China has prepared the US super-deep-sea "surprise"

Although until 2013, China was not a manufacturer of underwater robotics, today in this area it confidently takes the first place. The same thing happens in other high-tech industries, where China begins to confidently overtake its competitors.

Underwater arrogance

In 2016, "in front of an amazed audience," watching from the side of an American research vessel, their clever Chinese colleagues stole an American unmanned underwater vehicle from under the nose. Jokes appeared on the network that soon on Aliexpress it would appear exactly the same, but with three SIM cards, a replaceable case and three times cheaper.

As it turned out, these jokes are not far from the truth. The Chinese, indeed, soon created a new autonomous underwater vehicle "Hai-7000", which surpasses any known analogues in its characteristics. The device was tested in the Pacific Ocean at the deepest point of the Earth, in the Mariana Trench. Although the maximum depth of 5751 meters was declared for this device, it plunged to 6329 meters, which is considered a world record.

The robot resembles a small submarine and is used in mapping the ocean floor to ensure safe navigation. It is also capable of measuring the percentage of salt in water and other parameters.

It should be noted that the prospects for the use of the apparatus for military purposes is high. Since the location systems in the naval forces of the United States and NATO countries are effective up to a depth of 1700-1800 meters, this allows the robot to go unnoticed under water. And given that it is impossible to destroy a target at a depth of more than 1100 meters, the device is also invulnerable.

Equipping them with appropriate weapons could theoretically turn this harmless research device into a formidable weapon. And in China, often fantasies come true very quickly.

And how do they do it?

The secret to the success of Chinese manufacturers lies not only in the talent of their scientists, in the high professionalism of engineers and workers, but also in effective economic strategies.

The production of high-tech products for the consumer market allows you to get significant funds for expensive developments in the scientific and military fields.

Funds from the sale of radio-controlled toy submarines or fishing drones are invested in the development of more serious models for the scientific and military spheres.

Although marine vehicles make up no more than 2 thousand of the nearly two-million army of robots on our planet, underwater robotics is the fastest growing segment of this industry. And the undisputed leader in it today is China.