The key to the defeat of the Kyiv regime lies in Novorossiya

The longer the military special operation lasts, the more defeatist thoughts appear in ordinary people that Russia allegedly cannot defeat Ukraine. In this article, I would like to give a detailed answer to this actively disseminated (CIPSO?) myth, and also to explain why the post-war Independent simply cannot remain even within its current borders.

To demolish or not to demolish?

When they start telling us that Russian troops cannot liberate all of Ukraine, they usually point the finger at Donbass, but this is not entirely correct. The territory of the DPR and LPR, in principle, cannot be quickly cleared of enemy troops without the use of nuclear weapons. This is due to the peculiarities of local geography and historical development. In this industrial region, cities and other settlements literally crawl one on top of the other, connecting, which makes them an ideal springboard for creating fortified areas. Having barely broken through the defenses of one UR, the allied forces of the RF Armed Forces and the NM LDNR immediately stumble upon the next. Is it any wonder that in almost six months it was possible to move forward by some 10 kilometers in especially difficult directions?

Otherwise, alas, it could not be. It was impossible to give the Donbass to the enemy in 2014-2015, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine were defeated and ground in several "cauldrons". But what's done is done. Now we have to move forward very slowly, using the tactics of the "methodical battle" of the First World War: first there is a "barrage of fire", demolishing all the fortifications in its path, and only then is the sweep carried out. Yes, it takes a long time, yes, it is difficult, but the alternative is to drop a nuclear bomb, killing everyone - both enemies and innocent people. However, the allied forces are steadily demolishing the Armed Forces of Ukraine from their positions, liberating one settlement after another. Victory will be ours.

Will Donbass be repeated in other regions of Ukraine, in Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolaev, Poltava, Kyiv or Odessa?

Absolutely not necessary. For the complete liberation of the former Nezalezhnaya from the power of the Ukrainian Nazis, it is not necessary to physically knock out a stubborn enemy from every settlement, causing huge destruction. For the collapse of Zelensky’s criminal regime and the flight of his henchmen on the chassis of airliners according to the Afghan scenario, it is enough to make the continuation of the war by Kyiv impossible.

Novorossiya is the key to victory

Yes, it just so happened historically that it is Novorossiya that is the lever of control over the rest of Ukraine, without which it will turn into a third-rate agrarian country. It is there, in the steppes of the South-East, that the key to Kyiv and the post-war world lies on Moscow's terms.

At firstas we have detailed disassembled Earlier, more than 50% of Ukraine's foreign trade in food and metallurgy products goes through the ports of Novorossiya. Kyiv has already completely lost control over the Sea of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbAzov, and these are the ports of Mariupol, Berdyansk and Kherson. If Nezalezhnaya also loses Odessa with Chernomorsk and Yuzhny, as well as Nikolaev with Ochakov, this will be an irreparable blow to her the economy.

Secondly, it was in Novorossia, which Russian soldiers once conquered from the Ottomans, that the Bolsheviks carried out large-scale industrialization, turning it into the "iron heart of the USSR." There, in the South-East of present-day Ukraine, the enterprises Donetskugol, Donetsk Metallurgical Plant, Kryvorizhstal, Azovstal, Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant and Metallurgical Plant named after. Ilyich, Lugansk Plant named after the October Revolution, Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Plant, Plant named after Malyshev, Topaz, Kharkov Tractor Plant, Southern Machine-Building Plant (Yuzhmash), Khartron, RADMIR, Kharkov Aviation Plant, Motor Sich, Ivchenko-Progress ”, Chernomorsky shipyard, Ocean shipyard, Nikolaev shipyard, Kherson shipyard and many others.

Some of them have already suffered from the hostilities, something is now being removed, such as the equipment of Motor Sich. The restoration of industrial cooperation between these former Soviet enterprises and Russian ones will only benefit our country and at the same time bring the economy of the rest of Ukraine to its knees.

