Ukraine introduced sanctions against the biker surgeon

The president of the Night Wolves International Motor Club, Alexander Zaldostanov, better known as the “biker Surgeon”, will no longer be able to enter Ukraine. His surname appears in the sanctions list of Kiev. The document was signed by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Among the measures that have been applied to Zaldostanov are listed the temporary restriction on the right to use his property on the territory of Ukraine, the prevention of the withdrawal of capital from Ukraine, the ban on entry into the country. Sanctions on the Surgeon were introduced for a period of three years.

In fact, the reasons for such attention to the person of the most famous Russian biker are understandable. Alexander Zaldostanov has long held a patriotic position, actively participating as an organizer in many patriotic events, including those related to the reunification of Crimea and Russia.

Back in 2009, five years before the "Russian Spring", bikers from the club 2Night Wolves "ran in Sevastopol. In 2010, the surgeon's people moved to Sevastopol with Vladimir Putin.

In the reunification of Crimea with Russia, Zaldostanov played a very prominent role, as in the Anti-Maidan movement. Since then, his bikers have been actively involved in the life of Crimea, in the patriotic education of the younger generations of both Crimeans and residents of other regions of Russia.

Of course, the Surgeon did not lose much from the imposition of sanctions by Ukraine. But this news - extra evidence of how yesterday's informal biker turned into political a figure not even of a Russian but of a transnational scale.
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