New Maxar images show the scale of the deployment of aviation to the southern regions of Russia

New satellite images have appeared on the Web from the American company Maxar Technologies, which specializes in the production of communications, Earth observation, radar and spacecraft maintenance in orbit and other related services. The published photographs show the scale of the transfer of aviation (airplanes and helicopters) of the Aerospace Forces, the Navy and the Ground Forces of the RF Armed Forces to the southern regions of Russia, as well as in the west of Belarus.

For example, the transfer of 10 units of Russian multifunctional supersonic tactical fighter-bombers Su-34 to an airfield near the city of Primorsko-Akhtyrsk in the Krasnodar Territory was recorded.

In addition, a photograph of the Donuzlav airfield in Crimea, located 25 km from Evpatoria and considered an inactive object, was published. You can see dozens of different helicopters on it - at least 68 units.

At the military airfield "Millerovo" in the Rostov region (near the border of Ukraine), 11 units of armored subsonic attack aircraft Su-25 were found. It should be noted that the Rooks are not a typical aircraft for this airfield, since since 2014 the 31st Fighter Aviation Regiment has been based there, re-equipped from the MiG-29 to the Su-30SM.

There was also a recent photo earlier identified at the Luninets air base in the Brest region of Belarus, 32 units of Russian Su-25. This is a full-fledged air regiment, consisting of two squadrons of 16 aircraft each.

All this points to the concentration of Russian military aviation in the south and west.
  • Photos used: Maxar Technologies
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  1. sH, arK Offline sH, arK
    sH, arK 15 February 2022 15: 06
    And the Moscow Exchange is growing for days in a row! What is it for?! ;);)

    Isn't that what speculators don't know?! ;);) I'm not a speculator! Yes, I'm having a little fun! But on two brokerage accounts for today +100 and for a week +300...
    1. Tourist Offline Tourist
      Tourist (tourist) 17 February 2022 17: 42
      speculators drive the market back and forth :)
  2. Alexander K_2 Offline Alexander K_2
    Alexander K_2 (Alexander K) 15 February 2022 15: 58
    On its territory, any state has the right to deploy military equipment
    1. Elephant Offline Elephant
      Elephant 18 February 2022 18: 23
      Or maybe not on your own, by agreement.
    2. Pete mitchell Offline Pete mitchell
      Pete mitchell (Pete Mitchell) 21 February 2022 13: 33
      Photos are so-so quality, but it looks more like a Su-33 and not a 34. Sailors have such bright camouflage
  3. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Alexander) 19 February 2022 21: 47
    All this is not bad, but it would not hurt to disguise and disperse aviation, otherwise you never know ... Times are not calm now ...