What concessions will Lukashenka have to make for the sake of Russian aid

Ex-SBU officer, reserve lieutenant colonel, Ukrainian conflictologist and political expert Vladimir Mulyk on the air of the YouTube channel PolitWera told what concessions the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko will make in order to help Russia.

Mulyk believes that Lukashenka will have to give up rhetoric that Russia does not like in order to retain the post of head of state for the next five years.

"Old Man" is now over such a stretch and abyss, but he will come to an agreement with the Russians calmly. They will give him the opportunity to sit out for the next years, and he will get rid of the rhetoric that they do not like

- he considers.

The expert noted that two groups of different Russian specialists have already arrived in Minsk to help guide the processes in the country in a constructive direction. This happened after the telephone conversation of the Belarusian leader with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

One group began to work in place of Belarusians, countering Lukashenka's opponents through the media, security and counterintelligence. At the same time, another group of Russians, according to the expert, is trying to convincingly convince the President of Belarus to agree to greater integration within the framework of the Union State, deciding on serious economic and political transformation.

"Old Man" will have to decide quietly one of these days. Hand over the local bourgeois and oligarchs who are with him. They are not such oligarchs in our understanding, but for Belarus they are people who influence the situation in the country. He needs to agree with the Russians how and what they will do next - on an equal footing. Will they make of these Belarusian serious people, asset holders, new Berezovskys who will run away or new Abramovichs who will not run away and will work

He summed up.

We remind you that Malyk also uncovered the role of the SBU in the incident with the detention of the "Wagnerites" in Belarus.
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  1. Dmitry S. Offline Dmitry S.
    Dmitry S. (Dmitry Sanin) 23 August 2020 10: 02
    Where do conflictologists come from in Ukraine? There are only conflict-makers!
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 23 August 2020 10: 47
    Again, some experts are coming out in all seriousness.

    For 2 weeks they have been wondering, "What concessions will have to be made ...", but he still does not go and does not go ...
    1) change the fortune-telling deck of cards?
    2) fortune-tellers with unfulfilled predictions - to Siberia, to mine uranium ore ...
  3. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 23 August 2020 11: 28
    The expert noted that two groups of different Russian specialists have already arrived in Minsk to help guide the processes in the country in a constructive direction. This happened after the telephone conversation of the Belarusian leader with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    - Yes, what kind of specialists are there ... - It is clear that Moscow brought to Minsk about ten billion dollars ... - for everything about everything ... - And this is the money of Russian taxpayers ...
    - And this money from Russian taxpayers will save not only Lo himself and the situation in Belarus itself; but ... but ... but also to save the money that Russian oligarchs have invested in ... in opposition forces (in opponents of Law himself) ... - counting on the legalization of their income in the West ... - Well, it gets Belarus in the EU (and this money can be laundered legally) ... - Well, about the same ... - as it was in Ukraine ... - all the same "hopes and aspirations" .. - Nothing new ...
    - Well, now in Belarus there is such a contradictory situation ...

    1. On the one hand ... everything seems to be clear and understandable ... - Well, calm down the people ... - promise them all the best, etc ... - after all, all these worries and a damn thing are not worth a damn;
    2. And on the other hand ... - it is necessary (for our oligarchs) to continue to rock the boat ... - after all, after all, they have "invested their own means and hope" ... - And, most likely, Lo himself here "did not stand aside" ... - But during these swaying, Law realized that he was simply "drained" and "drained" specifically ... - deadly ...
    - This Lo came to his senses and shouted for help ... - But our guarantor is now in a very difficult situation:
    1. On the one hand, our guarantor cannot go against his Russian oligarchs;
    2. On the other hand ... - our guarantor cannot give Belarus to the West ...
    - Here is such a situation ...
    - Russian money will help to sort out the situation for some time; well, and then you have to remove Law and put someone ... - like Mishustin ...
    - Today there is already a man in Belarus ... - this is the head of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus ... - a certain V.V. Makei ... - But he is an open traitor and oppositionist ... - and will not suit either one or the other ... - And "Dolly the sheep" that is now in Lithuania ... is just laughter ...
    - Moscow will have to appoint someone ... - someone like Mishustin ... - For this, the money has been prepared ...
  4. Andrei Shtyubov Offline Andrei Shtyubov
    Andrei Shtyubov (andrey pieces) 23 August 2020 14: 24
    We are tired to death, given the past .. and the present ..!
  5. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 23 August 2020 17: 18
    What is Belarus for the West - a piece of land on the border between Europe and Russia, there are not any significant rivers, seas and oceans too, for the creation of military bases, so it is not so important for NATO in our high-tech age of strategic missiles, bombers, but Ukraine is a completely different case, with its seas, albeit small, but nevertheless, and there are NATO maritime powers, and it is called the CTVD, where ships of various classes of the USA, France, Great Britain, etc., come in full swing, so that , no one will step on Father with such zeal - there is no point in shedding blood for someone because of a dry patch of land, but Belarus, as a buffer state, is simply necessary for Russia, there will be at least some time to think and to swing, to lead our troops to retaliatory actions ... But Father again in the last few days starts to stir up something, he thinks that he will carry it, and he will reign there until white slippers, but his train left, and he needs, together with Moscow, look for successors a ka who would be loyal to Moscow and give security guarantees to Lukashenka himself.