Avakov's resignation: the United States begins to implement the "B" plan for Ukraine

Epigraph: “I came to change the country, and not to negotiate with everyone” (President of Ukraine V. A. Zelensky).

In its previous text I made fun of a man who considers himself the President of Ukraine, mixing it with slop and putting it all on public display. But the events that followed this made me doubt how much I was right in these judgments.

What does it mean and who is behind Avakov's resignation

We are talking about the sudden, bomb-like resignation of the Minister of the Interior Ministry of Independence, unsinkable Arsen Avakov, who held this post for 7 years and outlived two presidents and four prime ministers. If we say that he was the gray eminence of Ukraine, this is to say nothing. It is unclear whether he was with the President of Ukraine or the President of Ukraine was with him. People like Avakov are usually said to have been, of course, not the first, but certainly not the second!

It was thanks to the support of the Minister of the Interior that Zelensky was able to take office in 2019, when he did not allow Peta Poroshenko to use the "nets" he had and falsify the presidential elections. It is clear that Avakov then acted not on his own initiative, but fulfilling the will of the overseas curators. And it is also clear that the removal of such a character without the permission of these same curators could not have happened either.

And yet, it all happened suddenly. Nobody expected this. At least for now. What happened looked more like a secret special operation. Judge for yourself, Kent is coming to Ukraine in Kiev to replace Charge d'Affaires of the United States Christina Queen, who left home to prepare Zelensky's visit. Kent meets with Avakov, after which Avakov writes a letter of resignation. Is it suspicious? George Kent is a very high-ranking official, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, knows everyone and everything in Kiev, where he served two cadences (the first - from 2004 to 2007 as Deputy Head of the Political Department of the Embassy, ​​the second - from 2015 to 2018 years, deputy US ambassador to Ukraine), and if such a person is thrown to Ukraine to replace a 4th rank official during his absence, which should last no more than a month, it means that Washington's plans for Kiev have changed dramatically. And we know exactly when it happened - June 16, 2021. There is an internal agreement between Washington and Moscow on Ukraine or not, we can only guess, but the White House already now, without waiting for Zelensky's visit, is starting to implement its plan "B" (reset). Why Kent hastily arrives in Kiev.

Kent is not Christina Queen for you, he is not going to play spillikins with anyone. He just doesn't have time for that. He starts right off the bat to implement the "Reset" plan. Avakov's head flew first. This happened so unexpectedly that all local analysts and experts were simply lost in their assessments of this event. It is very difficult to single out a reasonable grain from their number, it is easier to simply weed out the initially delusional versions.

Nonsense # 1

The first nonsense I heard was that Avakov was leaving his post for the post of mayor of Kharkov, for which the acting mayor secretary of the Kharkov City Council Igor Terekhov and the former governor of the Kharkov region, now unemployed Mikhail Dobkin, are now fighting. The version is delusional, because for the former Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the mayor's chair, even in such a city as Kharkov, is a step backward. For the sake of such seats, they do not leave the post of head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Yes, and Igor Terekhov is Avakov's man, why should he sit down on him (however, with the departure of Avakov, Terekhov's chances for the post have slightly decreased, but there is a game there).

Nonsense # 2

The second nonsense is even more nonsense than the first. According to her, the allegedly touchy Zelensky was jealous of Avakov for George Kent, and did not forgive him that the American envoy met him first, and not with the president of Ukraine. Indeed, Kent and Avakov have known each other for a long time, and the first person he met in the capital of Ukraine, Kent, was the Minister of the Interior. I will not even comment on this nonsense. For this they do not fire (especially since Avakov resigned himself!).

Nonsense # 3

Avakov resigned himself in anticipation of an autumn aggravation associated with the planned increase in housing and communal services tariffs, in order to remove Zelensky's power in the wake of protests and take his place himself. This is also a version that does not stand up to criticism. And what prevents him from taking the presidency from the post of the most powerful security minister? It's already silly to mention the colossal anti-rating of Avakov himself. This version also has a subversion - Avakov plans to take not the chair of the President, but the chair of the Prime Minister. At the same time, the current speaker of Rada Razumkov will become the president. This version is closer to the truth (both of these characters were the only ones in the NSDC who allowed themselves to vote against its decisions). Dmitry Razumkov has a chance to become president, but why should Avakov leave the post of Minister of Internal Affairs for this, I don’t know?

Nonsense # 4

Nonsense number four is so cute that even I am ready to believe in it: Zelensky has strengthened to such an extent that he began to subjugate power and devour everyone who stands in his way.

