"Beloved General Putin" from the Syrian "Tiger Forces" loses Russia's confidence

There was information that the Russian leadership is dissatisfied with the activities of the Syrian warlord, Brigadier General Suhel al-Hassan, who commands the elite unit of the Tiger Force. By the way, General Hassan was once called the "beloved general of Putin."

The information that General al-Hasan fell into a kind of "disgrace" in Moscow was published by the newspaper Zaman al-Wasl. It is General al-Hassan who commands the ground operations of the Syrian special forces, carried out with the direct support of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

But the "Tiger Forces", despite the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces, could not solve the tasks in the province of Hama. The military operations themselves proved extremely costly and ineffective.

Recall that Brigadier General Suhel al-Hassan is 49 years old, he belongs, like President Bashar Assad, to the Alawites. At one time, al-Hassan graduated from the Air Force Academy, served in the Syrian Air Force and Air Defense, but then moved to the Air Force Intelligence Service and began planning special operations.

From the very beginning of the hostilities in Syria, he took an active part in them, commanded many operations. Some publications even called Sukhel al-Hasan the probable successor to Bashar al-Assad as head of state. The authority of the general was also great in Russia - he met with Sergei Shoigu, with the chief of the General Staff, army general Valery Gerasimov.

So, the network went around the frames of the solemn presentation by the Army General Valery Gerasimov of award weapons to Brigadier General al-Hassan for the successes shown in the fight against terrorists in Syria.

But after a series of unsuccessful operations, the commander’s positions were noticeably shaken and it is possible that he could be replaced by another commander. They say the name of Brigadier General Maher Assad, the younger brother of President Bashar Assad, who commands the 4th Panzer Division.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 25 June 2019 15: 23
    In Syria, only "Tigers" are at war. The rest of the men in the bazaar trade or stand with an outstretched hand for humanitarian aid. Our MO needs to think about it. The war has been going on for so many years, and the Syrians cannot create several armies. All "Forces of the Tiger" are transferred to different sectors of the front.
    1. Paranoid50 Offline Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 (Alexander) 25 June 2019 19: 25
      Duc, the source is somewhat unclear: Zaman al-Wasl, some kind of Arab channel from which everyone copy-paste this topic.
    2. Krasnodar Offline Krasnodar
      Krasnodar 26 June 2019 12: 24
      Syria is not homogeneous. The French cut it in the 43rd from different nations and faiths - like the shaves of Iraq at the time. While Assad - the folder was in power, he kept everyone in an iron fist, and Bashar - people in the West, didn’t get stuck, that’s all.
    3. gorbunov.vladisl (Vlad Dudnik) 26 June 2019 12: 40
      Our MO needs to think about it. So many years the war has been going on, but the Syrians cannot create several armies.

      The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs know the situation better than you.
      What are "multiple armies"? Do you know the number of the population of Syria? And of this number, Assad is supported by a minority. And these are mostly Alawites. If not for the support of Russia and Iran, then Assad would have lost long ago.
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 26 June 2019 09: 04
    Yes, a provocation, not an article.
    Replace Assad? General Putin?

    But the video shows that it seems to be non-Russian, i.e. real at least ...
  3. sergeu2 Offline sergeu2
    sergeu2 (sergeu) 26 June 2019 15: 40
    Another Pentagon shit.
  4. Oleg RB Offline Oleg RB
    Oleg RB (Oleg) 26 June 2019 18: 17
    Another dushman, barmaley, shaitan like Assad. No difference
  5. Port Offline Port
    Port 26 June 2019 18: 33
    Quote: Oleg RB
    like Assad

    There is at least some benefit from Assad, unlike your loser.
  6. jekasimf Offline jekasimf
    jekasimf (jekasimf) 26 June 2019 20: 51
    Favorite General of Putin

    What are you alluding to?