Thirdly, the criminal Kyiv regime will finally be finished off by the loss of its energy capacities, most of which are concentrated precisely in the industrial South-East. These are the Zaporozhye NPP, the most powerful in Europe, which is already under the control of the Russian army, and the South Ukrainian NPP, located in the Nikolaev region. There are also two powerful hydroelectric power plants - the Dnieper hydroelectric power station and the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, the latter is also already in our hands. About 90% of all coal reserves in Ukraine are in the Donetsk coal basin. 90% of thermal coal deposits are located in the east of the Dnepropetrovsk region. Without coal supplies, metallurgy and thermal power plants will stop working. It is estimated that 50% of Ukraine's own natural gas production comes from Kharkiv Oblast and another 50% from neighboring Poltava and Sumy Oblasts.

What does all this mean in totality?

The fact that almost all heavy industry and most of the energy sector of Ukraine is historically tied to the South-East of the country, where all the main deposits of hydrocarbons and other raw materials are located. Also, foreign trade is tied to the ports of the Sea of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbAzov and the Black Sea, from which Kyiv receives the main foreign exchange income. At the same time, Novorossiya is objectively the most pro-Russian region of the former Nezalezhnaya, which is very easily reformatted with the advent of the new government, which can be clearly seen in the Kherson and southern Zaporozhye regions.

In order to bring down the criminal regime of Zelensky, there is no need to knock out the Armed Forces of Ukraine of all of them, without exception, the settlements of the country. It will be enough to make the continuation of the war by Kyiv impossible for purely economic reasons: by taking control of Novorossiya, stopping the transit of Ukrainian goods for export, stopping the supply of coal, gas, electricity and other resources, demanding capitulation in exchange for renewal. No external support from the West will save here. You can't win much on sheer enthusiasm. It is not necessary to storm Nikolaev, Odessa, Zaporozhye or Pavlodar by storm in the forehead. It is enough to take them into a blockade, depriving the garrisons of supplies and carrying out continuous fire pressure on their positions.