I came to change the country, not negotiate with everyone

- these are his words from an interview with 1 + 1 TV channel, where he comments on the latest decisions of the NSDC.

And indeed, the National Security and Defense Council, headed by the former veterinarian-paramedic of the subsidiary farm of the Lugansk plant of fruit and mineral waters, Alexei Danilov (he was not too lazy, he quoted his position so that you could see all the worthlessness of these arbiters of the destinies of the Ukrainian people), and so, the NSDC with as a paramedic at the head, he became that lifesaver, with the help of which the unyielding president began to break all his competitors through the knee, trampling even the Constitution, which he wanted to spit on.

As a result, political the field was so cleared that no one was left there. Putin's godfather Medvedchuk is under house arrest and regularly goes to the courts - now he has no time to deal with the country. Media and business resources have been taken away from him - as a result, the rating of his Opposition Platform falls and will soon equal the rating of Petit Poroshenko and his European Solidarity, which is also not a competitor to Invincible Ze. If the curators give the go-ahead, they will also change their chair in the Rada to the dock and from there will nurture their presidential ambitions. All this allows Arrogant Ze to declare:

My electoral competitors are bad roads, war and poverty. I have no other competitors!

And this is the pure truth. After all these actions, his rating soared to 30% and is almost 2 times ahead of the ratings of his closest competitors, whom he can always send to the dock if he wishes. And to consider the mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko as a competitor from the politics of the mayor of Kiev, who has not even learned to speak without mistakes, is somehow not even funny.

By all appearances, over the past two years after his election, our Pathetic Ze has grown mature, got a taste and really enjoys what he does. Money for him is not the main thing here, it is not Petty Poroshenko, greedy for them, his drug here is power, it is with it that he revels and it is precisely this that he is not going to give to anyone. In the previous text, I gave a list of his contacts only for the last two weeks - there is also the Chairman of the PRC, Comrade Si, and the prime ministers of Canada and Great Britain Trudeau and Johnson, there is also Madame Merkel with her Steinmeier, and Recep Erdogan with the NATO Secretary General. Somewhere imperceptibly among them hid His Holiness the Pope with his Secretary of State of the Holy See, Cardinal Pietre Parolin. At the same time, I do not even mention the leaders of such great countries as the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Georgia. Agree, from the above names, few people will not blow their minds. And our hero is no exception.

Zelensky is fully consistent with the Napoleon complex, and he has no less ambitions. Whatever one may say, but from nature you will not leave, she commands the actions of these pitiful people. He will show himself to you! At least in the “95th quarter,” he established himself as a complete tyrant, he did not stand on ceremony with his subordinates, he could raise his voice, except for his closest friends he wiped out everyone. And friends, if they refused to look into his mouth, could very quickly become exes. Full autocracy, total leadership, there are only two opinions - mine and wrong. I don’t want to draw parallels, but it all reminds me of Vladimir Putin at the dawn of his career. Also, no one took it seriously, Berezovsky, who moved him and lobbied before the "family", thought that he would be an obedient pawn in his hands. Well, where is this Berezovsky now ?! Where are all the oligarchs who ruled during the seven-bankers? There are no others, but those are far away ... All who did not accept Putin's rules of the game are already out of it. Putin has done his job on the sly. Then he took up the outer contour - now the collective Obama and Biden are raking it out. And they will rake it out! I would not underestimate Zelenskiy. Let's see how he treats his Pope Carlo Benya Kolomoisky. Putin did not give up his. I'm talking about Yeltsin, and not about Berezovsky now I'm talking about. Putin remembers the good and does not give up his own people (this is the question of the Yeltsin Center). I think that Wile Ze Benyu will not surrender either. Will zip.

Fortunately, the situation is conducive to this. Fools are usually lucky. The current situation on the world commodity markets at the moment is such that Ukraine with its three main export items of income (ore, grain and sunflower oil) has already covered the negative trade balance, and also reduced it to a historical minimum in the balance of payments. For the first time in many years, a budget surplus will be recorded in the country of zhovto-blakit benches by the end of the year, which allows Mediocre Ze to refuse IMF loans and look optimistically into the future. Foolish Ze does not understand that all this is temporary. He thinks that he has grabbed God by the beard and is already dreaming of a second presidential term, tightening the screws for his disenfranchised population. Well, what a fool with a dummy bagaty! But it should be noted that as a result of all these factors, the levers of pressure on him from his overseas curators have diminished. The main one has disappeared - economic... And he does not have personal assets, the weaning of which could frighten the frail Zelensky. Therefore, it is possible to keep him in check only by frightening the fate of the President of Haiti.

