"Gesture of good will": Why Russia completed a special operation on Zmeiny Island

On the fifth month of the special military operation for the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, another, already the second "gesture of good will" took place. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the completion of all assigned tasks and the withdrawal of Russian troops from Snake Island. What is happening causes rather mixed, but very strong feelings.

"Goodwill gesture"

The official version of this decision, voiced by the representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Igor Konashenkov, is as follows:

On June 30, as a step of goodwill, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation completed their assigned tasks on Zmeiny Island and withdrew the garrison stationed there... It has been demonstrated to the world community that the Russian Federation does not hinder the efforts of the UN to organize a humanitarian corridor for the export of agricultural products from the territory of Ukraine.

Again this "good will"! Recall that last time, under this plausible pretext, Russian troops were withdrawn from Kyiv back to Belarus and transferred to the Donbass. This was done allegedly with the aim of "improving the negotiating position" in the framework of the negotiation process in Istanbul with the regime of President Zelensky. The true reasons, most likely, were somewhat different.

At first, the Armed Forces of Ukraine simply did not leave Moscow a choice, destroying the infrastructure through which the DPR and LPR received water. The problem of water supply, if we take into account the constant shelling of Donetsk from Avdiivka, Marinka and Pesok, remains the most painful for the people's republics of Donbass.

Secondly, there was simply no point in staying near Kyiv. The plan to force the Zelensky regime to capitulate with a swift rush to the capital did not work, since the Anglo-Saxons did not allow him to “merge”. It is possible to take a huge metropolis with a population of many millions only if it is wiped off the face of the earth with the corresponding casualties among the civilian population. It is simply suicidal to stand near the Ukrainian capital, dependent on supplies on a thin thread of a road passing through rough terrain, where the DRG and enemy special forces will work.

That is why they left Kyiv, concentrating on more pressing tasks. However, the complete withdrawal of all Russian troops from Northern Ukraine without creating a security belt along the border was a strategic mistake, since the "massacre in Bucha" immediately took place, which was blamed on the RF Armed Forces, which became the reason for the start of the supply of heavy offensive weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine from NATO countries, and border Russian regions began to be subjected to systematic shelling and air attacks.

"Island of bad luck"

And now "goodwill gesture" number two. A plausible pretext was again chosen - ensuring the safe export of grain from Ukrainian ports. However, let us doubt that this was the decisive factor.

It is worth recalling that all food grain was taken out of Nezalezhnaya literally on the eve of the start of a special military operation, in February 2022. Now in Ukraine there is only feed grain that European farmers need to feed their cattle, as well as sunflower and other agricultural crops. All this is being continuously exported, despite the special operation: along the carefully guarded railway in Western Ukraine to Poland and in transit through neighboring Moldova and Romania. In addition, President Vladimir Putin personally suggested that the “Western partners” use the ports of Berdyansk and Mariupol already occupied by the Russians to export Ukrainian grain, as well as Kyiv to clear mines from the largest seaport, Odessa:

It was not we who mined the approaches to the port, it was Ukraine who mined them... Let them clear mines and, please, let ships with grain leave the ports. We guarantee their peaceful passage without any problems into international waters. There is no problem please. They must clear mines and raise ships from the bottom of the Black Sea, which were deliberately sunk in order to make it difficult to enter these ports in the South of Ukraine. We will not take advantage of the demining situation to launch any kind of attack from the sea.

And what's with Snake Island? In fact, he has nothing to do with it.

This small island was occupied by the Russian military on the very first day after the start of the special operation, and Ukraine has been trying to recapture it all these months. Why this small piece of land, located 30 kilometers from the coast of the Odessa region, 45 from Romania and 120 kilometers from Odessa in the northwestern part of the Black Sea? Then, from its territory, the Russian Navy can organize a point for long-range radar monitoring of what is happening in the Romanian and Ukrainian skies, and the Ukrainian Navy, having beaten it back, can place strike complexes with American-made Harpoon anti-ship missiles on it, which with direct fire almost reach Sevastopol and cover a huge part of the Black Sea area.

Alas, we have to admit that Russia lost this confrontation for Serpent Island. About how difficult it was to keep it and supply our garrison, we detail told the day before. Everything rested literally on the personal courage and heroism of the Russian sailors, who had to perform combat missions under fire from long-range cannon artillery and ballistic missiles from the territory of the Odessa region. A miracle did not happen ... As soon as the Armed Forces of Ukraine received the French self-propelled guns CAESAR and transferred to the southern direction of the Tochka-U OTRK, the density of fire became such that it became simply impossible to be on a tiny island. Unfortunately, the abandonment of Serpentine was a foregone conclusion, and, alas and ah, Kyiv will now be able to record this as an image victory for itself.

