“Smart things” attacked people

The general director of the Russian anti-virus company Dr.Web Boris Sharov said that for mass DDoS attacks, the attackers used 50 thousand video cameras located in Japan. These devices played the role of servers, from where requests for attack objects came from, and their owners did not even suspect about this.

How to organize DDoS attacks

The essence of DDoS attacks is that a huge number of requests from different sources are sent to the attacked computer at the same time. As a result, the machine cannot cope with them and cannot function normally. This is at best, and at worst, the computer crashes. All these requests come from devices infected with a special virus, turning them into a kind of “zombie network”.

The popularity of this type of attack among attackers is constantly growing. For example, in February this year, the largest DDoS attack of all time the Internet existed took place.

In our case, the role of such devices was played by ordinary video cameras installed in organizations and private homes. They were infected with the Linux virus. The Murai botnet, consisting of tens of thousands of video cameras, has attacked computers around the world. By the way, in Japanese, the name of the network means “future”.

To which future do smart things lead us

Today, the concept of “smart home” is gradually moving from the realm of fantasy to everyday life. Now a person is everywhere surrounded by electronic devices that make his life more comfortable and safe. Often they are controlled from a home computer.

The main danger is the possibility that someone else with hostile intentions will take over this management. For example, the same camcorders, by order from the side, may turn off or look at the ceiling. For criminal purposes, you can use any home equipment: light bulbs, temperature sensors, but anything.

The FBI warned Americans against buying toys with interactive elements for children. After all, they are often equipped with sound and image recording devices. And some teddy bear or bunny can become a spy, recording and transmitting information about your family to unauthorized persons who connected to it.

There is no need to invent anything new to counter these threats. Just when installing any electronic systems that are remotely controlled, you should provide reliable anti-virus protection and prevent unauthorized persons from controlling your electronic devices.