From here the power resource now comes to the fore. Who owns it - he owns the world. And as a result of Avakov's resignation in the country of evergreen tomatoes, part of him became ownerless. During his time as Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Avakov subordinated the National Guard and the Border Service to himself, thus, taking into account the size of the apparatus of the Ministry of Internal Affairs itself, which exceeded 300 thousand people, as well as paramilitary units subordinate to the Minister of Internal Affairs personally, such as the National Corps and the Azov regiment, in the hands of Avakov's real power was concentrated. With his departure, she was left without a boss. And if it is still possible to come to an agreement with the apparatus of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, by appointing a new Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, subordinate to the Office of the President, and reassigning the National Guard and the Border Service to himself, then what to do with the paramilitaries? These Ryom militants, fed by Avakov, tied with blood and insolent from their own impunity, will take down any power and exalt their henchman to it (and who said that they could not be the same Avakov or Biletsky, why don't you Pinochet?). And then the fate of the President of Haiti will seem like a Christmas fairy tale to Zelensky.

It was not for nothing that I gave the example of Ryom's militants. The situation is very similar to the events of Germany in the summer of 1934. Then, during the Night of Long Knives, Hitler dealt with the leaders of the SA and not only with them (on the sly, people who had nothing to do with the SA were physically eliminated, I mean some politicians of the Weimar Republic, longtime opponents of the Nazis). Zelensky faces the same dilemma. Now is the perfect time to deal with this avenging sword of the Hydration Revolution that has been sharpened against him. Representatives of the National Corps and the Azov regiment have already come to the Office of the President, offering their services. The office is still thinking. It is very tempting to outbid them, but where are the guarantees that they will not betray? There are ideological fighters there, they hate Zelensky no less than Putin. To negotiate with them is the same as with Caesar's killers, when the time comes - they will come for him too.

Biden's plan for Ukraine

The reality in the land of evergreen tomatoes is that Zelenskiy is very weak. He cannot lean on anyone. Nobody, neither him, nor his power, if anything, will not protect. He has no power resource from the word "absolutely". His personal rating, if anything, will not save him. For those who have forgotten, I will remind you that Yanukovych hastily left the country, fleeing the persecution of angry Ukrainian Tontons Macoutes, having an even higher rating than the one that Silly Ze now has. The safety of Zelensky's personal life will literally depend only on how quickly he reaches the conditional Canadian border. Therefore, the Americans know what they are doing, rocking the throne under it, frightening them with a threat to their personal safety. A subtle game is going on.

Above, I gave parallels, comparing Zelensky to Vladimir Putin at the dawn of his career. When Putin came to power, the first thing he did was to end the war in Chechnya by reaching an agreement with Kadyrov. Therefore, if Zelensky wants to repeat the path of Putin, he will have to negotiate with Putin. But will his curators allow him to do this? I doubt it very much. They didn’t take power in Ukraine into their hands 7 years ago in order to give it away so ineptly. They do not need peace in the Donbass, but the opportunity to keep power in Ukraine under their control for as long as possible and to frighten the insane little Russia, from under which they can knock out some goodies they need, forcing the Russian Federation to pay for this banquet.

It was for this purpose that the envoy of the US State Department arrived in Ukraine. And from his first steps, one can assume that Pathetic Ze is completely satisfied with Washington. A young stupid, but at the same time terribly ambitious president who can be easily controlled by placing his people in key positions. That is why the Americans were not satisfied with Arsen Avakov - too seasoned, too smart, with unlimited power resources, which he used at his own discretion, but not at all in the interests of the United States, but in the interests of the oligarchs close to him, among whom in the first place was the hated Benya Kolomoisky. It just so happened that it was the Ukrainian oligarchs who, defending their trough and access to it, played in the national interests of Ukraine, to which transnational corporations had already made their mouths. And since Sleepy Joe is their protégé, the fight against the Ukrainian oligarchy is the No. 1 task for him. The stupid and weak Unfunny Clown is the best performer for this task, the dream of any Karabas-Barabas. Will complete the task (I have already completed the sale of agricultural land!) - they will allow you to fall into the master's boot in order to kiss him. If he does not fulfill it, they will find a right to him quickly, they can change it, if that. The decrepit hegemon still has enough instruments of pressure on the pale-faced natives and their leader.

