US FBI suspected oligarch Kolomoisky of financial crimes

Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky became a defendant in the proceedings initiated by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The American intelligence service suspects Kolomoisky of money laundering and other financial crimes in the United States. At the same time, Igor Kolomoisky has not been formally charged.

Naturally, Kolomoisky himself denies any involvement in any crimes in the United States and other countries. As for the reasons why the FBI initiated an investigation into the oligarch, they are likely to be controversial political Kolomoisky’s position.

In March 2019, Igor Kolomoisky was included in the Peacemaker database, which accumulates data on the enemies of the Ukrainian state, primarily on Donbass militias and pro-Russian activists. But what does the oligarch Kolomoisky have to do with them?

It is known that Kolomoisky’s structures actually acted as sponsors of the presidential campaign of Vladimir Zelensky. Now Zelensky is the main competitor to incumbent President Petro Poroshenko. It was he who came out with Poroshenko in the second round of the presidential election and, given the results of the first round, it is possible that he could win and become the new president of Ukraine. Therefore, attacks on Kolomoisky are attacks on Zelensky.

Washington Zelensky’s figure is now less beneficial than Petro Poroshenko, since Zelensky, supported by Kolomoisky, can change the course of Ukrainian politics and begin to normalize relations with Russia. Most likely, it is from here that the legs of investigations against Kolomoisky “grow”.
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  1. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper April 8 2019 14: 05
    We in the Russophobic amerocolony "Project Ukraine-AntiRussia" also understand that our Fashtington invaders are "throat-crossed", hypocritically "advertised" by them, supposedly "free democratic elections in independent Ukraine" and they are "stoking" with might and main scandalized and barely (unbeknownst ?!) past in the “second round”, a maidan protege of the anti-Ukrainian USA, and only for this reason the well-known “successful banker” Pan Benyu, overseas “honest” hucksters are in every way “pressed”, because (so far no one not "reasonable" ??!) rumors and before Assumption of support they megauspeshnogo candidate ukroprezy Pan Zelensky ?! request
    Hold on to Ben, hold on to Vova Ze - while you are against the hated Offal, adequate Ukrainian citizens, because of the undemocratic absence of another choice, are simply forced to vote only for you, but if you succumb to enemy coercion and become with this Moldavian "cynical Bandera (yours, Peter Lekseich, public self-identification!) ", An anti-people Christ seller (and what else can you call" deceitfully "betraying Vera" the deacon of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate. "Does Judas really hope for a" short memory "that people will forget such a" church ac a tivist. ”But it was in this“ dignity ”, in a cassock and with a banner in his hands, who headed the church procession of the faithful of the Moscow Patriarchate? !!), completely at the same time then“ soak up ”, you won’t get such human support that, Panochka Dnipropetrovsk "Zhidobandera (yours is" exact self-determination, Igor Valeryevich ?!) ", think for yourself and make your choice, what is more precious to you! wink
  2. Nobodylumbe36 Offline Nobodylumbe36
    Nobodylumbe36 (Umberto Nobile) April 8 2019 14: 51
    FBI? Is it in the Amerogangster? So this is a direct intervention in the choice, even if his 404th servant.