Named the names of all those killed in the AU-12 submariners

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has published a full list of officers who died on the AC-12 Losharik deep-sea vehicle. Now that their names and surnames are known, they talk about the heroes in more detail.

During the accident on the underwater vehicle, the following were lost: Hero of the Russian Federation, captain of the 1st rank Denis Dolonsky (commander of AC-12), Hero of the Russian Federation, captain of the 1st rank Filin Nikolai Ivanovich, captain of the 1st rank Abankin Vladimir Leonidovich, captain of the 1st rank Voskresensky Andrey Vladimirovich, captain of 1st rank Ivanov Konstantin Anatolyevich, captain of 1st rank Oparin Denis Aleksandrovich, captain of 1st rank Somov Konstantin Yuryevich, captain of 2nd rank Avdonin Alexander Valerievich, captain of 2nd rank Danilchenko Sergey Petrovich, captain of 2nd rank Solovye Dmitry, lieutenant colonel of medical service Alexander Vasilyev, Captain 3rd Rank Victor S. Kuzmin, Captain 3 rank Sukhinichi Vladimir G., Lieutenant Commander Michael I. Dubkov.

Named the names of all those killed in the AU-12 submariners

It was the captain of the 2nd rank Dmitry Solovyov who accomplished the feat - he saved the life of a civilian specialist by pushing him out of the ignited compartment and closing the hatch. A native of the Bryansk region, Dmitry Solovyov was married, his wife is expecting a second child, who will never see his father.

47-year-old captain of the 1st rank Andrei Voskresensky, after graduating from the Sevastopol Higher Naval Engineering School, devoted himself to the nuclear submarine fleet, was awarded two Orders of Courage, the Order of Military Merit. Sevastopol College graduated from the captain I rank Vladimir Leonidovich Abankin.

The deceased Hero of Russia, Captain 1st Rank Nikolai Filin was a renowned underwater tester equipment. He was already 57 years old, Nikolai left a wife - a pensioner and two adult children.

The death of the submariners caused a shock not only among their colleagues in the Russian Navy, but also outside the country. According to the American newspaper, the American edition of Washington Examiner, the entire professional community of submariners in the world mourns the deaths of Russian naval officers as a result of the catastrophe in the deep-sea apparatus.

The world community of submariners is special. This is the maritime elite, consisting of highly professional sailors and brave commanders, and all submariners know how vulnerable they are. Because they operate in the deep ocean, the risk of death is constantly before their eyes,

- wrote military journalist Tom Rogan in his article.
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