Nobody in the USA is going to transfer this asset to the Russian Federation. The Americans came here in earnest and for a long time. No need to build any illusions! In support of these words, I will inform you insider information received through diplomatic channels that the State Department envoy will stay in Ukraine not until the end of July, as previously reported, but until the official appointment of a new US Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Ukraine, which should take place in October-November this year. ... And this shows that the situation can be much more interesting than just a banal replacement of one diplomat with another during a vacation.

And how successful Kent will be in these actions, we will be able to judge by whether Zelensky's visit to the United States takes place or is postponed indefinitely until Ze fulfills the requirements of the curators (in Washington, he was promised a meeting with the White Lord in the summer, but at the same time he did not they said how, summer is an extensible concept, it can happen in 2022-23). But even this situation is not a stalemate for our hero - he can always change the curators and lie, for example, near London and Ankara (and a trend in this direction has already been outlined). Moreover, Biden completely got out of hand. Recently, I held talks with the villainous Putin, without talking to him, Zelensky. And this at a time when he, Zelensky, had not yet forgiven Biden for giving the go-ahead for the completion of SP-2. I suspect that a major international scandal is brewing, and Zelensky will stop eating semolina in protest. And brush your teeth! Or has he stopped brushing his teeth? And then Kent arrives with a new tube of toothpaste. I do not exclude that our hero will have problems with his teeth very soon ...

That's all for me. Not saying goodbye.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 22 July 2021 08: 57
    Well, the situation is about the same as in the Russian Empire after the February Revolution. Kerensky-Zelensky still rules the country. But, perhaps, the agitators in the troops are already doing their job. And then, how will it turn out - will the Tsrushniki allow a new coup to take place or the world will look at an alternative to what is happening in the second half of 2. When and if suddenly Kerensky-Zelensky remains in power, and the October coup is strangled in the bud.
    As far as we know, then the money for the coup went to Trotsky from American banks ...
    1. Sergey Demin_2 Offline Sergey Demin_2
      Sergey Demin_2 (Sergey Dyomin) 31 July 2021 23: 32
      агитаторы в войсках уже делают свое дело

      какие агитаторы? для агитации нужна ИДЕЯ! в укровойсках одна идея-воровать и грабить. 404 в стадии разложения и распада, элиты понимают что всё ,приехали и воруют как в последний раз,если к власти придёт очередной презик ничего не изменится украина будет тонуть,придут нацисты незалежная пойдёт ко дну намного быстрее
  2. Alsur Offline Alsur
    Alsur (Alexey) 22 July 2021 09: 25
    Lyad, the ending of the text is enchanting, he chuckled, thanks to the author.
  3. Malwa Offline Malwa
    Malwa 22 July 2021 15: 42
    The article is cleverly written, thanks to the author-Author: Vladimir Volkonsky And the comparisons are correct Writes not for those who love fairy tales ... Thank you

    It would be better to choose a Russian pseudonym, and not Polish-Bolkonsky, Shimansky, Gaivoronsky, etc. For example Osenev, Yasenev, Bagirov, Sokol, Zimin - all are short and beautiful --- Russian
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Wolf) 22 July 2021 18: 30
      finally, the princes Volkonsky are an old Russian noble family, thank you for the compliment!
  4. Radziminsky Victor (Radziminsky Victor) 22 July 2021 20: 14
    Of course, dear Wolf, in order for it to be convenient to dispose of this territory, transnational corporations need to remove strong national "masters" and
    leave 2 - 3 local transnational "partners".
    Competitive games between the United States and Britain-Turkey - well, these are, in principle, trifles - to whom, where
    place your military base.
    That is what is most important in these games on the territory of Ukraine - who of THEM works to oust China from Ukraine, and who cooperates with Chinese capital.
    Because if Britain-Turkey or the United States, in agreement with China, master the Ukrainian
    territory, then this is a very dangerous strategy for Russia.
    This is a plan for ENVIRONMENT of Russia by transnational corporations.
    This is a strategy of control along the perimeter of Russia's borders.
    And we do not yet know what plans for the use of the Ukrainian territory by the transnational corporations of the United States, Britain and China.
    Let me note that the listing of the names of the alleged "presidents" of Ukraine -
    does not decorate the texts of your interesting articles.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Wolf) 22 July 2021 20: 34
      Let me note that the listing of the names of the alleged "presidents" of Ukraine -

