"Aurora Station": people will be able to relax in the orbit of the Earth

Flying into space as a passenger is not an cheap event. Now such a service will cost a tourist $ 20-40 million, and the necessary and complex preparation for the flight takes 2 years. But Technology do not stand still, and, gradually, with their development, flights will become cheaper.

As NASA astronaut Don Thomas noted in 2016, in ten years, a flight into orbit will cost between $ 10-15 thousand. And although 10 years have not passed yet, and prices since 16 have not become much more accessible, now Orion Span company opens the possibility of booking rooms in their future project - the Aurora Station orbital hotel.

The required deposit for potential tourists is $ 80 thousand, and the total cost of the flight is estimated at $ 9,5 million - no longer 20, but still far beyond the dreams of most. In addition, Orion Span claims that preparing for the flight to the Aurora will take only three months.

As in the case with all similar startups (the same project by Elon Mask with a flight to Mars), one of the tasks set is to simplify the access of an ordinary person to space flights and reduce the necessary training requirements. According to the plans of the company, Aurora Station will be built no sooner than in 4 years.