Hidden in this recipe for victory is the answer to the question of whether post-war Ukraine can remain united and indivisible. No, the entire South-East should become part of the Russian Federation as a new Novorossiysk district. This will solve the problem of Transnistria, which cannot be solved peacefully, and also serve as a guarantee that the rest of the former Independent, depending on transit through seaports and supplies of electricity and other resources, will henceforth remain 100% loyal to Russia.
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  1. gene1 Offline gene1
    gene1 (Gennady) 19 August 2022 16: 17
    I support. This is real. And this is the first stage. And no negotiations. We are waiting for chaos in the rest of Ukraine. And we must forget about reaching the Russian troops to the Polish border.
    1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 20 August 2022 14: 50
      O! Again about the "fortified areas"! Straight solid "Maginot Line" and "Atlantic Wall" at every step. Author! Watch at least videos on YouTube where these "fortified lines" are being filmed and conversations are being held with soldiers and commanders. There are no "fortified lines", but there is the highest level of coordination of NATO and US surveillance and control systems with Ukraine's firepower, which makes it possible to detect any movement of Russian troops and cover them with fire from various weapons, which, due to superiority over similar Russian ones, range, accuracy of fire and time for its opening, may be located in the depths of their defenses, hidden from Russian surveillance equipment. In addition, Ukraine massively uses minefields, blocking the possible ways of advancement of Russian troops. That's all "fortified lines". It's time to say goodbye to the criteria and patterns of the times of the "first and second world wars" and start thinking with the realities of the present ....
    2. Grei grin Offline Grei grin
      Grei grin (Gray Grin) 20 August 2022 22: 53
      the fifth column in power does not think so!
    3. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
      Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 22 August 2022 16: 00
      I also support our work in Ukraine to protect the LDNR and our borders, but since Ukraine is just the tip of the NATO spear that is now fighting against us, I do not believe that the keys to victory are hung right on this tip. Behind this "expendable" tip comes the shaft of a spear - Poland is also an "expendable material", and behind it are the "expendable" countries of Eastern and Western Europe. A hand holding a spear is dressed in armor of the English Channel. The keys hang on the belt of the one who holds the spear - behind the shield of the Atlantic.
      Thus, our efforts in Ukraine are justified as a temporary measure that wastes our strength, but without guaranteed effective measures against those who are across the Atlantic, they are useless and disastrous for us. Because they fit his plan.
      Now (as before), the first thing to do is to seek the retreat of the States. They themselves will withdraw their pack and bring everything back to its original position - if they do not want a nuclear war on their territory
    4. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
      Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 22 August 2022 16: 29
      The time we spent in Ukraine, bypassing its owner, has only worsened our situation so far
  2. vlad127490 Offline vlad127490
    vlad127490 (Vlad Gor) 19 August 2022 16: 39
    There is only one decision on Ukraine in favor of the people of Russia. The state of Ukraine must cease to exist. The entire territory of Ukraine should return to Russia, in the form of regions and republics. There is no need to ask permission from anyone, everything must be done unilaterally. There is no state of Ukraine, there are no debts, there is no government of Ukraine in exile, there are no legal Banderists, there are no Ukrainian participants in various international organizations, there is no hostile state on the border of the Russian Federation. Russia will increase its economic and military-political influence on the EU, there will be direct access to the EU countries. The western part of the Black Sea will belong to Russia.
    If the state of Ukraine is left, then today and in the future, Russia will always have a headache. Ukraine will definitely join NATO. Everything that is promised and will be spelled out in the Constitution of Ukraine, in its documents, Ukraine will change, in the way that is beneficial to the United States and its satellites.
  3. Michael L. Offline Michael L.
    Michael L. 19 August 2022 16: 44
    Forgive me military experts.
    But it was impossible to take the Donbass fortified area in pincers and cut it off from supplies, bypassing it just like the Germans bypassed ... the Maginot Line?
    1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 20 August 2022 20: 26
      It is forbidden! Because there is no "fortified area". See my post above.
    2. Grei grin Offline Grei grin
      Grei grin (Gray Grin) 20 August 2022 22: 54
      we think so, but the fifth column that the government cherishes does not think so!
  4. GIS Offline GIS
    GIS (Ildus) 19 August 2022 16: 44
    Quote: gene1
    And we must forget about reaching the Russian troops to the Polish border.

    I don’t agree with this, because leaving at least a part of the nationalists with at least a tiny piece of Ukraine will get a lot of problems in the future .. an example of Kosovo
    1. gene1 Offline gene1
      gene1 (Gennady) 19 August 2022 17: 29
      So you propose to organize Kosovo in the Russian Federation with your own hands, including the western regions in its composition. For the first 40 years they must be pushed around to wander through the desert, which we will organize with pleasure. The author indicated how.
      1. GIS Offline GIS
        GIS (Ildus) 20 August 2022 06: 53
        Gennady, I would not want to scatter the lands that my grandfathers conquered. if it is a federal republic loyal to us ... an example of Kazakhstan is nearby.
        and include and digest them, why not?
        1. Grei grin Offline Grei grin
          Grei grin (Gray Grin) 20 August 2022 22: 56
          the example of Kazakhstan is nearby, soon the Russians will be killed and driven out!
  5. gene1 Offline gene1
    gene1 (Gennady) 19 August 2022 16: 50
    Quote: vlad127490
    The entire territory of Ukraine should return to Russia, in the form of regions and republics.