      I don’t quite understand what kind of presidents we are talking about? And regarding TNK and who is here to whom Rabinovich, here is the text
      it consists of two, this is the end, the link to the beginning is there
      1. Radziminsky Victor (Radziminsky Victor) 22 July 2021 21: 46
        Thanks for the link.
        Sorry, I'm talking about the endless - "Ze", Yanukovych, some Petya, - what are they, in these
        global games ...
        They are of interest only to the official Ukrainian propaganda, - "We have a president,
        and he made a decision ... "Leave it to Ukrainian television.
        Imagine - Ukrainian Comedian starred in Hollywood comedy and Premier Avakov
        watching it on television. So what?
        But it is important - what is the danger for Russia from the unfolding processes
        On the territory of Ukraine.
        And of course there will be dictators in Ukraine.
        1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
          Volkonsky (Wolf) 22 July 2021 22: 17
          Here are the latest on your topic
          1. Radziminsky Victor (Radziminsky Victor) 23 July 2021 02: 26
            Thank you for your responsiveness.
            In our time, communicating with People is a rarity - both pleasant and interesting.
            "Big Nix" - important, "cool" - but risky.
            You can smash for a long time and ironically ... smash ... if someone gets aroused.
    2. Sergey Stepanov Offline Sergey Stepanov
      Sergey Stepanov (Sergey Stepanov) 24 July 2021 02: 48
      ... And we do not yet know what plans for the use of the Ukrainian territory by the transnational corporations of the USA, Britain and China ...

      Transnational corporations cannot have any plans for the development of any territory while there are armed formations that can take from them everything that they can invest in this territory within a couple of days, therefore, today, no transcorporation has no plan for the development of the territory called Ukraine and, most likely, taking into account the public announcement by the leadership of the Russian Federation of new types of weapons that have successfully passed the tests, this territory will become part of the LPNR, since, in my opinion, at the meeting between Putin and Baden already there was a redistribution of the spheres of influence of the World and in view of the lack of effective defense systems in the United States, not in favor of the United States.
  5. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 23 July 2021 02: 11
    Why does Avakov need all this? An overseas bloke came and asked, insistently, "you are, let’s resign, we’ll scare the green one and put him under control." Avakov, who has real power, just averted himself? And what was he promised?
    It is possible all the same that Zelensky is an American project and that the Americans decided to over their shoulder, as they say, to reform the country. Everyone knows that the West is dissatisfied with the Ukrainian reforms. And everyone knows that Zelensky, like a crucian carp among sharks, swam all this time. The USA decided that the circus was enough, it was necessary to put things in order here in this bedlam. They will take away the power of the oligarchs (already in the process), remove all system kings (Avakov) and try to make Ukraine something like a country, so that as an example the Russians would be like. Avakov left perhaps because the dastardly American brought significant compromising evidence on Avakov (from the depths of the CIA and NSA) or hinted to him that the roads in Ukraine are bad and it is dangerous to drive fast ... anything can be, but the fact that Zelensky is an American project cannot be ruled out ...
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Wolf) 23 July 2021 03: 52
      there are no independent players in ukraine, everyone has compromising evidence, avakov is the most
  6. Sergey P._3 Offline Sergey P._3
    Sergey P._3 (Sergey Pospelov) 23 July 2021 08: 52
    Zelensky, Poroshenko, no matter who, the fact is that the country has lost itself, albeit ... but a country. American friendship, in all its beauty. And maybe not American, the latest events in the hearth of democracy, also degradation. Sleepy Joe, it's funny if it weren't for the nuclear button. Who is behind it all.
    1. Radziminsky Victor (Radziminsky Victor) 25 July 2021 20: 45
      Ukrainian political scientists trying to understand who rules Ukraine think so. -
      The "Washington Regional Committee" has aircraft carriers, missiles and a large mobile army.
      And the "Central Committee" is in London.
      It is the various special services of Britain, Canada and Turkey that are actively working, now
      and for a long time, on the territory of Ukraine.
      The purpose of these special services is to launch from the territory of Ukraine a wave of subversive, terrorist, "cyber", intelligence and propaganda activities - inside Russia.
      There are plenty of unemployed, but "active" nationalists for this in Ukraine.
      And of course, it is important that Britain, and possibly the United States, is doing well in Chinese corporations. BUT this is a risky topic and here are some questions.
      The bad news is that there is NO Russian information about active activity in Ukraine.
  7. Gosha Smirnov Offline Gosha Smirnov
    Gosha Smirnov (Smirnov) 28 July 2021 02: 25
    great article and almost everything to the point!