There are very, very many questions for the leadership of the Russian Navy, how and for what kind of war at sea it was preparing, but in fact the Black Sea Fleet lost it to a country that practically does not have any fleet. It was enough to have a few normal corvettes, better than frigates, as well as aircraft or AWACS UAVs to control Zmeiny and the entire adjacent water area, but what is not, is not. Serpentine left, Ukrainian propaganda beats the drums.

The question is - what will the command of the Black Sea Fleet do now if, or rather, when coastal missile systems with the Harpoon anti-ship missiles, covered from air attacks by air defense systems, appear on this island?
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 30 June 2022 15: 57
    Our commanders cannot calculate anything. How they gouged, with these gestures of goodwill. The bad guys rule!
    1. Sidor Bodrov Offline Sidor Bodrov
      Sidor Bodrov 1 July 2022 10: 11
      Russia did not lose any confrontation for Serpent Island. But there was no need to take it. And if crests occupy him, they will also be fools. The area is small and nowhere to hide. And no matter what they place there, we will periodically iron it, and no missile defense will help there. And we will occupy it after Odessa and Nikolaev are ours. With the fleet, of course, we have an ambush and this is a question for the crooked democratizers. And with chimeras, it's a serious matter - you need to shoot down Amer's GPS satellites - we know how to do this. Otherwise, these MLRS of theirs will begin to wet our military equipment everywhere.
  2. Omas Bioladen Offline Omas Bioladen
    Omas Bioladen 30 June 2022 15: 59
    Tja, billige Verlierer propaganda. Die Südflanke und die Nordflanke sind die beiden wunden Punkte der Operation. Im Osten kämpfen echte Volksmilizen und es geht einigermaßen voran. Den Norden und Süden kommandieren die Dilettanten aus dem Kreml und man verliert und verliert und verliert.
    1. Luis Betton Offline Luis Betton
      Luis Betton (Vladimir) 30 June 2022 17: 00
      Your mediocrity Scholz. Sit down and shut up!
    2. skeptic Offline skeptic
      skeptic 30 June 2022 18: 12
      Huhner zahlen im Herbst.
  3. Dukhskrepny Offline Dukhskrepny
    Dukhskrepny (Vasya) 30 June 2022 16: 15
    What's the pop, what's the arrival
  4. Dukhskrepny Offline Dukhskrepny
    Dukhskrepny (Vasya) 30 June 2022 16: 16
    Russia received not a "special operation", but an analogue of the Russian-Japanese war of 1905 or WWII, but the result will be the same
    1. Colonel Kudasov Offline Colonel Kudasov
      Colonel Kudasov (Leopold) 1 July 2022 04: 51
      Russia received not a "special operation", but an analogue of the Russo-Japanese war of 1905

