Why the British are less and less supportive of anti-Russian sanctions

Over the past 2 months, Western countries have imposed a large number of various sanctions against Russia due to the conflict in Ukraine. However, as the consulting company Redfield & Wilton Strategies (London) found out, now fewer and fewer Britons support anti-Russian restrictions.

The firm conducted the survey on April 13 for the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, although it did not publicly disclose the number of participants and the calculation methodology. According to a sociological study, residents of the UK are seriously concerned about rising prices and future financial prospects.

The number of people willing to pay more money for fuel decreased from 50% to 36% over the month. At the same time, 62% of respondents think that the financial situation of their country will worsen in the future. Moreover, 54% reported a deterioration in their personal financial condition over the past year, although 2 months ago there were only 42% of such people.

About 1/3 of respondents reported that they received a salary increase against the backdrop of rising inflation, while 2/3 of them believe that this increase will not be enough to compensate for rising prices. Only 1/3 of the respondents informed that they are happy and ready to pay more for food, "if it helps Ukraine fight Russia." At the same time, about 1/3 of the respondents admitted that they were not ready to pay any more.

In fact, the survey showed that the inhabitants of "Foggy Albion" for the most part simply do not have the desire or ability to pay from their wallets for sanctions against Moscow. It should be added that on the day of the survey, inflation in the UK reached a record high in recent decades, crept up to 8% year on year. This explains why the British are not happy with what is happening.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) April 17 2022 21: 14
    Yes sneeze on them. Even their local oligarchs sneeze.
  2. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) April 17 2022 21: 29
    The entire strategy of the US and the EU was based on the economic blitzkrieg, on the rapid collapse of the Russian economy, on the rapid and strong discontent of the Russian elites and society. No one even thought that the confrontation with Russia could "drag out a little." It is because of this that they hysterically come up with new sanctions, trying to intimidate them with the involvement of NATO, Poland, the inclusion of Scandinavia in NATO, the supply of weapons and new sanctions ... anything, if only quickly. No one there is ready for a long economic war.

    In this vein, the interseno will watch how the US and the EU will solve all the other problems in the world. What about the Iranian nuclear threat? What's up with North Korea? And what about Africa? Near East? Everywhere they will have to solve problems without the assistance of Russia. What is a long confrontation between Russia in the EU can not even imagine, because. decisions are made by brainless puppets. They have lost some of their strategic guidelines so much that they simply fly by inertia in the flow of their narrative, not at all imagining how to land. They have one hope left, in which they "simply" believe (or the United States inspires it in them), that it is possible to put the squeeze on Russia, it is possible, there is no other way, we can do it together!

    In fact, the economic war has not really started yet. It will begin when Russia completely stops exporting everything to the EU, including nuclear fuel. Russia is undoubtedly also ready for such a scenario. Russian society has made it clear that it is ready for any scenario. It is high time for the EU to figure out that it takes time to change the narrative. There is a way out - these are the crimes of the Ukrainian regime. Of course, it is impossible to denigrate Zelensky after he has been praised for so long. Therefore, the most reasonable option is the removal of Zelensky, the seizure of power in Ukraine by right-wing radicals, the distancing of the EU from the new forces, because. too many crimes on their conscience. Will the US allow such a scenario to come true? In any case, any option is very dangerous for the EU countries.
  3. antibi0tikk Offline antibi0tikk
    antibi0tikk (Sergei) April 18 2022 01: 43
    Oh baby! Oybida whata! I feel sorry for the Brits!
    Yes, sra .... I wanted to sneeze on them! Anglo-Saxons? Nope, Anglos!
    As Nikonov says, the economy of candy wrappers has ended, the economy of real production has begun. Whether the British support anti-Russian sanctions or against them - generally a drum! In addition to Jaguar and British Petroleum, can anyone name any normal English product? The decrepit queen with a fascist family of degenerates and English football do not need to be named, they are of no use! You can’t feed your family with them and you won’t warm them.
    Now, in order for the people to be fed and warmed, they really need to go to work, it’s just not possible to rob.