Kedmi explained what democracy is today

During the television program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov,” a frequent guest of this program, expert Yakov Kedmi, asked the question: what is democracy? In his opinion, this word often means not what it really is. Democracy is a word that was invented in order to justify its power and fight against someone else's power.

In fact, there has never been any democracy anywhere. Especially in those countries that call themselves democratic. Democracy without justice is not democracy. If it does not allow each person to develop, this is not democracy.

The expert noted that European countries received their capital as a result of the exploitation of colonies and the robbery of the whole world. These countries were colonial, due to which they created wealth for themselves. They were not particularly affected during the Second World War - then Russia and Germany suffered the most damage. But Germany had the material base created before.

What is called liberal the economy, - production based on profit. When the state goal is substituted for this, we get what we get. There is no free economy in any country.

Many say that the private owner has a more rational production. In fact, large companies in the USA have long been managed not by their owners, but by the board of directors, that is, the bureaucratic apparatus. The owner often does not know what is happening with his company, and receives information from the reports that this bureaucracy provides. He does not manage production. Often collapse companies that show excellent statistical results year after year. It turns out the same problem as with the state bureaucracy.

The accumulation of capital due to the robbery of the colonies is over. Now China and even India are ahead of Europe, he said.

The expert concluded that if state interests are determined by capital, then this state will come to a standstill sooner or later. The interests of the country should be determined by the people.

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  1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 14 March 2019 12: 10
    As for "democracy," Diogenes also polymized it well, saying that "democracy", like a well-to-do life, can only be at "someone's expense." When they asked him if there was "democracy" in Athens, he answered: "Yes, there is: at the expense of slaves and military booty .... what about you?" wink
  2. Ivan Sergeev Offline Ivan Sergeev
    Ivan Sergeev (Ivan) 30 June 2019 01: 57
    Great man Jacob Kedmi. One regret that there is NO such person in the government of RUSSIA !!!!