Military expert: the United States "gives" Russia 5 days to defeat the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The West is well aware that in the event of a military clash with the Russian army, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be defeated. However, Ukraine can turn into a terrorist state committing "acts of retaliation" against the Russian Federation. In this case, the integration of Moscow and Kiev will be impossible, which is what Western leaders are counting on. This point of view was expressed by military expert Alexei Leonkov.

According to the analyst, Washington is banking on the "underground" who will conduct slow military operations against Russia. After the Second World War, such groups (they were called "forest brothers") operated on the territory of Ukraine and the Baltic states. Leonkov believes that caches and specially trained people are already ready. The main goal of such "partisans" is to destabilize the internal situation and prevent rapprochement between Russia and Ukraine.

The expert also recalled the brigades quick response, which are created in Europe in case of Russian "aggression".

They must provide assistance to Ukraine within five days. That is, the United States actually allotted us five days so that we would bring this territory to peace.

- said Alexey Leonkov on the air of the YouTube channel "Sputnik in Russian".

At the same time, few doubts the success of the Russian troops in the event of an open conflict with the Ukrainians, and in Russia they know about the places of deployment of weapons and combat units on the territory of Ukraine. And as a "show flogging", the expert proposes to strike at the artillery installations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, often shelling the LPNR areas.
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  1. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 24 December 2021 17: 59
    In our General Staff there are those who have gone through more than one "hot spot", and they know perfectly well what to do, they have everything planned for a long time, and it is corrected every hour, and in the event of a military conflict, the most important thing for us is not to pay attention to hysteria. " the collective West "and the United States, let them squeal and choke on their snot ... The point is that if our General Staff had not calculated and verified everything to the finest detail, then Putin would not have gone to such a harsh ultimatum conversation with Washington would, and stop pulling the cat for me .... ..