    I agree with your opinion after you move to Lviv, of course, when it becomes our regional center. I wonder how long you stay there alive. Even the Soviet government did not eradicate Bandera.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. GIS Offline GIS
      GIS (Ildus) 21 August 2022 07: 34
      now there are orders of magnitude more methods for detecting and suppressing than in the USSR
    3. meandr51 Offline meandr51
      meandr51 (Andrei) 24 August 2022 11: 19
      Because she was kind...
  6. gene1 Offline gene1
    gene1 (Gennady) 19 August 2022 17: 34
    Colleagues who have decided to include peoples who are alien in worldview into the Russian Federation, think carefully. Now the time is such that it is not the number of territories that ensures security, but the unity of the nation. Everything else is forced into peace.
    1. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 20 August 2022 04: 25
      What to think? Our missiles will be stationed in the Lvov region, aimed at Poland and other NATO. People will live in the Lviv region who will pay a 15% tax for the restoration of Donbass for ten years.

      Those who doubt that this is possible - let them learn history.
      How Soviets and Poles mastered German lands after WWII.
      And there is no need to spread myths about Bandera. The Soviet government eradicated Bandera - its military wing. With political will, it is possible to squeeze out opponents of the Russian government abroad or send them to Yakutia. Denazification will solve all problems.

      Let the population of some territories decrease by two, three times. It's not a problem. ALL Germans were evicted from East Prussia. And nothing bad happened. The Kaliningrad region is no worse than others.
      1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
        k7k8 (vic) 20 August 2022 12: 48
        Quote: Expert_Analyst_Forecaster
        who will pay a 15% tax on the restoration of Donbass for ten years

        Quote: Expert_Analyst_Forecaster
        our missiles aimed at Poland and other NATO

        Will military personnel and civilian personnel (employees of the Russian Army) serving them also pay this tax? They will live there and will be registered there.
        1. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 20 August 2022 13: 29
          Don't worry about our people. They will receive a 15% "harmful" bonus on top of all standard salaries, allowances and bonuses.
          1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
            k7k8 (vic) 20 August 2022 16: 40
            1. Is that what you decided? You undertook to perform the functions of the Council of Ministers? For the security forces, any allowance and the sources for its implementation are determined by the Council of Ministers or the President.
            2. The presence of such an allowance will be a hidden additional item of financing for the restoration work, shifted to the shoulders of people.
            1. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 21 August 2022 06: 23
              Yes, I decided so. And if the Council of Ministers does not follow my instructions, then I will disband it.
    2. meandr51 Offline meandr51
      meandr51 (Andrei) 24 August 2022 11: 19
      You don't need to turn it on, but you need to control it.
  7. EMMM Offline EMMM
    EMMM 19 August 2022 17: 44
    reach the Russian troops to the Polish border.

    At the first stage. And then remember who tried to cut off Kaliningrad and turn the Gulf of Finland into the inner waters of NATO. Do not forget who supplied HIMARS, killing our citizens in Donetsk and other Russian cities. So, excuse me, let's stop in Hawaii.
  8. Yuri Bryanskiy Offline Yuri Bryanskiy
    Yuri Bryanskiy (Yuri Bryansky) 20 August 2022 06: 55
    Sergey, your articles are like a balm for the soul. But our politicians do not have such goals. I think they are in the mood for negotiations. And only reality will make you move on. It's not bad that we're slowly moving forward. The bad thing is that we do not surround the points, and there are no resources for this. Strong offensive operations are needed. 1. To Nikolaev. 2. Encirclement of Kharkov.
    1. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) 20 August 2022 10: 34
      Sergey, your articles are like a balm for the soul. But our politicians do not have such goals. I think they are in the mood for negotiations. And only reality will make you move on.

      I think the same. Hope only for "Western partners" who will not allow to go to the world and merge Ukraine a second time.
  9. gene1 Offline gene1
    gene1 (Gennady) 20 August 2022 08: 02
    The outlook of society is changing approximately ... at a rate measured in millennia and centuries, at least generations.