      Rather, the Crimean War - 2
  5. Eduard Aplombov Offline Eduard Aplombov
    Eduard Aplombov (Eduard Aplombov) 30 June 2022 16: 25
    at this stage, defending the island is costly and you cannot do without losses. at one time they surrendered Moscow and still defeated the enemy, you don’t need to fight while sitting on the Internet. saving lives and resources
    1. Siberia55 Offline Siberia55
      Siberia55 (Yuri) 30 June 2022 20: 10
      The speech, of course, is fiery, but why then was he captured at all? And on the very first day
      1. Eduard Aplombov Offline Eduard Aplombov
        Eduard Aplombov (Eduard Aplombov) 30 June 2022 21: 06
        Are you an adult in general or did you just overcome the exam?
        there is a war and the situation is changing somewhere every day, somewhere weekly, etc.
        now, after the delivery of NATO weapons to the coast, the stubbornness of the lop-eared to this island, keeping soldiers there, weapons, despite the fact that the encirclement of Odessa and the territories nearby is not only expensive but also dangerous
        we, the townsfolk and news readers, judge the war by what people write, also far from intelligence and operational analysis of the battlefield
        lost ships, people, drew conclusions and well done
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. Siberia55 Offline Siberia55
          Siberia55 (Yuri) 1 July 2022 06: 52
          Baby, learn to write, then talk about the exam. And I commented based on analytical articles. Read or listen to what has been said about the importance of this island since the beginning of the operation and compare with what the same people are saying now
          1. Eduard Aplombov Offline Eduard Aplombov
            Eduard Aplombov (Eduard Aplombov) 1 July 2022 12: 02
            Lord, the analyst of the articles crawled out, from the beginning of the operation there was one situation on the fronts, some plans, now they have changed, the situation on the fronts has changed, which are not reported in analytics for such as kitchen analysts, all these situation data are known to a limited number of military men who take tactical and strategic decisions
            and you, having read and watched enough newspaper analytics, puff up to argue without understanding that this is a war and retreats, including, the one who is smarter, more cunning wins, the one who values ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbpersonnel and does not read who said what before in articles
            1. Siberia55 Offline Siberia55
              Siberia55 (Yuri) 1 July 2022 14: 14
              And you, what are you reading after puffing up?
    2. Dukhskrepny Offline Dukhskrepny
      Dukhskrepny (Vasya) 1 July 2022 16: 07
      Yep, practiced
  6. InanRom Offline InanRom
    InanRom (Ivan) 30 June 2022 16: 52
    Went into the sea - swim! Started SVO - be consistent and decisive. But, politicians and officials have neither consistency, nor decisiveness, nor a coherent plan. Continuous throwing, and post-reactions, hatred, "goodwill gestures", and at the same time - strange flirting with the West, anti-Russian financial decisions of the Central Bank and ministries, strange actions in Ukraine, where by a "miracle" (or a business agreement) nothing from one side or the other, it does not "arrive" through oil and gas pipelines through which raw materials go to "partners" with payment for transit to the Nazis, etc.

    15.00 NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg:
    “NATO has set the task of transferring Ukraine from Soviet to NATO weapons, as part of this process there is no list of weapons, the transfer of which would be excluded. NATO supplies a wide range of state-of-the-art weapons to Ukraine.”

    which means that already "familiar" arrivals across the territory of the Russian Federation will not only become more frequent, but will also be more destructive?
    especially in light of statements such as:

    - The Ministry of Defense continues to work on plans to strengthen the western borders of the Russian Federation against the backdrop of new dangers that are generated by NATO's actions;
    - Vladimir Putin has not yet received reports from the Ministry of Defense on the plan to strengthen the western borders of the Russian Federation;

    4 months of NWO, but there are no plans yet, but there are arrivals.
    and there are solid gestures of "good will" (or lack of will?):

    Russia, as a gesture of goodwill, withdrew its troops from Zmeiny Island, the Ministry of Defense reported.RIA Novosti

    something reminiscent of Lyusenka the arrestovich, with twisted words and substitution of concepts. What the hell is good will when people are dying, and when there is no fleet and no opportunity to keep the Serpentine and push back or stop Bandera strikes ?! Have the conscience to call a spade a spade. All "developers of gestures of good will" - to the front line with a machine gun in their hands, and behind - a detachment. And then the soldiers and officers of the Russian army die and fight heroically, and the "talking heads" and "brutal volunteers" not only robbed and plundered the country for decades, including the coffin of the fleet (recall - the price of one yacht of the Russian oligarch more than the cost of the cruiser Moscow), and now they are draining everything they can, "bringing a blizzard" and after - Bucha, reputational and political losses for the country, etc.

    14.50 Briefing by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, the main thing:
    — there are no tangible plans to continue the dialogue between the Russian Federation and the United States on strategic stability;

    To hell with it, dialogue.
    but, about plans as such - a Freudian slip - if there are any plans, then they are "intangible".
    In the meantime:

    16.35 Statements by US President Joe Biden, main points:
    - The United States does not change its decisions on the pace of military assistance to Ukraine in the light of Kyiv's statement about the desire to achieve an end to hostilities by winter;
    - The United States will provide Ukraine in the coming days with a new $800 million military aid package, including, among other things, air defense systems;
    - Western leaders instructed their assistants to work out a mechanism for limiting oil prices from the Russian Federation, they believe that this can be achieved;
    The West must tolerate high fuel prices for as long as it takes.

    and in response only a statement of facts:

