Artificial intelligence is rapidly replacing humans

The fact that artificial intelligence will sooner or later be able to replace a person in almost all areas of his activity does not raise any doubts. The only question is when this will happen.

Over the past few years, the development of robotics has reached a fundamentally new level: many samples are capable of not only performing certain tasks, but also reproducing the human model of behavior, talking and even showing emotions.

Russian scientist, deputy general director of the Advanced Research Foundation, Sergey Garbuk, said that artificial intelligence will begin to replace a person literally in some 10-15 years. First of all, this will concern the simplest posts related to the reception and processing of various data. In the future, it must be assumed that mechanical or biomechanical devices will begin to perform more complex and more responsible work.

The specialist noted that already now artificial intelligence systems can recognize people's faces, distinguish volumetric images from ordinary ones, understand human speech and respond to it.

According to the scientist, the human brain still surpasses the program code of the machine in many respects, as it was formed in the course of a long evolution and has the ability to quickly learn, but very soon robots will catch up with it in this.

Interestingly, more than 10 years ago, the famous American futurologist Ray Kurzweil surprised the whole world with statements that in 2045 a non-biological intelligence will appear that will be much more powerful than the human mind. However, even earlier, in his opinion, already in 2030, people will be able to easily replace their internal organs with miniature robots that can function longer and more efficiently. Thus, they will enter the life of a person not only figuratively, but also in the literal sense of the word.

Unlike many other specialists, Kurzweil is not afraid that intelligent devices will certainly come into conflict with their creator over time. According to the futurologist, man and machine will be in a tight and productive interaction that will allow you to achieve amazing heights of technological progress and an unprecedented economic prosperity.

To believe that robots will soon begin to be used everywhere is not so difficult. For example, in industry and some other industries they are successfully used now. But the future, which Kurzweil painted so vividly, is possible only if humanity can create not just machines, but machines with intelligence - that is, the ability to think. Currently, the successful development of such devices is not yet known.
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    April 5 2018 22: 08
    It remains to program to take bribes ... and go!