The Polish military began to shoot over the heads of the refugees

On November 9, the Belarusian media informed the international community that the Polish military began firing firearms over the heads of refugees on Belarusian territory. Thus, Poland committed not only an act of blatant barbarism towards unarmed people fleeing the countries destroyed by NATO, but also harmed interstate relations with neighboring Belarus.

As evidence, the Belarusians published a video on the Web, in the frames of which you can see a Polish security officer who, for no apparent reason, opens fire from a machine gun towards refugees from the Middle East through a fence at the border. The security officer fires two rounds, and the frightened people are pressed to the ground.

Why the security official did this is unknown. The refugees did not commit any illegal actions. Therefore, we can assume that the Poles have decided to expand the "range" of measures of psychological and other impact on already unhappy people.

According to the State Border Committee of Belarus, shots were heard from the adjacent side all last night, the Polish security forces also turned on loudspeakers, searchlights and stroboscopes (a device for reproducing bright light pulses).

On the Belarusian-Polish border near the Kuznitsa checkpoint, against the backdrop of impending frost, a whole camp with refugees has formed, in which now there are 2-4 thousand people. Warsaw pulled about 12 thousand security officials from various departments into this area.

A line of Polish security forces and various equipment... November 8 Poles plentifully They "treated" refugees with tear gas until many of them fell ill. In addition, the Poles even tried to disperse the refugees using the air waves from the blades of the helicopter. It’s amazing why the Poles still haven’t used the tanks that are nearby.
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  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 9 November 2021 16: 46
    The Polish military began to shoot over the heads of the refugees

    - And what, the Poles should to this horde - to distribute coupons for enhanced food (as "Murovsky Zheglov" used to say), or what ???
    - In general, how did this whole ..... end up in Belarus ??? - Why not in Saudi Arabia, or in Qatar, or in the Emirates, or in Egypt ??? - After all, the climate there seems to be much warmer and there are "all our own" - "fellow Muslims", "solid brothers" ...
    1. beeper Offline beeper
      beeper 9 November 2021 21: 07
      Inspired by this your, Mrs Irina, with the comment "about refugees", the mega-cynical "black anecdote" of the Brezhnev times:

      Hitler's concentration camp, the chimney of the crematorium is smoking thickly, there is a long queue from the arriving "train", as if "for disinfection in the showers" ... and a sleek SS officer (similar to Stirlitz from "17 Moments" ), all in black, with a skull on his cap ... then a little boy with a kitten in his arms runs out of the crematorium line to him:
      - "Uncle, can I take a cat with me ?!"
      the SS man, measuring the boy with an admiring glance, already as his own:
      -"Ooo sadduga! Well, take it! "

      And "about the shots" on the border line, "towards the neighboring country" is already a border incident that deserves the closest attention and serious investigation on both sides!
      The bullets shot "over their heads" fly far and may well find their accidental victim on the Belarusian side-Kill or wound! Not this, so next time, God forbid!
    2. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
      Ulysses (Alexey) 9 November 2021 21: 58
      - And what, the Poles should to this horde - to distribute coupons for enhanced food (as "Murovsky Zheglov" used to say), or what ???

      Not only coupons, but also medical support and comfortable transport to the borders of Germany (in Poland, these victims of democratization are in no hurry to settle).
      Otherwise, what are all the slogans of Western democracy worth ??

      We came to your countries, freed your dictators from totalitarianism (along the way, sharply lowering the standard of living) and washed our hands ??? sad

      PS The Poles gladly took part in all the US "democratizations" of the post-Soviet period.
      It's time to collect stones ..
    3. Bitter Offline Bitter
      Bitter 10 November 2021 11: 41
      Let's wait until the refugees start shooting in response, it seems that there are more than one Kurdish partisan burning bonfires. Desperate people can be very dangerous.
  2. Bitter Offline Bitter
    Bitter 9 November 2021 22: 16
    Poland ..... hurt interstate relations with neighboring Belarus.

    So there is still something left to harm? Funny laughing