader said was noticed in the program “Let me tell!”

The guest of the studio, military expert Vladimir Shurygin, pointed out that the suspension is not a way out of the agreement, but the suspension of certain procedures, primarily control.

Going beyond digital values, for the production of nuclear weapons, the production of missiles and other things is already a violation of the treaty

- he specified.

The expert added that Moscow's suspension of the START III treaty is a "headache" for Washington, since under the agreement they very clearly controlled the Russian nuclear triad.

The predictability of your opponent gives you great advantages. The agreement was that we, together with the Americans, gave each other these advantages in order to reduce the overall nuclear danger in the world.

- he explained.

Shurygin noted that the agreement was repeatedly renegotiated, as at that time there was hope for a world more convenient and safe for everyone. And all the past years, Moscow strictly observed this treaty, even when the Americans began to violate it (they stopped allowing Russian control groups to enter their facilities). Russia had previously warned the United States about moving its nuclear forces, but now the Russian Federation will not do this and the Americans will begin to wonder if these are exercises or something else, “from which the hair on the head may fall out.”

According to the expert, Russia will not be the first to conduct nuclear tests, but will wait until the United States does it. The thing is that Moscow has a renewed nuclear potential at its disposal, while Washington has outdated developments.

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  1. Igor Viktorovich Berdin 26 February 2023 11: 43
    This is all nonsense. They are going to crush us with the volume of conventional weapons. We need to destroy all the ways of supplying weapons to Ukraine. While in Galicia. If they do not understand in Poland and Romania.
  2. viktor goblin Offline viktor goblin
    viktor goblin (viktor goblin) 26 February 2023 11: 48
    Red lines have been drawing for you for a long time.
  3. Andrey Andreev_2 (Andrey Andreev) 26 February 2023 12: 35
    I read a good review about SCS. I think that the suspension of START-161030 is not to a small extent connected with this topic))
  4. Mikhalych Offline Mikhalych
    Mikhalych 26 February 2023 12: 59
    Going beyond digital values, for the production of nuclear weapons, the production of missiles and other things is already a violation of the treaty
    - he specified.

    Something expert hunchback sculpts. Suspending is almost the same as exiting. It differs from the exit only in that it can be resumed if they change their minds. So let your explanation. . . (further, depending on the mood of readers)