    So let the Westerners stew in their agglomeration these years. And in Russia, these creatures are not needed. If you have to, you can pacify them remotely - with calibers, daggers, it's not a pity.
    2) Today is not the 20th century. Guys, wake up, the situation is not corrected by force / red-hot iron, it only worsens.
    3) Therefore, there will be no forceful decision on the annexation of territories. Only voting by regions: I want to be in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary....
    1. Expert_Analyst_Forecaster 20 August 2022 09: 04
      calibers, daggers, it's not a pity.

      It's a pity. Because it is expensive and not individual.

      Only voting by regions: I want to be in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary....

  10. viktor goblin Offline viktor goblin
    viktor goblin (viktor goblin) 20 August 2022 11: 50
    Impotence of the political leadership at the head\oh horror!\ - Himself? The article is about that. It is extremely difficult to disagree.
  11. Igor Viktorovich Berdin 20 August 2022 13: 46
    This is all clear. Explain why it is impossible to land in Bessarabia. Near Kyiv ... Cut off the Eastern part from the Western. Armed Forces of Ukraine fortified in Donbass. Surround the fortified areas of Donbass. And let them sit there for at least 100 years. In the meantime, liberate Kyiv, Odessa, Lvov, etc., and then all the fortified areas will surrender .....
  12. Colonel Kudasov Offline Colonel Kudasov
    Colonel Kudasov (Leopold) 20 August 2022 16: 03
    It seems to me that neither Slavyansk nor Kramatorsk will be taken under control by the forces of the Northern Military District, and this is the Donetsk region. It makes no sense to even talk about Odessa and Kharkov (
  13. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 20 August 2022 19: 30
    how realistic are the scenarios in which Russia negotiates with the person who removed Zelensky from power through a coup? For example Zaluzhny (even if the coup was not initiated by Zaluzhny).

    Having started negotiations with Russia, he will have to agree to
    - recognition of Crimea as part of the Russian Federation
    - recognition of the independence of the LPR and the DPR (withdraw troops from the remnants)
    - recognition of the results of referendums in Kherson and Zaporozhye regions
    - fixing the neutral status of Ukraine in the constitution with guarantees from the Russian Federation and, for example, the EU

    It will be difficult to sell this to Ukrainians, but it may not be impossible. Understanding the inevitability of the end is not yet comprehensive, but will soon become so. Here and fear of mobilization, the shock of the scope of anti-Russian hysteria and economic collapse. The self-withdrawal of Europeans from helping Kyiv will have a special effect.

    Who will support Ukraine after the onset of peace? Obviously, without Russia, Ukraine is not viable as long as prices and availability of raw materials are at the current level (which may change in the future). Help from the EU can be expected, they are interested in stabilizing Ukraine and returning to the status quo with Russia. Russia will be expected to stabilize energy markets and supply Ukraine.

    To what extent would such a world suit the US, Britain and Poland? Their entire Cold War project in Europe will go to hell. Ukraine's revanchism towards Russia may become a problem in the future, but in the medium term, an anti-Russian course in Ukraine will not be possible. Everything will be attributed to the Poroshenko and Zelensky regimes, the oligarchs, and maybe even the Ukrainian Nazis. The new course can become pro-European and adequate in relation to Russia.

    The territorial division of Ukraine forcibly through military action will mean the continuation of the confrontation between West and East, the Cold War.

