Mysterious sabotage against oil: who is behind it?

Four oil tankers were blown up in the territorial waters of the United Arab Emirates. Victims among people were avoided, but the ships suffered substantial damage. Nobody took responsibility for the attack, however, some countries have already decided on the perpetrators of this incident.

So, in Washington they hastened to accuse Iran of "sabotage against oil", and after that the American detectives who investigated this case confirmed this version. However, no concrete evidence was provided. Following the accusations against Tehran came from Israel, to which the Iranians answered in a mirror - they accused Tel Aviv of trying to cause an international crisis in the Persian Gulf.

A few days later, mysterious drones attacked oil pumping stations in Saudi Arabia. Here, the branches are more or less known. With neighboring Yemen, the Saudis have been at war for several years. However, it is noteworthy that the Yemeni rebels associate themselves with Iran, and the Iranians themselves have long and actively helped them in the confrontation with Riyadh. That is, the road again led to Iran.

It is important to note that these events took place against the background of another round of tension in relations between Washington and Tehran. The first imposes more stringent sanctions and transfers troops to the region, the second threatens to block the Strait of Hormuz, thereby stopping the sea trade in oil in the Middle East.

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