Russia's reserves: Moscow resolutely went against the will of the IMF

The Russian authorities announced their intention to send money from the National Wealth Fund to domestic projects, in return for withdrawing them abroad. It may seem to the townsfolk that there is nothing surprising in this, because that was exactly what it was worth managing the funds from the NWF. However, to date, most of this money has been invested in various projects abroad.

The reasons why the Russian authorities chose such a strategy was quite understandable, and moreover, justified. The NWF is a kind of reserves of Russia, which are formed from oil and gas revenues. The budget of Russia is made up at the price of oil at $ 40 per barrel. At the same time, the cost of a barrel in the last 2 years has steadily held above $ 60. Due to this, the size of the NWF has now reached almost 7% of the country's GDP. According to the law, NWF funds up to 7% must be invested in highly liquid and highly profitable assets. These are, as a rule, various infrastructure, production and other projects in developed western countries.

Now that the fund is about to exceed the 7 percent barrier, the question is where to invest the freed money. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) strongly recommends continuing to transfer NWF funds to the West, thereby, one way or another, financing economics hostile countries. However, this time Moscow intends to go the other way and start investing nationwide money in domestic projects.

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  1. Shelest2000 Offline Shelest2000
    Shelest2000 13 June 2019 18: 14
    The Russian authorities announced their intention to send money from the National Wealth Fund to domestic projects, in return for withdrawing them abroad.

    I do not believe!
  2. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 13 June 2019 21: 21
    Well why, w- "I do not believe". Very much even, I believe, the money will go where it always went - into the pockets of "friends", "responsible", "patriotically oriented businessmen-entrepreneurs and bankers" (as VVP called them in due time, while noting that in Russia no "oligarchs"). Well, not to create the same 25 million "high-paying, high-tech" jobs (money) to send them, after all. And so denyuzhki will go to the notorious "national" projects that no one has seen in the eyes and will not see - there are talks about the bridge to Sakhalin and the creation of some kind of "digital economy" .... - what kind of money you can "master" there -This is "not a trifle, tyrit in your pockets." Vaughn has already created a "quantum phone", bought a Chinese phone on "Aliexpress", reprogrammed, sealed the original nameplate, and here it is for you a miracle - "domestic technologies" - the beginning of the "digital economy" ...
    1. Shelest2000 Offline Shelest2000
      Shelest2000 15 June 2019 18: 49
      I really believe that money will go wherever they always went — into the pockets of “friends”, “responsible”, “patriotically oriented businessmen-entrepreneurs and bankers” (as GDP used to call them in their time,

      But in this - I believe, and even very much! The fact that the money will go to them is 100% certainty. But GDP - I do not believe the word at all. Believe him - do not respect yourself. Lies on a blue eye, as always.
  3. just do not give the loot to cut all there okodemikam!
  4. Victor N Offline Victor N
    Victor N (Victor n) 14 June 2019 06: 38
    What a wonderful reason to talk nonsense in the comments!
  5. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 14 June 2019 08: 52
    As the GDP itself said earlier, everyone is plundered.
  6. Gunter prereen Offline Gunter prereen
    Gunter prereen (Gunter Preen) 14 June 2019 09: 40
    Trepatnya. The money supply to GDP ratio is currently 45%. This means that the economy is not pre-monetized by 55% minimum! So you will count how many trillions you need to pour in.
  7. Pavel Fedorov Offline Pavel Fedorov
    Pavel Fedorov (Pavel Fedorov) 14 June 2019 10: 02
    Based on the Zionist component of money managers, this money will not go to any Russian projects. And the point.
  8. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 14 June 2019 10: 14
    Anything is better than pouring into the economy and infrastructure of a potential enemy. Is it really slow, but it comes? Or has the protracted lobby of "market and globalists" at the top finally weakened?
    Still, once again I am convinced: in terms of playing for a long time, in the west there are only one. The capitalists, in a word, would quickly hit the jackpot, and in the pocket, this is where the plans end. And so after all, "they are sawing the branch on which they sit with their legs dangling" - well, they would not press the tails of our leaders at home, so Russian money would flow to them, and they climbed into the bottle, they wanted more, they decided to cut off our energy supplies that is, the main feeding trough ... Here you see, and ours finally started thinking ... And not only in the Russian Federation, and in China, and in Africa, and in the Arab countries ... lately everyone seems to be not so reliable

    various infrastructure, production and other projects in developed western countries

    They are reliable for the West, and if so, these projects and national welfare will remain there, as usual and always have been and all the time before that, and we will remain “with a nose” ...
    1. gorbunov.vladisl (Vlad Dudnik) 14 June 2019 11: 00
      Or did the dollar-long lobby of “marketers and globalists” finally weaken?

      Apparently, globalist economists began to realize that in the case of "senseless and merciless", no one was waiting for them in the West.
      1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
        Pishenkov (Alexey) 14 June 2019 13: 42
        Yes, something like this ... wink And if you spend something here, then you can this very "merciless ..." if not avoided, then postponed ...
      2. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
        A.Lex (Secret information) 14 June 2019 19: 50
        Vlad, something tells me that you were in a hurry to think so well of OUR economists, globalists, liberals ... wink
        1. gorbunov.vladisl (Vlad Dudnik) 15 June 2019 09: 39
          ... you hurried to think so well of OUR ...

          That's just the same I think about them badly. wink
          What was said out loud is, so to speak, an advance for the future. Any person should be given a chance for good. yes
    2. The comment was deleted.
  9. Anchonsha Offline Anchonsha
    Anchonsha (Anchonsha) 14 June 2019 21: 16
    Well, now you can invest in domestic projects, it's just that the situation changed quite quickly because of Trump's stupidity, who believed that by threats to the whole world he would force everyone to invest in the US economy. Yes, and Russia is no longer in 2005-2010, we have plenty of currency and gold reserves for the first case. Now we can afford to build and create what is necessary in the country, although the country's economy works by hardly a third of what is possible.
  10. bzonline Offline bzonline
    bzonline (bz) 15 June 2019 04: 03
    Financing infrastructure projects in other countries is a crime in principle. In the courtyard of war. Real war, but by other means. So far without firing and rocket attacks. Accordingly, one must act as in a war. Urgently boost your economy. The authorities, unfortunately, are hoping to make friends with the West. Ugh! ...
  11. bratchanin3 Offline bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 (Gennady) 15 June 2019 12: 36
    This is not a revolution, but financial independence spending YOUR accumulated funds.
  12. Screw Offline Screw
    Screw (Gennady) 12 August 2019 16: 18
    And when will the cutoff border be raised from 40 to 50?
  13. Arthur Frey Offline Arthur Frey
    Arthur Frey (Arthur Frey) 23 June 2020 13: 14
    MWF is almost a gopnik who only destroy. Give an example when the IMF acted for the good of the people. Yes, never. In general, they cannot be listened to, but rather act in the opposite direction.