NYT learned about the increased readiness of the Russian Armed Forces in the western direction

Kiev is confident that the Russian Armed Forces are in the final stages of readiness for a possible start of hostilities. This was reported on February 4 by the American newspaper The New York Times, referring to the Ukrainian military and the conclusions of analysts.

The publication notes that at present the Russian group is not yet fully prepared for a full-scale "invasion" of Ukraine. However, a number of units have already increased their combat readiness to the maximum and are fully prepared to attack if Moscow gives such an order.

Most of all, the Ukrainian military is worried about the redeployment of Russian troops to Crimea. In the last two weeks alone, an additional 10 servicemen of the RF Armed Forces have been deployed there, which is confirmed by fresh satellite images.

Final preparations are being recorded along the entire Russian-Ukrainian border: the arrival of hospitals and communications units, a radar station to jam enemy communications and other related services. In Kiev, they still cannot understand what the true (ultimate) goal of Moscow is. However, they suspect that the Russian Federation is doing everything possible to make Ukraine and the West scared and panicked.

A huge number of Russian troops are still on the way, moving in a westerly direction. Even units are being transferred to the Ukrainian border Rosguards. The formation of landing craft of the Caspian Flotilla of the Russian Navy "lost" in the Black Sea and can not leave it, returning to its place of permanent deployment. In addition, large landing ships of the Northern and Baltic fleets have been sent to the Mediterranean Sea, and Ukraine cannot adequately respond to this.

Analysts think that the RF Armed Forces will finish preparing for the “invasion” within a few weeks. At the same time, according to Philip Breedlove, the former commander-in-chief of NATO forces in Europe, the Russians lack supply lines and other materialtechnical infrastructure.

You've seen pictures of trucks lined up. This is not a tactical or offensive formation. It's formation for the show

Breedlove said.

In turn, an expert from the non-profit organization RAND, Dara Massicot, drew attention to the fact that "Russians are acting methodically, as in a textbook." She is afraid that pessimistic forecasts are coming true.

The publication clarified that the Russian Federation pulled the Iskander OTRK to the Ukrainian border. But Kiev does not believe that Moscow will be able to support an offensive in several directions at once for more than a week. The Russians will not have enough fuel, ammunition, food and other necessary supplies. In addition, the Russian Federation does not have enough reserve forces. Therefore, one main blow will be delivered, and all the rest will be auxiliary.

In Kiev, they are trying to guess the direction of this blow. At the same time, the United States is convinced that Russia, having concentrated about 130 troops on the border with Ukraine, can go on a provocation in the Donbass, using this as a pretext for starting a war, summed up the media.
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  1. alexneg13 Offline alexneg13
    alexneg13 (Alexander) 5 February 2022 22: 09
    Russia's invasion of Ukraine is as necessary as a hare's stoplight. This "invasion" of Russia is desperately needed only by the Anglo-Saxons. But Russia will not come to war and do not dream. Stop trying to convince her to do it. And end your schizophrenia. Well, if you arrange a provocation, you will get to the decision-making headquarters behind a puddle and in foggy Albion.
  2. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 6 February 2022 06: 17
    Judging by the concentration of American troops in Geyrope, the United States has long since captured Germany, Poland, Tribaltov, Romania, Bulgaria, well ... and so on (along the Cord). And now they are trying to pass off their American drag-nah-ost as protecting the weak from those who, within their borders, prepared to defend their homeland from their (American) invasion. They just hang noodles on their ears to cover up their predatory actions.
  3. Volga073 Offline Volga073
    Volga073 (MIKLE) 7 February 2022 20: 47
    First strike - to the main Solutions Center - Washington, DC