    16.25 Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin:
    “Donetsk is being shelled very intensively today, because they are being supplied with long-range artillery of mass destruction. For example, from France. They are shelling Donetsk with new batches of weapons.”
  7. bobba94 Offline bobba94
    bobba94 (Vladimir) 30 June 2022 17: 00
    The surrender of Snake Island has already been given a real name - "a tin of good will" ...... Pretty accurate name, however ......
    1. zenion Offline zenion
      zenion (zinovy) 1 July 2022 16: 47
      Or maybe all the same - the tin of bonded? All covered with corpses, absolutely the entire island of forced labor in the Black Sea is. That he covered everything, that is, he covered himself.
  8. Vlad Petrov Offline Vlad Petrov
    Vlad Petrov (Vladimir) 30 June 2022 17: 23
    crests remove the saliva. If the Armed Forces of Ukraine try to occupy Snake Island in order to attack the Black Sea Fleet and Crimea, the island will be hit by Onyx missiles. They can raze the island to the sea, if Ukrainians suddenly come there with pin-dos. Any attempts by Ukraine to use Serpentine for combat purposes will turn into a big kirdyk for Khokhol. The Black Sea is all under the reliable umbrella of Russia, and if necessary, Russia will return its control over it
    1. Valentine Offline Valentine
      Valentine (Valentin) 30 June 2022 18: 28
      The island was surrendered by agreement with the UN with its complete demilitarization, and Ukraine does not have the right to use it for any purpose.
      1. Oleg_5 Offline Oleg_5
        Oleg_5 (Oleg) 30 June 2022 19: 03
        Do they know they are not eligible?
    2. Dukhskrepny Offline Dukhskrepny
      Dukhskrepny (Vasya) 1 July 2022 16: 08
      In a samurai way. Everyone will get it if that
    FGJCNJK (Nikolai) 30 June 2022 17: 35
    And now what will ordinary people in the vastness of great Russia say to this, whose sons and grandsons are fighting to the death with the Nazi bastard? And what do our Chechen brothers think about all this?
  10. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 30 June 2022 17: 46
    Gestures of goodwill are made when they realize that they lost the battle, judging by the number of victims and destroyed equipment, including the cruiser, this battle for the island was lost, and this, with all the technical superiority, how one must be able to command mediocre to get such results. But I am more than sure that the Kremlin will not draw conclusions from this, because by removing or punishing the command of the Black Sea Fleet, they will already confirm their incompetence, and they showed it in the first weeks of the SVO.
  11. Colonel Kudasov Offline Colonel Kudasov
    Colonel Kudasov (Leopold) 30 June 2022 17: 48
    Since there is CLEARLY not enough strength for everything, it is necessary to focus on the tasks that are being solved and necessary, namely, cleaning up 4 areas and organizing a border based on continuous mining. Forget about the denazification of all Ukraine as a nightmare. A necessary element of the plan, which will require real political will from the Russian authorities, is the complete cessation of gas transit to Europe through the territory of Ukraine on the eve of winter
    1. Dukhskrepny Offline Dukhskrepny
      Dukhskrepny (Vasya) 1 July 2022 16: 09
      And he is preparing for the next war. In a few years. Until you tear your navel
  12. Victor Du Offline Victor Du
    Victor Du (Victor) 30 June 2022 17: 52
    The question is - what will the command of the Black Sea Fleet do now if, or rather, when coastal missile systems with the Harpoon anti-ship missiles, covered from air attacks by air defense systems, appear on this island?

    The answer is as simple as a cracked egg. Take Odessa from land. It is already possible to take cities. And, if you do not be shy, then the work will move faster. Leave politicians boring explanations about high-precision weapons. The already available footage of the streets of the taken houses somehow does not really inspire justice or the effectiveness of its use in conditions when mold has to be picked out from under the plinths of the floors and walls of residential buildings. The amphibious assault has raised many questions before. There are more questions now.
    1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) 1 July 2022 10: 01
      Take Odessa from land.

      To take Odessa, first you need to take Ochakov, and there the horse hasn’t been lying around yet. A new Potemkin is needed in the south of Russia. it will be difficult to manage without it.
  13. doc8673 Offline doc8673
    doc8673 (Vyacheslav) 30 June 2022 17: 54
    everything that the Ukrainians place on the island can be easily destroyed - therefore, I think the island will remain empty until the end of the NWO ........
    1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
      k7k8 (vic) 30 June 2022 19: 20
      What difference does it make if there is something there or not? The main thing is that the Russian army left on its own.
      1. Moray Boreas Offline Moray Boreas
        Moray Boreas (Morey Borey) 1 July 2022 02: 04
        No need la la ... not by itself, but “forced”, these are different things ... like “voluntary” (forced surrender) - otherwise death, surrender on the battlefield ... if voluntary, long before the battle raise the white flag and go to surrender WITHOUT FIGHT!
        1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
          k7k8 (vic) 1 July 2022 10: 02
          Quote: Seas Boreas
          not herself, but “forced”, these are different things ... like “voluntary”

