Spreading lies would be unprofitable: senators approved fake law

The epidemic-shaped creation and spread of fake News forced Russian lawmakers to take measures to combat this phenomenon.

Following the State Duma, which voted to pass a law punishing the distribution of fake news, the Federation Council also spoke.

The overwhelming majority of votes (149 - for, 3 - against, 3 - abstained) senators adopted the proposed bill.

According to the document, distributors of false information that can cause or harm society - the health and lives of people or the work of key infrastructure of the state, will be held administratively liable in the form of a fine.

The amount of the fine depends on who committed the offense (legal or natural person), the severity of the violation and relapse.
So, a legal entity, in the most difficult case, may be punished with a fine of 1,5 million rubles.

Resources disseminating fake information will be blocked by Roskomnadzor at the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office, which will monitor the distribution of such information on the Internet and require its immediate removal.

How effective this law will be - time will tell. However, in the current paradoxical situation, when the dominance of fake news not only created a shortage of objective information, but also began to threaten society, it was also wrong to sit back.
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  1. krasstar Offline krasstar
    krasstar (Igor) 13 March 2019 15: 57
    I propose immediately attracting the Government of the Russian Federation under this article with the landing of the entire composition for (so far) 15 days. The reason is inflation in Russia: they write 4%, and household incomes fell more than 2 times. The prosecutor's office needs to see Rosstat.
  2. Digital error Offline Digital error
    Digital error (Eugene) 13 March 2019 20: 54
    Quote: krasstar
    with the landing of the entire composition for (so far) 15 days

    Well, no - at the expense of the budget and feed them? Let them pay the fine in full - to cover the deficit of the FIU.