Elon Musk released 120 thousand defective Tesla

The company Ilona Mask recalls a huge number of its Model S electric cars. According to company representatives, the reason for this was the possibility of a malfunction in the power steering. One of the risk factors is the use of the car in cold climates, where the road surface is often treated with aggressive reagents, and they, in turn, cause corrosion of the amplifier bolts.

A similar vulnerability was identified in Model S electric vehicles that rolled off the assembly line until April 2016. In total, this applies to 123 thousand cars around the world. It is noted that other types of Tesla electric cars, namely Model X and Model 3, are not subject to this defect.

Until now, the owners of Model S have not encountered problems associated with corrosion of bolts, however, Tesla decided to be proactive and have already begun to warn owners of electric cars about the need to visit the company's service center. It should be clarified that this is not about the danger of losing control, but only about reducing the effectiveness of power steering. Tesla technicians will take no more than an hour to fix a vulnerability.