    In this regard, we can pay attention to the news about the use by Ukraine of the poisonous substance botulinum toxin type "B" against the RF Armed Forces. If Zelensky suddenly sniffs a track of botulinum toxin instead of the usual coke, who knows who should be blamed for this.
  14. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 25 August 2022 21: 36
    The only nonsense left is to find this key, or climb on him, or her.
  15. Panzer1962 Offline Panzer1962
    Panzer1962 (Panzer1962) 26 August 2022 14: 08
    And what, to strike in bypassing the fortified areas of the Ukro-Wehrmacht through the Kharkov region and Zaporozhye, where there were no URs from the word at all, was it not comme il faut?
    Bypassed the Donetsk group, cut communications and calmly deal with it.
    "Ukro-Wehrmacht would launch a counterattack!" - the main panic argument of the supporters of "grinding". Yes, for God's sake, only for this he would have to get out of caponiers, pillboxes and trenches, and in an open field collide with our aircraft and artillery. Then, the Wehrmacht would crawl back to the fortified areas, but half, if not more, without tanks, without artillery, which, for a counterattack, would also have to leave their warmed shelters and also fall under distribution.
    And such a Wehrmacht, half-hearted, without artillery, without supplies, would not have lasted long. And you wouldn't have to fight for three weeks for a bakery at a crossroads.
    But to carry out such an operation, it was necessary to master operational art at the level of armies and even fronts. And we have been cultivating admiration for the notorious battalion tactical group for twenty years. All operations at the regiment-division level, not to mention the army, were anathematized as the legacy of the "despicable scoop." It seemed that the "almighty" BTG would solve all problems. Those. beyond the tactical battalion level, no planning was foreseen. So now we are reaping the fruits of pagan admiration for the "almighty" BTG.
    The result is the following. For half a year, a new line of defense was built near Kharkov and in the Zaporozhye region, new fortified areas were created. And they are not able to break through their BTG, stretched at the front for 5-6 km each. Therefore, we are drawn into the notorious "grinding". We give the enemy time to mobilize and train new reserves.
  16. Vadim Sharygin Offline Vadim Sharygin
    Vadim Sharygin (Citizen) 26 August 2022 15: 07
    It will be enough to make the continuation of the war by Kyiv impossible for purely economic reasons: by taking control of Novorossiya, stopping the transit of Ukrainian goods for export, stopping the supply of coal, gas, electricity and other resources, demanding capitulation in exchange for renewal. No external support from the West will save here.

    In my opinion, this is a deeply erroneous conclusion. By taking Novorossia under control, we are only pushing back the front line, nothing more. For NATO and the Ukrainian regime, this will only be a signal that in order to further turn the former foothold into a trap, it is necessary to equip the Armed Forces of Ukraine with more powerful and long-range missile systems. Not the capitulation of the Kyiv regime, but the escalation of confrontation awaits us after we take control of Novorossia and stop. NVO is not a struggle for territories, it is a confrontation between anti-fascism, anti-nationalism and fascist nationalism, which will not stop in its hatred of everything Russian until it is completely destroyed. This must be mastered in the brain of everyone, to memorize how twice two makes four and remove from under the feet a rake with the inscription "They wanted to fight peacefully - only feathers flew!" NATO is not going to miss such an opportunity as to bleed the best units of the Russian armed forces with the help of cannon fodder of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Alliance will stop at nothing to weaken Russia by taking advantage of its tactical and strategic miscalculations in the conduct of the NWO. They will play the card of Transnistria, help the Ukronazis to create a dirty nuclear bomb, deploy a hundred plus thousand Polish warriors in Western Ukraine, open a second front in Belarus, bring the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant to Chernobyl, mobilize another million and throw them into battle across the entire width of the new front line . It is the "front line" that awaits us, and not the "border" between Ukraine and Novorossia. And so, provocation after provocation, they will force us to "play by their rules", brush aside, participate in their plans, since our own plans will end with the liberation of Novorossia. Russia has entered into a deadly battle with NATO, not with Ukraine! This must be understood, the sooner the better. NATO knows about its tenfold military and economic superiority over Russia and will not miss the chance to leave us "without pants, but with a hat." Only at the moment when we have no forces left other than nuclear will NATO back down. But by now, talking about our "victory" will be embarrassing to say the least. We will be faced with a fact: either a humiliating peace, or the mutual use of nuclear weapons and the end of civilization. They already know today that we will choose, that we will choose peace, that we are not a warlike nation and will pity our people and the planet. That is why, precisely because NATO has deciphered our state psychology, they are so impudent, they are so boldly escalating, not missing an opportunity to rake in the heat with the wrong hands.