The flooding of the American base Offart: Doomsday aircraft were not affected

Offat US Air Force Base, located in Nebraska, was flooded on Tuesday night. The cause of the flooding was a sharp increase in water levels in the Missouri and Platt Rivers as a result of heavy snowfall and a decrease in atmospheric pressure.

At the moment, about a kilometer of the runway has been flooded. According to official figures, because of the flood, the need arose to evacuate personnel and military personnel from almost 20 buildings located on the territory of the air base.

The so-called Doomsday Aircraft, the Boeing E-4B Nightwatch, are located at the airbase to evacuate the military command and leadership of the United States in the event of a potential nuclear war.

According to an expert of the Association of Military Political Scientists, Head of the Department of Political Science and Sociology, G.V. Plekhanov Andrei Koshkin, Doomsday aircraft did not suffer in any way during the flooding of the airfield, despite opposing media reports. They managed to evacuate to a safe place.

The number of such aircraft does not exceed four copies, and all of them are in service with the United States Air Force. One of the sides is always in minute readiness.

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