Biden invited Putin to meet in person

US President Joe Biden invited Russian leader Vladimir Putin to hold a personal summit meeting to discuss the problematic issues that have accumulated between the two countries. The initiative to meet in the next few months in any "third country" was voiced during a telephone conversation, as stated in a release on the White House website on April 13, 2021.

Washington clarified that the heads of state had time to discuss various topics by telephone, including issues of arms control and international stability.

Biden stressed that Washington will defend its state interests in response to Moscow's "illegal actions", which mean "hacker attacks and interference in elections." He noted that the United States is in favor of maintaining Ukraine's independence, and expressed concern about the disproportionate increase in the Russian army forces near the Ukrainian border. Then he called for a relaxation of the situation.

The Kremlin explained that the above telephone conversation took place on the initiative of the White House. This is stated in the message on the website of the head of the Russian state.

It was noted that the parties thoroughly discussed the state of US-Russian relations and topical issues on the international agenda. Moscow and Washington expressed their desire to continue the dialogue on the most important aspects of global security. At the same time, the American side is most interested in: arms control, Iran's nuclear program, the situation in Afghanistan and global climate change.

In addition, the Kremlin added that Biden expressed interest in normalizing relations. He confirmed his previously done invitation Putin to take part in the Climate Summit, which is to be held online on April 22-23.

In turn, Putin set out the internal Ukrainian problems on the basis of the Minsk agreements. After that, both leaders agreed to give instructions to their subordinates so that they qualitatively work through all the issues raised during this conversation.
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  1. Alexander Betonkin April 13 2021 22: 22
    Some strange Biden, sometimes he calls Putin a killer, sometimes he invites him to the summit. In general, we have correctly said that the dialogue between the presidents is on the air. This is where everything will fall into place.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  2. Pilot Offline Pilot
    Pilot (Pilot) April 13 2021 23: 03
    I do not believe. Some kind of fairy tale.
  3. Rostislav Offline Rostislav
    Rostislav (Rostislav) April 13 2021 23: 10
    Biden expressed interest in normalizing relations

    having announced a new package of sanctions against Russia. Just like that "Romeo" - beats, it means he loves.
  4. zzdimk Offline zzdimk
    zzdimk April 13 2021 23: 49
    Putin should meet with Sleepy Joe in Crimea. Only on such conditions is a conversation possible.
    1. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) April 14 2021 17: 59
      Yalta, by the way, is a good place, proven ...
  5. Netyn Offline Netyn
    Netyn (Netyn) April 13 2021 23: 55
    Biden invited Putin to meet in person

    Hear Putin, let's go out let's talk ... Lol))
    1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat (What's the difference) April 14 2021 01: 57
      In fact, there was a conversation. If we exclude the "blah blah blah" of the Russian media to "soften" and show everything in the "best" for Russia "light", then in the original, Biden simply warned Putin not to interfere in the impending events in Ukraine, otherwise it would not be just bad , but it is very "bad" and demanded, not "asked" to withdraw Russian troops from the border, otherwise it would be regarded as preparation of Russia for military operations.
      1. Old Skeptic Offline Old Skeptic
        Old Skeptic (Old Skeptic) April 14 2021 12: 37
        And Putin, put on these requirements. Sleepy, in principle, able to voice a "demanding tone" or mumbled menacingly?
      2. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
        Ulysses (Alexey) April 14 2021 18: 58
        Biden simply warned Putin not to interfere in the impending events in Ukraine, otherwise it would be not just bad, but very "bad" and demanded, not "asked" to withdraw Russian troops from the border

        For a long time Biden begged "friend Volodya" not to spoil the last years of his life.
        Putin once again wished "friend Joe" good health.
  6. Eskimo Offline Eskimo
    Eskimo (Gera) April 14 2021 06: 44
    Look, my opinion is that Biden has decided to settle the matter of Russia once and for all, including the possibility of first nuclear strike. He realized meanwhile that the Russian army can move faster than thought by NATO, and now he wants to earn time for a similar military preparation of NATO. By the term NATO, we mean Turkey because of the size of its army. Biden and NATO are powerless without Turkey. But, Turkey wants in exchange the control of eastern Mediterranean. NATO will be fully operational and attack Russia from Finland to Ukraine and Turkey, once the matter of sea control is "somehow" resolved.
    1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) April 14 2021 10: 44
      For Gera: - Turkey's control over the eastern Mediterranean is over Greece and the former. Yugoslavia mean? And Biden will agree to this? Or do you mean Syria, Israel, Lebanon and Libya?
    2. Old Skeptic Offline Old Skeptic
      Old Skeptic (Old Skeptic) April 14 2021 12: 46
      How do you generally imagine the rapid transfer of Turkish troops to Geyropu or generally to the borders of Russia? Well, technically. How?
  7. Anatoly Osipov Offline Anatoly Osipov
    Anatoly Osipov (osipov) April 14 2021 07: 13
    That's all right on the head does not allow to think adequately. All to give them orders. As long as they live with a complex of exceptional people, it will be hard with them
  8. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) April 14 2021 10: 47
    The initiative to meet in the next few months in any "third country"

    For example organize this meeting in China. It is approximately equally distant from Washington and Moscow. And who's to say that China is not a "third" country? Or should I say in any "first" country except the Russian Federation and the United States?
    1. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) April 14 2021 18: 01
      Hainan, by the way, is a wonderful place, I recommend ...
  9. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
    Kofesan (Valery) April 14 2021 17: 38
    Does Russia need this meeting? No, it is a fact that a reduction in the level of confrontation is necessary. But are the Americans pursuing this very goal by this meeting? I'm sure not. This means that there will be an attempt at another "divorce" of Putin. And in his face and Russia.

    And what should both sides beware of before this meeting? From what steps?

    Maybe the very process of preparing for this unpromising meeting is more important than the result? Everything is muddy.
    So nothing good will come out of this muddy water. And you don't have to wait.
    Well, then a bolt with him, with this can then.
  10. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
    Ulysses (Alexey) April 14 2021 18: 45
    Brief scenario of future negotiations.

  11. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) April 15 2021 20: 31
    Against the background of the aggression of the Sshasovites, a normal state would have sent Biden to hell.
  12. Vanya Pupkin Offline Vanya Pupkin
    Vanya Pupkin (vanya pupkin) April 15 2021 20: 45
    meaning to meet in person? sleepy Joe solves nothing alone! This is a screen!