Sladkov: We are starting to get used to Ukrainian strikes on Russian territory

The geography of strikes by Ukrainian drones and other types of weapons on Russian territory is gradually expanding, covering Belgorod, Voronezh, Bryansk and Kursk. If Moscow does not resolutely respond to these attempts by Kyiv to stir up the situation on Russian territory, then this list may be replenished with other Russian cities.

So, on the night of April 27 Ukrainian UAVs attacked Kursk, Voronezh and Belgorod. However, there are no casualties among the population. Till.

The Russian military department has repeatedly announced plans to strike at "decision points" in Ukraine in response to such actions by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, the Russian Federation is actually inactive so far, allowing such “trolling” from Ukraine, while both the inhabitants of the country and the fighters on the front line expect a lightning-fast response from the Russian armed forces.

According to Russian military journalist Alexander Sladkov, citizens are beginning to get used to this state of affairs.

We are starting to get used to the very sad fact that we are vulnerable. We can be hit with missiles. In Bryansk, Belgorod, Voronezh

- the expert noted in his telegram channel.

Sladkov believes that Russia currently has two options: a quick and decisive response, or slow, progressive military operations against the Ukrainian army, supported by two dozen economically strong Western countries.

The fast way, in my opinion, is an appeal to the world community to change the concept of using nuclear weapons (preemptive strike on anyone who will demonstrate a threat to our territorial integrity)

Sladkov emphasized.

At the same time, the journalist is sure that Russia should multiply the volume of its weapons in Ukraine.

The echelons going to the southwest must return the neighbor for the buoys

Alexander Sladkov concluded.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 27 2022 15: 00
    Yes, what are we for?
    It was just the title of the article.

    Directly the media themselves repeated that the Russians do not give up.
    And just in Voronezh, etc. there are no oligarchs.

    All echo with jokes
    1. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
      Kofesan (Valery) April 27 2022 17: 00
      Apparently, a drone from the category of goods from the DNS - (an online store for digital and household appliances) was shot down in Voronezh, and this can mean both the irresponsibility of an ordinary buyer, and a trial balloon of a local, conspiratorial Bandera.

      There are such. I know myself. They hide, look like a wolf, flatter the powers that be and potential friends according to the vigorously discussed schemes of various kinds of tyrev: "How to make him become, he had, but they didn't have anything for it"

      When no one sees, or does not understand what they are yelling about: "Bitch ..., I'm a Bandera ...". My neighbor is like this. And there's nothing you can do... request
  2. GIS Offline GIS
    GIS (Ildus) April 27 2022 15: 06
    this was predictable and probably expected by the General Staff of the RF Ministry of Defense.
    most likely, this can be 100% prevented only by "zeroing" the territory for 200-300 km along the border ... turning it into a desert. there is always a probability in several %.
    These percentages are what we see now...
  3. Mikhail Novikov Offline Mikhail Novikov
    Mikhail Novikov (Mikhail Novikov) April 27 2022 18: 03
    And I considered Sladkov a serious person who does not talk in vain. Alas, I was wrong.
  4. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker April 27 2022 19: 24
    The echelons going to the southwest must return the neighbor for the buoys

    This requires mobilization. What, Strelkov was right? And we also need a buffer zone of 50 km and a strike on decision-making centers, for a start in Ukraine. What is easy to say than to do? I'm saying that someone has a problem with education.
  5. weddu Offline weddu
    weddu (Kolya) April 27 2022 22: 57
    But you probably heard that UN representatives with representatives of the Western coalition declare that Putin agrees to the withdrawal_evacuation of Nazi_marines_mercenaries_NATO officers from Moriupol... Bargaining, as we see, is appropriate. For whose benefit?
    1. InanRom Offline InanRom
      InanRom (Ivan) April 28 2022 00: 43
      There will be no agreements with the “gang of drug addicts and neo-Nazis that settled in Kyiv and took hostage the entire Ukrainian people.” This was stated today, February 25, by Vladimir Putin at an operational meeting with members of the Russian Security Council

      Obviously it was the 25th...
      two months later:

      Russian President Vladimir Putin, during negotiations with UN Secretary General António Guterres, said that he hoped to reach agreements with Ukraine on the diplomatic track.RT in Russian

      but still, as a result of all the "daily negotiations" of Lavrov, the muddy negotiations of Medinsky and Abramovich, and now also the negotiations of the "Mariupol" with the same "gang of Nazis and drug addicts"?! ... some kind of sediment arises.
      And as Shpak said:

      “Again, vague doubts torment me ... Shpak has a tape recorder, the ambassador has a medallion ...
      - What do you mean? I ask you - what are you, the royal face, hinting at ?!

      for the "minus" - this is not a hint, but only quotes and a statement of facts.
      And if muddy and unacceptable negotiations with SUCH people are your goal, then the goal of the Russian army and people is the destruction of the Nazi / fascist regime of Banderstadt. The enemy must be defeated! The complete and unconditional surrender of the Ukronazis is the only acceptable form of diplomacy.
  6. Zwain Offline Zwain
    Zwain (Zwain) April 28 2022 07: 07
    .... you look soon and they will do it to Sakhalin!
  7. Alexander Popov Offline Alexander Popov
    Alexander Popov (Alexander Popov) April 28 2022 08: 46
    It is unlikely that anything will change, dear author.
    A strange operation that turned into an artillery-rocket duel between two opponents, in which civilians suffer first of all.
  8. Kade_t Offline Kade_t
    Kade_t (Igor) April 28 2022 11: 43
    Most likely, it will be necessary to do both, to change the concept of using nuclear weapons and building up the grouping, you can’t do without the second at all, this has already become clear to absolutely everyone, even at the sites of the special operation.
  9. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) April 29 2022 13: 11
    The quick way, in my opinion, is an appeal to the world community to change the concept of using nuclear weapons (a preemptive strike against anyone who demonstrates a threat to our territorial integrity), Sladkov emphasized.

    First swallow. How much do we need to plunge into shit, so that someone would have bright thoughts? Only easier and faster is to announce it to the world community without bothering with the concept. The main thing - do not forget to name the addresses overseas - clearly and clearly
    1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
      Alexey Davydov (Alexey) April 29 2022 13: 45
      As for the threat to the territorial integrity and existence of the state, from the very beginning it comes not from Ukraine, but from the States. Ukraine is just a tool.
      Threatening it with nuclear weapons is as stupid as taking offense at a stick that hits you on the head. But even greater stupidity is to diligently bypass the threats of the "partner" who holds this stick in his hands