          Does it change anything? What "gestures of good will"? Why not honestly tell people that the guys were bred only to exclude senseless losses? Would such a wording humiliate Russia and its army? Or do they continue to consider us dumb and stupid cattle, who do not understand anything and are unworthy of truthful information?
          1. Moray Boreas Offline Moray Boreas
            Moray Boreas (Morey Borey) 1 July 2022 14: 23
            Of course it changes! Things are different! Either you yourself jumped off the roof and crashed, or you were pushed and you flew ...
            1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
              k7k8 (vic) 1 July 2022 21: 44
              It's clear. Another representative of the type of ordinary approvers.
  14. Victor Du Offline Victor Du
    Victor Du (Victor) 30 June 2022 17: 55
    Quote: Spiritual
    Russia received not a "special operation", but an analogue of the Russian-Japanese war of 1905 or WWII, but the result will be the same

    Quite right. It will end with a raid on mold and the Lena execution, but by a court decision. Believe me, the eccentric with a different letter, who said, "The worse, the better," has long been dead. And the time of his rest in the Mausoleum is coming to an end.
  15. qtfreet Offline qtfreet
    qtfreet (Stephen Hawkins) 30 June 2022 18: 03
    Maybe now it’s worth giving up altogether and curtailing the entire SVO, judging by your statement? Otherwise, it seems that the surrender of this island is some kind of radical change with a minus sign, nullifying not only the success in the Severodonetsk-Lisichansk direction, but also the liberation of Mariupol ....
    After all, from this ill-fated island you can hit the Crimean bridge ....
    1. Pat Rick Offline Pat Rick
      Pat Rick 30 June 2022 22: 11
      After all, from this ill-fated island you can hit the Crimean bridge ...

      There, the distance is about 600 km in a straight line.
      You can hit. But only yourself with a flick on the nose.
      Write more. I cleanly neigh lol
  16. Teacher Offline Teacher
    Teacher (Wise) 30 June 2022 18: 35
    "Success", despite the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Battalions ("Kraken") freely, with weapons, retreat to new lines of defense, still one!
    And the abandonment of Zmeiny Island is really a sharp turn in the course of the NWO. With a minus sign for Russia and the doomed Russian-speaking residents of Ukraine. The RF Black Sea Fleet is weak and demoralized. We are not talking about any operations near the coast of Ukraine. Generally! Now the Naval Forces of Ukraine (they are, hello to Konashenkov), will clear the sea and launch shipping to Odessa. With Western weapons in industrial quantities! If anyone doubts, then see the map. A route has been developed along the Romanian and Ukrainian coast, which is shot through by a field gun. The Black Sea Fleet is already pressed against the Crimea and now it can only fight with the Georgians (for the time being).
    All. We've arrived. If the Russian fleet lost in battle to the French self-propelled guns (1-2 pieces), then what will happen when everything else goes?
    1. k7k8 Offline k7k8
      k7k8 (vic) 30 June 2022 21: 04
      Quote: Teacher
      without hindrance

      Dear teacher, no problem
  17. Victor Du Offline Victor Du
    Victor Du (Victor) 30 June 2022 18: 38
    Quote from qtfreet
    Maybe now it’s worth giving up altogether and curtailing the entire SVO, judging by your statement? .....

    Click the "Quote" button, not the "Reply" button. It will be clear who you are talking to. If you get a long quote, highlight and delete the excess.
  18. akm8226 Offline akm8226
    akm8226 30 June 2022 19: 05
    And what's all the fuss about? If only somehow sits there, one rocket will solve everything. There will be only a funnel, the size of the entire island. Personally, this is the only way I understand it.
    1. Teacher Offline Teacher
      Teacher (Wise) 30 June 2022 19: 20
      And what's all the fuss about?

