Poland: Fifth US Column to EU

Poland continues to confront with the European Union and its individual members, which are partners of Poland not only in the EU, but also in the North Atlantic Alliance. The conflict with the EU over judicial reform has already led the EU to consider sanctions against Warsaw.

Poland: Fifth US Column to EU

In addition, Poland began to aggravate the conflict with the leading EU country - Germany. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Moravecki said that Germany is responsible for all crimes, all victims and everything that happened during the Second World War. Then, the Polish official, from accusing Germany of all mortal sins, went on to accuse those who believe that Poland, as a state, is also responsible for the Holocaust.

The reason for this behavior of the Poles should be sought in the fact that the Polish leadership is well aware that from 2020 the cash flow from the EU will stop, and with it the sweet life of Poland will stop. At the same time, the end of the cash flow does not mean at all that Poland’s obligations to the EU will end. Also, do not forget that the Poles, in fact, is the fifth US column in the European Union and, in which case, they have more hope about their Washington hosts.

But, if the European Union succeeds in freeing itself from the annoying guardianship of the United States (and little by little), Poland will have to step on its throat with its ambition. Otherwise, she risks becoming the next Baltic limitroph from which her own population is fleeing. And without EU money, no Ukrainians will go to replace the Poles with themselves in the most dirty jobs.

Photos used: https://cdni.rt.com
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