Satanovsky: No need to hit Yellowstone, there are other measures

According to the famous political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky, in order to deter the United States from a nuclear strike against Russia, it is not at all necessary to destroy them by bombing Yellowstone volcano or other potentially dangerous places. Russia has other means.

It should be recalled that on the eve of the publication "Military Industrial Courier" appeared the publication of a doctor of military sciences Konstantin Sivkovwho claimed that in quantitative terms, Russia could not win the arms race with the United States. To destroy the enemy in the event of a nuclear war, according to Sivkov, it is possible if you inflict powerful blows on tectonic faults and in such a potentially dangerous place as Yellowstone Volcano.

Satanovsky, speaking on the air of Vesti FM, said that such attacks would not only lead to disaster in the United States. In this case, danger can threaten the entire globe. Therefore, you will have to look for other means to cool the ardor of the United States, without resorting to such extreme measures.

I am not a big proponent of what military experts say about the Yellowstone Super Volcano and California faults. In life, a blow to this volcano is the destruction of planet Earth. America, of course, will not be, but we will not be in a few hours

- the expert emphasized.

He also pointed to the existence of such of technologiesthat can make Washington forget about the attack. In particular, some of the latest types of weapons were demonstrated by Russian President Vladimir Putin during his famous speech to the Federal Assembly.

Satanovsky doubts that Russia will succeed in preventing Donald Trump from withdrawing from the agreement on medium- and short-range missiles. But, on the other hand, he noted, Putin’s words were clearly heard there that “someone will go to heaven, and someone will simply die”.
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  1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 25 October 2018 13: 03
    Yes, he’s right, we need more "cartoons" and the worse, the better: like a "death star" with "Leonov's engine" in orbit, rockets on the other side of the moon, "underground mole boat" and other "wunderwolf" - let the USA scared ..... laughing
  2. Valentine Online Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 25 October 2018 17: 38
    There are no more fools in the United States, the last of them is already in the next world, this is McCain, and there are no people who want to burn out there in a nuclear apocalypse. And what this redhead is doing today, the position obliges, although they can easily force the "warriors of light" from Ukraine to take Moscow by storm with their frigate "Sagaidachny", and on this check for "lice" the Russian government is capable of themselves and their people, or again "take care" and threaten, for the thousandth time, a finger.
    1. Dan Offline Dan
      Dan (Daniel) 25 October 2018 19: 31
      Quote: Valentine
      Is she able to stand up for herself and her people, or will they again "take care" and threaten, for the thousandth time, with a finger.

      And tell me, dear friend, where the power itself or you did not protect in this century? Another attempt to pounce on a fan?
  3. Irinamig Offline Irinamig
    Irinamig 25 October 2018 22: 46
    Oh, these Jewish storytellers, Satanovsky, but Kedmi ...
    Israel conducts its policy, just like Turkey ...
    There is another pie sharing ...
    Who is the first, that and slippers ...
    America needs to get out of
    Treaty, so that in the Baltic states and Poland, and better in Ukraine, deploy medium-range missiles ....
  4. LeftPers Offline LeftPers
    LeftPers (Anton) 26 October 2018 04: 32
    Quote: Monster_Fat
    Yes, he’s right, we need more "cartoons" and the worse, the better: like a "death star" with "Leonov's engine" in orbit, rockets on the other side of the moon, "underground mole boat" and other "wunderwolf" - let the USA scared ..... laughing

    Pin-do-stan is a "waffle", a big inflated soap bubble, just stick it out. More show-off than brains.
  5. Angyy Offline Angyy
    Angyy (Andrey Girka) 27 October 2018 13: 51
    Judging by the amount of money accumulated by "back-breaking labor" of the country of a potential enemy, no one was going to shoot at the volcanoes. This is just a bargaining chip: how much more money can there be.