Poles about Nord Stream 2: Gazprom is already at a “low start”

Dmitry Kozak, deputy chief of staff of the Russian president, flew to Berlin on Wednesday. On the evening of that day in Russian the news it was reported that Kozak discussed with the advisers of Angela Merkel the settlement of the conflict in Donbass. But, according to the Polish edition of Gazeta Wyborcza, it could have been about Nord Stream 2.

Updated EU Gas Directive prescribes Gazprom will transport only half of the planned gas volumes through Nord Stream-2.

The German government blocked these amendments for several years, but agreed to them after allowing the German side to decide what to do with the Baltic gas pipelines of the Russian Federation. Thus, Moscow wants to achieve maximum concessions from the Federal Network Agency of Germany.

Dmitry Kozak was previously Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the Russian energy sector, so he knows the problems with the gas pipeline well. Gazeta Wyborcza believes that Gazprom is already at a “low start” - the construction of Nord Stream-2 is 93% complete, and the Akademik Chersky pipe-laying machine of Gazprom should complete it. The ship arrived from Nakhodka to the Baltic Sea, and now it is in the port of Mukran - in the logistics center of the project.

In Poland, there is no doubt that the project of a new gas string along the bottom of the Baltic Sea will be completed.
  • Used photos: gazprom.com
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  1. The Germans are greedy, they will allow you to download as much as you like - they will cut loot at the resale!
  2. Valery Markov Offline Valery Markov
    Valery Markov (valery markov) 21 May 2020 12: 52
    We must persistently strive to complete the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. And the option that it will be half loaded, according to the proverb "grandmother said in two," can be replayed over time, especially since the economy, after the pandemic, will go uphill like a "standing stallion", and energy resources will only help them. I am sure that our country will withstand, and there is no need to listen to all the balabols.