American armored vehicles that appeared in the Armed Forces of Ukraine are recognized as useless

Recently, videos appeared on the Web with American M1224 MaxxPro armored vehicles on Ukrainian roads. However, in tests they showed inability to overcome mud. A Russian military observer, retired colonel Mikhail Khodarenok, drew his attention to this, who appreciated it in his Telegram channel. the effectiveness of this machine and its need for the APU in general.

The expert noted the ostentatious nature of the plot, which demonstrates the movement of the MaxxPro convoy along an asphalt public road.

I don’t know how many such smooth roads as in the video are in Ukraine, I think there are not very many, but one thing is clear: there are much more fields with black soil, and MaxxPro can’t cope with them. Considering that autumn is ahead, which means rain and slush, it is strongly not recommended to leave a good road on this machine in bad weather

He pointed out.

Khodarenok explained that the MaxxPro's center of gravity is located high enough, as a result, when driving at high speed over rough terrain, there is a risk of rollover. Therefore, it is not surprising that this armored car is often compared with a helicopter in terms of the complexity of control.

Does Kyiv need this car? In my opinion, no, because in Ukrainian realities MaxxPro's efficiency is unlikely to be high

- he considers.

In addition, in his opinion, armored vehicles, in the current situation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, do not solve anything in principle. Moreover, they are virtually useless on the battlefield.

Such armored vehicles can be effectively used in the event of low-intensity combat operations with a significantly weaker enemy, when operations are carried out against formations that do not have heavy weapons and a sufficient number of anti-tank weapons. But even then, the use of such machines is limited to convoys, patrols and various support activities.

In high-intensity combat operations with an equal enemy, all these MRAPs and other BMs have an extremely limited meaning: they cannot be used at the forefront for direct fire support of infantry - they do not save from heavy weapons, powerful anti-tank mines and modern anti-tank systems in any way. And because of their dimensions, they are an excellent target, and even off-road patency is very low

He explained.

The expert is sure that the RF Armed Forces have a great advantage in the means of fire destruction and operational-strategic air supremacy over the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Therefore, MaxxPro can only be used in the deep rear, i.e. where conventional transport can be used with the same success.

So the West can supply at least hundreds of such machines (to Ukraine - ed.), This does not affect the nature of hostilities in any way

- summed up Khodaryonok.
  • Photos used: US Department of Defense
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    EVYN WIXH (EVYN WIXH) 16 August 2022 14: 06
    Has the squad with new hats arrived? Shas useh throw!!! They got such "iksperds" with their "opinions". Look at the photo from the NVO, where ordinary KamAZ trucks and Urals of the RF Armed Forces are somehow covered up by the hands of soldiers with some kind of improvised materials from steel sheets to wooden beams. This is to somehow protect yourself from fragments and flying debris. Any protected (even if weakly) equipment is useful in war, and if used correctly, it can be quite effective.
    1. GIS Offline GIS
      GIS (Ildus) 16 August 2022 14: 19
      Kamaz with a Ural can crawl through the mud ... and these only ride in Iraq and Syria
    2. shinobi Offline shinobi
      shinobi (Yuri) 16 August 2022 16: 30
      Competent Use? About how. And it is incorrect to compare an ordinary truck with an armored car. The author fills in about heavy weapons, forgetting that armored cars, in principle, are not designed to protect them. Anything larger than 7,62 caliber pierces them like plywood. in general, the stump is clear that they will get bogged down in the mud. We are talking about the fact that the Yankees are dumping all the rubbish accumulated over almost 40 years of the Middle East wars, driving Ukraine into heavy debts for big money.
      1. EVYN WIXH Offline EVYN WIXH
        EVYN WIXH (EVYN WIXH) 17 August 2022 10: 37
        What makes you laugh in "proper use"? For each technique, you can define the possibilities of use. Didn't try to compare at all. And the reasoning that such help is useless is "bullshit." This piece of equipment, though weak, but protected. This is mobility. If we take into account the amount of such equipment supplied by the "partners", then everything is not so rosy. And they will not give money, from the word "never". Probably calculated differently...
      2. Essex62 Offline Essex62
        Essex62 (Alexander) 17 August 2022 22: 02
        Quote: shinobi
        We are talking about the fact that the Yankees are dumping all the rubbish accumulated over almost 40 years of the Middle East wars, for big money driving Ukraine into unbearable

        What Ukraine, in what debts? As a result of this Civil War, the formation that appeared as a result of the counter-revolutionary coup in the USSR will disappear. The bourgeois Russian Federation will hardly pay for deliveries with the Yankees and the geyropa. And that one, possibly saved, a fragment of the outskirts, will also not. Because he can't.
        As for the MRAPs, the machine is certainly not for the battlefield, but very protected. Why is it worse than ours? No one offers to put them in the front line. The Ukronazis have no less "police" cases than the Russian Guard.
        1. shinobi Offline shinobi
          shinobi (Yuri) 18 August 2022 04: 25
          I’m paying off my debts now. With food. It’s enough to see where dry cargo ships with grain will go. .
  2. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 16 August 2022 15: 13
    These Mahpros are more intended for patrolling civilian territories, and are not suitable for combat use - a high profile, a turret with windows, is suitable for dispersing a noisy crowd, but no more ... "They don't look a gift horse in the mouth," they will use it somewhere in frontline support. EVIN correctly said that most of our vehicles have no reservations at all. The omission can be corrected with a universal adjustable armored capsule for the cab of vehicles, which is long overdue to be created and inserted into any transport vehicle or other unarmored vehicle .... The driver will be protected from small arms fire and shrapnel. which happens very often today ... It is possible to equip all vehicles and other means located in areas of increased danger with such adjustable armored capsules ...
  3. Vladimir1155 Offline Vladimir1155
    Vladimir1155 (Vladimir) 17 August 2022 11: 06
    the US military-industrial complex is corrupt and it’s clear what they did, what they could and those who set the most profitable rollback to the customer, I see civilian equipment with armor according to American ideas about the war with the Papuans, what is plastunsky and what swamp and dirt they don’t even represent, of course, it’s good there will be fascists from any equipment, but not as big as from missiles .... it is urgent to move to the lions from Belarus and Transnistria in order to cut off the fascists from supplies from the west, but this contradicts the tactics of the NWO and saving their soldiers (which in general right), it turns out we destroy the Nazis where they accumulate, and they accumulate mainly in the Donbass
  4. The comment was deleted.