      Free shipping to Odessa opens. (weapons in industrial batches). The Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation is already no one to call. Can't even get close.
      1. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
        Ulysses (Alexey) 30 June 2022 22: 03
        Free shipping to Odessa opens. (weapons in industrial batches). The Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation is already no one to call. Can't even get close.

        tell me about weapons on Serpentine, which could impede navigation to Odessa... feel

        We have every opportunity to control navigation in that area without this piece of land, on which it is difficult to place anything sensible, echeloned in terms of the same air defense, due to the small size of the object.

        they will call in with pomp, and there they will (already) be equalized by all available means.
  19. svetlanavradiy Offline svetlanavradiy
    svetlanavradiy (Svetlana Vradiy) 30 June 2022 20: 13
    The question is - what will the command of the Black Sea Fleet do now if, or rather, when coastal missile systems with the Harpoon anti-ship missiles, covered from air attacks by air defense systems, appear on this island?

    If a threat appears from this island, it can be destroyed like Damansky. No island, no problem.
    1. InanRom Offline InanRom
      InanRom (Ivan) 30 June 2022 20: 51
      Even without the Snake, everything is not so rosy:

      Now the United States and NATO have supplied Ukraine with more than a hundred 155-mm long-range guns in just a month and a half. The delivery of Harpoon cruise missiles with a range of up to 330 km is also being prepared. This will allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to shell Sevastopol from the Odessa region.

      and how can the already weakened Black Sea Fleet respond?! Again, the ingenuity, courage and courage of the personnel, instead of proper ships and other equipment ?! Why should the Russian army or the population of Crimea (Donbass, Bryansk, Belgorod, Kursk, etc.) pay for the miscalculations, negligence and stupidity of the authorities
      Why does the weapon not only end up in Banderstadt, but also calmly reach the front?! Why is Ukrzaliznytsia intact?! Why are reinforcements being transferred to the Nazis "across the bare steppe" along roads and a piece of iron?! Why do they also leave without much trouble, boasting of the loot?! Where is the very "air supremacy", etc. ?! Why, with all the "dominance", was the same ill-fated Serpentine constantly fired from near Odessa, which is why the fleet kept as far as possible ?! And who came up with the idea to call leaving the island a "gesture of good will"?! Is it not those who previously called our enemies "dear colleagues and partners"?!

      The US government's Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe proposed to "decolonize" Russia, that is, divide it into 20 or more smaller states.

      Lithuania, contrary to several international agreements, has limited the transit of goods to the Kaliningrad region, that is, from Russia to Russia. To all this, the Russian Federation responded with a hundred and some sort of "serious warning" on the account. And what if Lithuania completely blocks land transit to Kaliningrad, and NATO fleets block sea transit?

      again, in response, will they shake the air or will they show another "gesture of good will" ?!
      1. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
        rotkiv04 (Victor) 30 June 2022 21: 04
        Quote from InanRom
        again, in response, will they shake the air or will they show another "gesture of good will" ?!

        there are many questions, of course there will be no answers, but it’s clear that the Kremlin messed up with its strategy, and in the fall there will be another gesture in the form of negotiations with a clown, although it’s time to think about who the clown really is
        1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
          Bulanov (Vladimir) 1 July 2022 10: 10
          Did the clown turn out to be a far-sighted strategist? It remains only to follow the news from the fronts. The authorities will do what they see fit. I wonder what will be written about these events in textbooks on the history of the 21st century? And who will publish these textbooks, "soros" or their opponents?
  20. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 30 June 2022 20: 17
    Surely the author does not consider the true reason for "good will"
    A small island open on all sides. Like a suitcase without a handle.

    And if earlier they wrote how famously Ukrainians were captured and killed there, then all of a sudden it turned out that Russians were also killed there ..
    So they just abandoned it, perhaps in ruins, letting out beautiful words of "good will". Now at least the media will be provided with work.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  21. NikolayN Offline NikolayN
    NikolayN (Nikolai) 1 July 2022 09: 25
    Why? - because they did not shut off the gas in March. What to do? - level with the ground daily.
  22. vdr5 Offline vdr5
    vdr5 (Elephant) 1 July 2022 17: 42
    It is impossible to win without admitting defeat and mistakes. Everyone understands why they rolled back from Kyiv, Chernigov, Sumy, Kharkov, Nikolaev, Serpentine. Kremlin propaganda is trying to pass off evil as victory, but at the same time it doesn’t even have the level of skill in the information war that Kyiv has. Therefore, the next Good Will only causes irritation and a crooked smile in people. It was not possible to break the ridge of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Going to the borders of the LDNR will not change anything either. There is someone to fight, reserve brigades are saturated with modern Western equipment. It seems that in the end everything will end with one comprehensive Good Will, Ukraine turned out to be a very tough nut to crack.