"For what I went to fight in Syria": the opinion of the Russian pilot

The author of the Fighterbomber television channel, known in narrow circles, which regularly publishes exclusive photo and video materials from the life of the Russian aerospace forces, including from Syria, spoke about the motives that prompted him to go on a business trip to this Middle Eastern Arab country.

The author, being a military pilot, often hears the question - what motivates Russian aces to participate in military operations, and what are they fighting for in Syria? Moreover, each pilot has his own reasons: someone does it for the sake of money, someone for the sake of possible rewards or a crust of a war veteran. Many are sent to Syria out of anger towards terrorists slaughtering civilians.

The author himself decided to go to Syria for several other reasons.

Imagine: you studied at a military school for 5 years. Learned to fight, kill and destroy. Then, for about 10 years, they honed their skills in numerous exercises and trainings. The country has invested in you a lot of money, time and knowledge. And suddenly there is a real opportunity to test yourself, put into practice everything that you have been taught over the years,

- writes the author of the channel "Fighterbomber".

At the same time, when your comrade dies, a new motivation is added immediately to continue this business, and it instantly blocks all other reasons.

"This is for you guys!" - it is eternal. This alone is enough

- summarizes the author.
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  1. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 4 June 2019 13: 53
    But with such people Russia will not disappear, it’s only a pity that there are few of them, in other cases only indifference, infantilism or the accumulation of dough at capters and headquarters, and knocking out undeserved privileges and ranks flourishes.
  2. Dervisch Offline Dervisch
    Dervisch (Michael) 4 June 2019 17: 21
    Taking part in military operations on the side of the unjustly offended means fulfilling professional duties (military, civil, human, etc.) and rendering humanitarian aid. That is, this type of military action (just wars) is genetically inherent in Russians (as Comrade Stalin said: "I am Russian, of Georgian origin"). But to impose civilization in the form of "orange revolutions" and democratization with the use of missiles is inherent in the Americans (also not a nationality, but a way of thinking and life). The eternal struggle between good and evil. These are conceptual wars, they last for millennia. Many people intuitively adhere to one side or the other. And in the case of combat pilots, there is one peculiarity. Fulfilling combat missions, they do not see in detail the result of their "labor" at the time of work. Only then, perhaps, they will see from a photo or visually directly on the spot (which is unlikely). But like any professional there is a sports interest: to do your job as best you can, to become the best. Over time, this dulls (when you become an ace or too experienced) and the picture of the result of the work comes to the fore. At this moment, it is important which side you are fighting on? You do a righteous deed or a criminal. If your conscience begins to gnaw from the inside, you can get sick ...
  3. Yuri Mikhailov Offline Yuri Mikhailov
    Yuri Mikhailov (Yuri Mikhailov) 6 June 2019 16: 14
    Naturally, when you have been taught to kill for fifteen years, you want to kill.