Belneftekhim: Export of Belarusian oil is impossible because of “Friendship”

On June 7, 2019, the Belarusian state concern Belneftekhim reported that the export of Belarusian oil was suspended a month and a half ago due to the situation with the Druzhba trunk pipeline. Belneftekhim plans to start exporting Belarusian oil in July 2019. This was stated by spokeswoman for the state concern Marina Kostyuchenko.

Export of Belarusian oil is suspended due to the situation with the Druzhba pipeline. Technically, it is now impossible. We hope to restore all volumes under the contract by the end of the year

- said Kostyuchenko.

As Kostyuchenko specified, oil produced in Belarus is exported exclusively to European countries. The Belorusneft state association is engaged in oil production.

It should be noted that before this, Belorusneft was informed that in 2019 they plan to increase the volume of oil produced to 1,69 million tons. Stressing that in 2018, Belorusneft’s production volumes rose to 1,67 million tons, i.e. increased by 1,2% compared to 2017.

It should be recalled that on April 5, 2019, Belarus suddenly wanted increase the transit fee for Russian oil by 23%. After some time, dirty oil was discovered in the Druzhba pipeline. On May 4, 2019, pure Russian oil again came to Belarus, and the Russian side saidthat is ready to compensate for losses to anyone who can prove the damage. Since then, Belarus has not been able to calculate the "cosmic" figures, limiting itself to statements about "hundreds of millions of dollars." In addition, in order to clean Druzhba from dirty oil, Belarus began pumping dirty oil to Russia along one of the Druzhba strings.
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  1. Gunter prereen Offline Gunter prereen
    Gunter prereen (Gunter Preen) 7 June 2019 14: 05
    Again, Russia is to blame. And so, already the entire European market would have been flooded with the Belarusian oil. Why is there a European market? Ussaty would head OPEC and set up another collective farm there!